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  1. Anyone ever play Knights & Merchants? I've probably sunk more combined hours into that throughout my lifetime than any other game. It's so painfully linear and yet I can't help but play it start to finish once every few years since childhood.
  2. No mate, two separate points. I thought the separation by the word "and" was obvious enough. Guess not.
  3. When you have Championship teams making wholesale changes to rest players for league matches, I don't think anyone with a straight face can suggest the magic of the FA Cup is anywhere close to what it was.
  4. Hi, you highlighted the second half of a sentence. The first half of said sentence literally addresses that. You can't pretend I didn't make that point and then criticise the fact that I didn't make that point.
  5. The pearl clutching about the sanctity of the cup is a little bit precious, and only serves to distract from the authorities refusing to address the wealth gap in the football pyramid so they can line their own pockets. All your vitriol is pointed in the wrong direction, for me. I don't really see where the outrage comes from. It can't be playing the kids, particularly when you have Championship sides heavily rotating. Klopp has already explained his reason for not being there -- Critch works with these players every day and knows infinitely more about them than he does. It was a decision to set the youngsters up for familiarity and, therefore, success. I don't know why people are obtusely interpreting that as he "can't be arsed." But it's telling that literally none of you were arsed when Big Sam did exactly the same thing for a Europa League tie. Or is respect only to be extended to the domestic game? It's hard to muster 'respect' for competitions that the organisers themselves can barely pretend to respect. Liverpool have been fined more in the League Cup this season than they would have earned had they won the whole fucking thing. It's quite literally cost them money to participate in the cup. Top club privilege and all that, but where's the incentive for them to take it seriously? Seems unwise if your whole structure relies on big clubs giving a shit. Where was the respect for the cup when the EFL decided it was totally plausible to play two games on two different continents in 24 hours? Or when the FA blocked televised coverage, despite interest from providers, for no discernible reason other than spite? Seen a lot of people say Liverpool fans would be outraged had it been someone else. I can't speak for anyone else, but I wouldn't give two shits if Pep had done the same thing. Primarily because he, like Klopp, has been outspoken for years about fixture congestion in this country. No matter how much they bang their heads against the wall, their concerns aren't taken seriously. This presented an opportunity to actually practice what they've been preaching. Klopp's using his platform to force change for the sake of his players, not because he thinks Shrewsbury is "beneath him." The fact is that football has evolved, for better or worse, and the domestic competitions in this country have failed to evolve with it. That's a failure of the authorities, and the longstanding issue of wealth distribution in English football plays a massive role in that. I understand that the magic of the cup is still there for lower league teams, and I understand how important it still is for those teams. That importance is primarily financially motivated. Rather than be enraged that the manager of a football club is doing what he thinks is best for the good of his team, be enraged that the powers that be have enabled a system that forces grassroots football to rely on whatever scraps get thrown their way. Anyway, I read something about Shrewsbury making more money from the gate despite lowered ticket prices because of a bigger turnout than usual, so that's nice if true.
  6. Oh, peak Office Ricky Gervais, obviously. I'm not a monster.
  7. Watched a little bit of your last video. Is it insulting to say you remind me horribly of Ricky Gervais?
  8. Nerf

    Earphones and Headphones

    Silly metalman. That's what pens are for.
  9. The funny thing is that Fabinho literally already did this last week, but the English press pay no mind to foreign media.
  10. I don't think people appreciate this enough in fear of disrespecting the past, but Liverpool and City for the last three seasons have been the two best sides the English top flight has seen. No Fergie team was as good as either of these (though granted his biggest strength was adapting to whatever competition he had and doing enough to see them off), the Invincibles weren't as good as either of these, and Mourinho's Chelsea couldn't do what they're doing either. Even the old fellas on the Kop are starting to concede that this side is better than anything we had in the 70s and 80s. It's mental to think that we're almost certainly watching the best Liverpool team ever.
  11. Genuinely wasn't expecting that. Those close to him seemed sure that he wanted to fulfill his current deal and move onto something else (or possibly even retire). Another 4.5 years with him is fucking incredible.
  12. Looks lke Takumi Minamino to Liverpool in January is pretty much a done deal but Lineker didn't start the thread three months early for once.
  13. In what is absolutely bonkers, with Naby Keita's goal, only Lovren and Gomez remain of players to have made a league appearance for us this season and not scored a goal.
  14. Don't worry, if it carries on like this you'll smash them. You're playing like we normally do against them, and they've got a really soft underbelly when you actually go at them.
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