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  1. Second the love for The Host. It's bloody mental and beautiful and horrifying all at once.
  2. 18 x 2 = 36. How many teams have 36 players good enough to try and win a competitive match? None, probably.
  3. Can someone explain how this is in any way offside. VAR is a fucking nonsense.
  4. Bit disingenuous that, isn't it? They haven't won an away game in the league this calendar year, just conceded 7 at home, and are currently trailing by two to a lower half side. Pochettino surely won't survive to see November. He's clearly lost the dressing room. Make that three...
  5. Late September - Early October is what's floating around at the minute.
  6. Oh, I have another one that may be a little unpopular, but fast travel in open world games. I understand the convenience and how it may alleviate the more boring part of such games, but I realised recently that in the last few years I've become far too reliant on it and have actively had to make a conscious effort to avoid using it. Part of this realisation was that some of my favourite gaming memories come from getting lost in a world or the chance encounters you have along the way. I'm having much more fun just exploring and getting sidetracked with a vague destination in mind. Feels far less robotic than just going from Point A to Point B, and I'm finding a lot more value in games as a consequence.
  7. Unplayable broken pieces of shit being released because the devs can just patch it later.
  8. No surprise we're playing Chelsea in April/May for what must be the 10th year in a row.
  9. There wouldn't be any FFP violation. They've barely spent (in relative terms) for the last 5 years, and they're the commercial giant of football. They have a bottomless pit of legitimate money to spend.
  10. Well, they went from 8th to 17th in the span of a year, and the only consistent first team player they lost in that time was VVD. Though there is perhaps an argument that their managerial appointments after Puel were equally to blame.
  11. Consistently top half. So, yeah, you can see the difference he's made in not being there anymore.
  12. Nerf

    Game of Thrones

    GRRM's a weird one. He's quite clearly a genius in terms of plot devices and storytelling and character/world building, but his writing is downright god awful at times. He seems to be from the school of thought that "more is more" and definitely would have benefited from using a particularly harsh copy editor.
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