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  1. Looks like we're infiltrating them from the inside. Daddy's coming, Virg!
  2. Salah will take the #11 while Firmino swaps to #9. Thank fuck! There was talk that Mo would wear #9, which would've been bloody blasphemy for a winger.
  3. Ah... arson, battery, vandalism, likely murder and just general disrespect. Yep, Seth's WWE babyface turn is complete.
  4. A couple of my answers have already been mentioned, so I'll toss in OITNB and The 100 too. Both first seasons seemed like a breath of fresh air at the time, but I've gradually become less interested in both as time has gone on. I tapped out of The 100 midway through the latest season and haven't gone back to it, and I just don't care that new OITNB is out.
  5. There's only one Mousa Dembele!
  6. Yeah, I suppose that would be a massive consideration given he's been unable to get players to play how he wants.
  7. He'll be getting a totally different Dani Alves to the one he managed.
  8. This seems like the time they bought Maicon for no reason other than they could. What about the Kyle Walker stuff?
  9. Leicester is a great example. They held on to Mahrez and Vardy and in turn lowered the coffers and had to settle for buying players a step below the quality they needed to consolidate. Had they got those two big pay-days along with Kante, we might still be talking about them as a Top 6 team as they could've invested heavily. Instead, they had to take the Southampton gamble I mentioned and it didn't pay off. Look, I know fans of smaller clubs won't want to hear it, but there's something of a glass ceiling for them. Leicester is literally a once in a lifetime fairytale. You're far more likely to end up like Aston Villa after they tried to push on and become a Top 4 team. Short of being bought out by owners with a bottomless pit of money, selling your best players is the only way to reinvest in your squad and balance the team to maintain your position. Trust me, I had to live through the Hicks & Gillett era at Liverpool.
  10. I'd be inclined to be much more pissed off now than before, but Saints fans can't seem to see the forest for the trees. They seem to want to push for Europe, but that isn't going to happen bar the odd fluke season, and Everton are waiting to close that gap before they do. They've been enjoying a cushy Top 8 life on the back of their model, and might be in for a reality check if they break from the mould. Fans won't want to hear it, but they're actually in quite an enviable position. Their club can only attract gambles, half of which will pay off and another half that won't. Their comfortable top half existence is entirely down to the model they've been employing, which is having the big clubs financing their gambles by taking the breakout star of that season's pack. They use that money to invest in a new set of gambles, and whichever one keeps them mid-table is the one who moves and funds the next round. The cycle repeats. That's just the reality, the same way teams like Liverpool are, to a lesser degree, this kind of feeder club for the Barcelonas and Real Madrids of the world. There is a clearly defined food chain in football, and clubs are setting themselves up for danger if they try to break from that. What happens when they don't sell Van Dijk? Great, he stays, but their transfer budget is diminished, they can only afford for a lesser quality player, and less of those gambles pay off. All of a sudden, they've swapped their comfortable mid-table existence for a bottom half finish and their 'dignity.' Now, this is all redundant as I largely believe the Van Dijk stuff is purely posturing, whether it's to maintain credibility with fans or to enhance their bargaining position or both, but sometimes fans would benefit from remembering that you can't always break the glass ceiling. For every Manchester City, there's an Aston Villa. For every Chelsea, there's a Newcastle. Showing ambition doesn't lead to success, and can sometimes end in dramatic failure.
  11. Without agreeing a fee? That's tapping up
  12. It doesn't really matter what kind of fight it is. With the way McGregor leaves himself exposed to the counterpunch, Mayweather will have a field day.
  13. Alternatively, fans burn the Emirates down by October.
  14. Oh look @stokeriño, the Liverpool/Chelsea penultimate match of the season is back!
  15. Spurs fail to make the Top 4 United continue to be stuck in perennial Europa League hell Arsenal finish 3rd City win the league Huddersfield go down despite a valiant fight and being the token "breath of fresh air" club Newcastle finish comfortably mid-table Crystal Palace make an unexpected assault on the top half Stoke are unlikely relegation candidates