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  1. Vendetta

    Company logo

    Very cool thanks. Gonna leave this up for a while as many submissions as I can get just to have some variety to choose from.
  2. Vendetta

    Company logo

    My wife is starting her own delivery business The company's name is Deana's Deliveries. I'm looking for some logos to be used on business cards Facebook in her square space site Her colors of choice are pink and black but you can put out whatever you would like And I'd be willing to compensate to not sure how much I can Pay but I will pay something. Not sure what sizes I need. The more submissions the better please and thank you.
  3. Pat Mcafee Show 2.0 and Heartland Radio 2.0 Mike Rowes " The way I heard It" Beyond the Darkness Box of Oddities Astonishing Legends MeatEater podcast Time Suck with Dave Cummings Scared to Death with Dave Cummings Disgraceland
  4. I'm just glad Jeff Triplett is retiring. I hate that motherfucker....
  5. Yeah I do like that. Anyway you can clean up the background and make it transparent?
  6. I'm looking for a custom WCW logo. I would like it to be new but still pay homage to the old logo in some way. Don't want anything like the logo from the 2000s or 1999.
  7. Not seen a threat anywhere anybody down?
  8. What appears the router was the problem brighthouse at recently updated internet speeds in the neighborhood and after they told me there was no way I could be the routers I went into the router through the portal page and toggle my Wi-Fi signal off to where all I had was a hard line then I log back in on my lap and turn the Wi-Fi back on and the TV issue was resolved
  9. Okay I have an update for you today the menu I was able to access it and I think it has something to do with my internet the TV trying to connect to the internet and keeps freezing its not picking up any of the networks either so could it be a router issue?
  10. Bright house. Going to try and contact them tonight to see if anyone is having the same issue
  11. Not sure which forum to post this on, but I'm having a problem with my Vizio television. I bought it last year before the superbowl. Now this just started happening about 3 days ago. I went to turn it on and got nothing out of either of my bright house remote or the vizio remtoe so I had to unplug it to turn it on. Worked fine for a day and a half. Saturday it turned on but then cut after a few minutes it froze. The picture and sound didn't but the menus, did. So I unplugged it again. Plugged it back in. Now the vizio remote works for the first 10 seconds the set is on and then then stops. The brighthouse remote won't work with it either. I contacted Vizio and they were no help whatsoever as they just had me power cycle the tv and the remote. I'm tninking it could be the IR sensor but why would the remote work when the tv first comes on? Oh and the power button on the side of the tv won't work either when it does this.
  12. Anybody have a September 1994 scenario Right after ECW was born? Don't seem to see one anywhere and I'm to lazy to use the editor.
  13. So I won my championship last year with a pretty stellar team and with the help of Jimmy Graham..Let him walk this year..I'll explain why. My league is a dynasty league, we run salary cap of 600 points per team, the league has been around for 16 years. They run an off season with FA bidding. At which you sign the player to an F contract he is with your team for Four years. So I took this team over and completely rebuilt it from the ground up over the last three years and last year we won the league championship. So I made some key moves this year signing Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler, Alex Smith and Tyrelle Pryor in free agency. Traded away Russell Wilson for a first rounder which I parlayed into the best starting tight end corps in our league. With my two first round picks I snagged Juluis Thomas and Jordan Cameron, which is why I let go of Jimmy Graham. He was costing me 90 points per cap so let him walk and picked up four players who I think are going to be big the next few years. Our draft is for free agents and rookies only. So I let Graham walked and picked up WR Marlon Brown WR DeAndre Hopkins TE Jordan Cameron TE Juluis Thomas I also took a flier on RB LeVon Bell in the 6th round. So My team now looks like this QB: Rivers, Cutler, Smith, Pryor RB: LeVon Bell, Jamal Charles WR: Julio Jones, Marlon Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Mohammed Sanu TE: Thomas, Cameron, Finley K: Nick Novak, Randy Bullock DEF: Buccaneers, Jets ALT: Vikings and Broncos You may be asking yourself what an ALT Team is. An alt team is like a special teams in our league in that you receive points for BFG, Blocked Punts, Special Team touchdowns. However in our league in order for you to pick up a player during the season that was not drafted, they must be certified. They become certified if they scored 10 points or more last year during the season on our league's scoring system, or they score 15 points during the season. Now if they are uncertified and they play for your alt team you get their points until they become certified. When they become certified you also get first dibs on signing them before they go into the free agent pool. Perfect example is Eddie Royal. He was not certified last year because he didn't score enough points in our leagues scoring system. I played agaisnt the Chargers special teams the week he scored three touchdowns. My opponent received all of his points for all three touchdowns and all the receving yards he had in that week. He became certified and was signed by that team That tuesday. I love this aspect of the league because it brings a lot of stratgey to the table. If you have room on your roster and you wait till late in the draft you can look at everybodies alt teams and go through and maybe draft a guy here and there and it nullfies that other persons alt team. Because once you draft a player the become certified no matter what they scored last season. Also if you have Denver's alt team but someone has Trinton Holiday on there team (in our league no one does) Then every kick or punt he returns I get points for, but if he was on someone elses team, I receive 0 points. Anyways I've gotten off track. I need to pick up a wide receiver or trade for one, Jones could be done for the season, any suggestions?
  14. I agree to player vs player games being simulated. One star schools in like we did last year?
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