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  1. Really? Had a few deflected shots go in myself and the original shooter was credited.
  2. For the love of fuck please do not patch the life out of this. It plays great for the first time since like '14.
  3. So, is it worth picking this up on PS4 when it comes out tomorrow (UK) or should I wait until patches/DLC/whatever fixes some of the shit you guys are talking about? I'm keeping in mind that tomorrow is also FIFA day so it could prove costly if I get both.
  4. Nerf

    WWE 2K19

    Their Adam Cole model is literally worse than the CAWs of him from last year's game. That's hilariously bad.
  5. My favourite bit is his complaint of "Liverpool First Team vs. Man United Kids." Y'know, despite the average age of United's team being a year older than Liverpool's last night.
  6. The man has lost the plot. Third season unraveling incoming?
  7. Liverpool's member sale is a joke every single year. Luckily I managed to get sorted for Brighton, Cardiff, Fulham and Newcastle after 2+ hours in the queue, but my mate didn't get a single ticket in today's sale or yesterday's. Can't wait to endure it all again in November.
  8. Liverpool have had a second bid of £66m accepted by Roma for Alisson. Seems they got spooked by Chelsea's interest and moved quickly to get it done.
  9. Literally nobody said that. The closest was "don't write him off too quickly, look at how DDG turned it around." He was given his chance, it didn't work out.
  10. Liverpool have FINALLY made an actual bid for Alisson. £62m.
  11. Try telling the toffees that. Everton Twitter is legitimately using this as evidence they're finishing top 4.
  12. Nerf


    Late to the party, but why disappointment? I haven't really been following but it looks amazing. I've been crying out for something like this game for like two decades.
  13. Career expectancy in Italy is way higher anyway, that's before taking into account Ronaldo's role in recent seasons meaning he barely ever has to burst into an actual sprint. And obviously on top of that, he takes very good care of himself.

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