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  1. David Moyes, too, has been charged with misconduct. Where you at @Lineker?
  2. I'm sure Lineker is parodying himself at this point
  3. Rashford has scored five league goals all season. Their second top scorer is Juan Mata, with six, who barely plays. To say that United rely on Ibra for goals is understating it - they pretty much have nobody else putting them in consistently.
  4. That's top 4 sorted then
  5. Naff team. Mane hasn't even been our POTY, let alone overall.
  6. Played around some more with the one I originally posted. It had been a good few years since I opened Photoshop, so I was a little rusty to say the least. Much happier with this outcome. Will probably keep the first post updated as I get through these.
  7. Yeah I see two of them, though I made three attempts. From this trial and error, I gather that I can no longer directly copy and paste images, nor do direct links work (Right Click > View Image), but I can 'Copy Link Location' which seems to be a workaround. WTF.
  8. I wonder what happens if I just post the link, maybe it'll automatically convert the image like it used to (still does?) with YouTube links.
  9. Imgur, but I've had the same problem posting pictures from anywhere. For example, I'll copy + paste the gif in your signature below: As I write this, I can see the weird clown man above this line, but it just removes itself when I submit the post. Weird.
  10. Yeah, nothing particularly special here, but I'll be dumping custom logos I make for my BHOTWG game here as and when. For as much my own convenience as anything, but feel free to use them however you see fit. Just keep in mind they aren't necessarily designed to be used in-game, and so sizes may vary. Tweaked the first one a little bit so it was more to my liking - had been a while since I even looked at Photoshop. It's intentionally camp, y'know, because Japan.
  11. You can't bottle something that was never going to happen anyway :/
  12. Oh. I thought you were making a dig at Liverpool. Move along >_>
  13. A top fifth team, actually.
  14. It's a Pulis side at home against a big club. That's all you need to know