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  1. @The Big Bratwurst, what's your level in game? The Vipers have an inactive random but literally just pushed into Elite so we can't afford to downgrade cards at the moment.
  2. Put me in @Busch Strowman's camp. It's one thing for him to leave and go home to the Wizards or to any number or teams where he could have been the difference maker. Instead he went to the team they should have eliminated the year before with the best record in history because he wanted a ring. The Heat was three players frustrated at front offices not getting them help who decided to make a superteam. The Celtics was smart trading for hungry veterans who desperately wanted a ring before they retired who wound up making a superteam. Durant went to an already established superteam when he could have been the difference maker for the Celtics/Wizards/Thunder/Bulls/Spurs/Grizzlies/etc. Any other playoff team would have instantly been discussed for the finals if they got Durant. Go Cleveland.
  3. Vipers are at about 12 hours left in the closest battleground we've had yet. We're up, but only by about 1,000 points. So if anyone has any attacks left, try to get them in.
  4. ....I saw soundgarden at musicfest last Sunday. They were the closing act for the weekend and all anyone could talk about. The man hadn't lost a step in his performance and I had legit chills listening to his voice over those giant speakers. Glad I got to hear them but......Fuck.
  5. There seem to be two camps. People who want the GSW/Cleveland rematch because they're the best two teams. And the people who want literally anything else. And since San An stands no chance without Leonard, people are pulling for Boston more.
  6. This is when I, as a Boston fan, have to point out this is the first number 1 pick we have ever had since they implemented the modern draft. ....I still can't believe Brooklyn agreed to that stupid God damned trade.
  7. @Jasonmufc I disagree about Olynyk and have been singing his praises for a few years. He's not some elite big man, but in a bench role he's very good at what he does. A stretch 4 who can shoot the three and space the floor fits well with boston's current small ball system. He's definitely gonna get overpaid, but everyone is now. That happened the day Mike Conley was one of the highest paid players in the league. As for his reputation as a villain and a dirty player, people also forget the guy was a point guard for most of his career until he had a massive growth spurt. He's always gonna be a lanky awkward big man without enough mass and that leads to some awkward spots. And draymond green calling him one of the dirtiest players in the league was outright laughable.
  8. That's exactly what the Vipers have decided. Team events aren't worth the stress when battleground is just flat out better.
  9. Yeah, I've just been banking the pulls from TRTG and opening them on the standard board after a rumble win.
  10. Alright, Troy's in. The Vipers now have 10, hopefully active, members who are mostly on the board. And I just started another battleground.
  11. @Troy Alright, the Vipers have a spot for you. Just send a request in game and I'll accept you. What's your name and level in game?
  12. @tristy wait what? American Dream Steve Austin? And I got a Hardened Liv Morgan, SS Simon Gotch and SS Jericho from battleground. And a SS Handsome Rusev from my login. Rusev and Jericho both make pros. Now if I could just get some Hardened pros that aren't Lesnar and Corbin. Like maybe Bayley....or Alexa Bliss....or Alicia Fox....or Liv Morgan.
  13. Eh your deck is past epic divas anyway. Just use them to keep moving up the fusion ladder. Hopefully we'll get you some Summerslam or Hardened divas in a battleground win soon. Also the vipers are due rewards in a little over 2 hours AND my 15 day login rewards are almost up. So guaranteed a Hardened, 2 Summerslam and a HD/SS card tonight.
  14. @Troy we are in a battleground right now but may have space after.
  15. Yeah I had 40 pulls stockpiled and just got 15 charge from it. Draw rates seem about the same. Also, I have the exact lowest deck for the Vipers in the one I just started.