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  1. My bad. I was going off what someone else had said, which was that TNT was slightly bigger than USA network, which I assumed was bigger than TBS. Guess I should have looked for myself instead of assuming so much.
  2. AEW's show is going to be on TNT, not TBS, unless I missed something, I believe TNT is in more homes (bigger risk and audience).
  3. Yeah, what the hell happened? I thought the game was decided and went to watch Critical Role instead.
  4. Pretty sure it was called a dead ball penalty, so the field goal didn't count. They didn't have an option.
  5. About time. They've wasted enough of Rodgers career.
  6. Completely agree. But I hate UGA so this please me. Hope the playoffs are exciting at least.
  7. Really, Seattle? Apparently it really is too bad they don't make band-aids for feelings.
  8. I have not played in forever and am interested as playing with NXT. Didn't want to download just yet without knowing. Is that possible? Or is it just development?
  9. Eastern Bracket: The Office The walking Dead Central Bracket: Breaking Bad South Park Mountain Bracket: The Simpsons Scrubs Pacific Bracket: Arrested Development The Wire
  10. Eastern Bracket: West Wing How I Met Your Mother Blackadder Frasier Central Bracket: Lost Breaking Bad South Park Freaks and Geeks
  11. MOUNTAIN BRACKET 1) The Simpsons vs. 16) Boston Legal 8) House vs. 9) Oz 5) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia vs. 12) Deadwood 4) The Sopranos vs. 13) Father Ted 6) Firefly vs. 11) Smallville 3) Dexter vs. 14) Louie 7) 24 vs. 10) King of the Hill 2) Scrubs vs. 15) Roswell
  12. CENTRAL BRACKET 1) Lost vs. 16) ER 8) Mad Men vs. 9) Game of Thrones 5) Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. 12) Monty Python's Flying Circus 4) Breaking Bad vs. 13) Bottom 6) Supernatural vs. 11) Fawlty Towers 3) South Park vs. 14) Batman 7) Farscape vs. 10) Freaks and Geeks 2) Doctor Who vs. 15) Sons of Anarchy
  13. EASTERN BRACKET 1) Community vs. 16)One Tree Hill 8) Only Fools and Horses vs. 9) The West Wing 5) How I Met Your Mother vs. 12) Peep Show 4) The Office (U.S.) vs. 13) Columbo 6) Blackadder vs. 11) Eastbound & Down 3) The Walking Dead vs. 14) The Tick (Animated Series) 7) The Shield vs. 10) Frasier 2) Seinfeld vs. 15) Star Trek: The Next Generation
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEfSGWDUt7A
  15. Chris Cooley likes to blog naked. Yeah, so apparently he posted a blog (which featured a picture of the 'Skins playbook, or something like that) and more was in the picture than he planned.
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