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  1. Nerf

    Game of Thrones

    Well, they got the first half of the episode perfectly right. The second half... not so much.
  2. Are they, though? Chelsea and Spurs are on pace for 74 and 73 points respectively, which sounds about right for 3rd and 4th. I think the perception is just worse because the bad form seems to have come all at once for everybody, and the top two being ridiculous have made the league table look so distorted.
  3. I mean, fair play to Spurs but fucking hell I really wanted to play Ajax.
  4. In fairness that video clips out the 5 or so seconds beforehand where Ritchie is chomping at his heels and pulling his shirt. Is it it a dive? Yeah. But he goes down because he's backed into a corner after Ritchie is all over him. I don't think the lino gives the foul for the actual dive, it's the moments preceding it.
  5. Nerf

    Game of Thrones

    Episode thoughts
  6. Never mind us winning the league or not. It's highly likely he wins the Golden Boot again and still doesn't make the TOTY. Silly.
  7. Nerf

    Game of Thrones

    We don't know whether the Arya scene is going to be a plot point or not yet...
  8. Nerf

    Game of Thrones

    The thing is we literally have a direct point of comparison. This is a show in which we've seen a woman we can safely assume is in her mid 20s try to manipulate and coerce a boy that is in the range of 11-14 into sex for the sake of political gain. Guess what? Nobody cared.
  9. Nerf

    Game of Thrones

    On the Arya discussion:
  10. FIFA is basically unplayable offline without sliders now. The gameplay has somehow got worse over time.
  11. That's what I'm thinking. Spurs (and arguably England) just seem to play more coherently when he isn't the focal point. I don't think it's a coincidence that they've gone from challenging the top 2 to fighting for anywhere between 3rd-6th since he returned from injury. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they pushed on from here.
  12. The most damning indictment of Spurs is that 3 months ago United were thirteen points behind them, and now they're level. I think at some point a conversation needs to be had about their progress. Either the players or the manager just aren't as good as they're purported to be. I'm not sure which it is.
  13. Because Pickford's got little arms.
  14. This is a bizarre take. It's like saying Chelsea fluked their way to 90+ points with a million lucky 1-0 wins. At some point, it stops being luck and starts being the will to win. 19 goals in the last 15 minutes of games this season does not indicate luck, but the ability to force wins in crucial moments, which is exactly what City did last year. Not to mention City have had their fair share of dodgy decisions go their way, and we've had them go against us. That happens. You can't single out one (or two, since I'm guessing you're lumping Divock 90+6 in to force this narrative) example of a last minute winner and write off an entire season to "good fortune." This is a team that has scored 72 goals and conceded a mere 19 with six left to play, and is well on pace for 90 odd points. I don't want to hear anything about bottle jobs or flukes, no matter what happens come May. What City and Liverpool are both doing is historically good, and the fact they're both doing it in the same season should not undermine either team. The only thing "luck" comes into is that whoever finishes second will be desperately unlucky to do so.
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