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    Madden 08

    another way to avoid fumbling is to press the RB button before you're about to get tackled, and also to not highlight stick at every tackle and to not hold sprint into defenders when you know you're not going anywhere
  2. Spoiler: Click here to viewAlan Wake Assassin's Creed BioShock Bully: Scholarship Edition Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Condemned 2: Bloodshot DiRT Fable 2 Fifa 08 Gears of War 2 Grand Theft Auto 4 Halo 3 John Woo's Stranglehold Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Madden 08 Mass Effect Resident Evil 5 Saint's Row 2 Silent Hill 5 Tom Clancy's EndWar That's the list of upcoming games I'm pretty sure I'll be buying. I'm going to be burning some jean pockets in the next couple of years.
  3. Basically I'm looking for a game that can hold me over until Madden and something different than MLB 2K7. So I'd like to know what games have been played or anticipated by my fellow gamers. If there's something similar you can redirect me and close this, thanks.
  4. funny thing is, i bought the 360 in the end
  5. I need to hear your opinions on the matter, as it is just a couple of months away from my birthday and I am anticipating one of these systems. I want to hear the pros and cons that you've had with your systems and I am looking to spark a debate between both parties. Have at it.
  6. the lack of franchise turns this game from a must buy to a must rent for me, not sure about everyone else but thats the vibe i got from that announcement. 2k9 i will definitely buy though with added features.
  7. The curse doesn't mean shit. It's a retarded concept to get people talking. Football players get hurt, that's part of the game. High profile players are starters, playing 16+ games a year and you're bound to get hurt. As a matter of fact, Vince will be the one to actually "break" this silly thing. He's a 2nd year player, youngest guy on the cover from what I recall. All the other players were in their later years.
  8. How do you feel about this decision? I for one am very please just because my favorite team is the Titans. I'm too lazy to get a link right now, but if you search the Tennesseean you will find it pretty quickly.
  9. I'm trying to build up a nice collection of songs for my Ipod. Wondering if you guys have any websites (rap, hip-hop) where I can listen to new songs coming out. Also any reccomendations of any young artists that I might not have heard before would also help a lot. Thanks fellas.
  10. URS360 I would beat anyone here in Madden.
  11. I was in a car a couple weeks back driving home, and I heard what I thought was Kanye Wests' "Gold Digger" song, but it ended up being a parody about a fat bitch eating a sandwich. Wondering if anyone has any idea what it's called or where the lyrics would be? I've only heard it once, and I've been searching google for a while but nothings come up yet... The song goes something like... "I ain't messin with no fat bitch, But she be eatin my sandwich." Thanks to anyone that tries to help me out.
  12. I can get you a toe by 3 o'clock...with nailpolish.
  13. I think it would be cool if they could have roster updates for the whole year. Get new wrestlers and take out the old ones...stuff like that.
  14. Kings were screwed, should've went into overtime. The referees are getting on my nerves.
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