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  1. Oh no. Kyrie. Stop. Don't blow up the Cavs. Wait.
  2. Yeah Hawks have just fully embraced a rebuild. Which is a shame, they were always a fun team to watch. But better to be the Sixers for a few years than to do what the Grizzlies are doing, trying to remain relevant in the west with Conley and Gasol is just...not enough.
  3. @VerbalPuke The Celtics are trading Avery Bradley for Marcus Morris. Obviously I wanted to keep Bradley, but of the three he made the most sense for a trade. How's Morris?
  4. It's only been two summer league games, so I'm trying not to get too excited, but he's definitely looking like a stud. One day I'll learn to shut my mouth and just trust Danny Ainge.
  5. Yeaaaaahhh....they'll sooner waive people than give that up for someone who is already a sure thing. Ainge is invested in Jaylen Brown and has no interest in trading lottery picks. We would sooner package Crowder and Horford for Gasol than send Brown and lottery picks to Utah.
  6. Well as far as the Jazz front office trying to salvage something, they've contacted Boston about a sign and trade deal. Reportedly it will involved Jae Crowder, which is great for Utah. He's on a very team friendly deal and is a dominant player who has improved every year in Boston. I am also irrationally excited about the rumors of us trading for Marc Gasol, even though I know it's basically impossible with our current roster and cap space. We would probably have to trade Horford which........why? I love Gasol but Horford is a better fit for the east and has an extra year on his deal. Edit: didn't see Tyrone's edit. It helps Boston too, clearing the space we need to sign Hayward's deal.
  7. There's gonna have to be an exodus to the east sooner than later, everything is too unbalanced after Butler and George went west this off season. Glad to have Hayward in green. We still need to address the rebounding issue but this deals with the problem of relying too much on Isiah for scoring.
  8. Boston will welcome you with open arms, @Pooker. In other news, The Warriors have signed Jamal Crawford and are still heavily pursuing Nick Young. Because they didn't have enough scoring options.
  9. That's no way to talk about the newest Celtic. (Seriously, nothing is confirmed yet.)
  10. I'll only really be bummed if he chooses Miami. Obviously I'm pulling for Boston here, but I never have a problem with a guy wanting to stay loyal to his team. I also don't get the appeal of going to the Heat when they couldn't even make the eastern playoffs last year.
  11. So reports are rolling in now and, similarly to what happened with Butler, the Celtics offered a MUCH better package that ultimately got rejected because people are expecting Ainge to empty his war chest for one guy. At the trade deadline in February, they offered the Brooklyn pick this year (which became number 1 and Markelle Fultz). During the off season, three non-lottery first round picks, Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley. Celtics have built up so many assets that now they can't actually get a fair trade and teams are underselling as a result.
  12. Huh.....so...George and Westbrook get a year practice before going to LA. For a league dominated by superteams last year, these have all been very non-superteam decisions. George/Hayward was always the longest of long shots, but I was holding out a sliver of hope. Oh well. I would've rather CP3 gone to the Spurs as well, maybe they snag Rondo? I don't know what's happening this off season.
  13. Tanner Ainge has betrayed his family and should be beaten in the street. I wish some off season decisions would happen already. I know Hayward is meeting with Miami, Boston and Utah this weekend. But I've read articles saying that Griffin is the actual main target (which makes no sense), that we are going to package Isiah Thomas and draft picks to trade for Russell Westbrook (which makes less sense) and that they're gonna miss all their targets and sign Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph (which makes us.....the Grizzlies?). I love the off-season for the anything can happen vibe but I go crazy for the sports writers scrambling for stories.
  14. Truthfully, I don't think Ainge sees a ton of value in Butler for some reason. The constant talks between Boston/Chicago have always hit some snag, whether it was Crowder at the trade deadline this season or the rumored refusal to deal the number 3 pick on draft night. I know for a fact we could've made a better offer than Minnesota did. That being said, I feel like certain trades are dying (looking at you, Phil) because people know how heavy the C's are on assets and aren't looking for fair deals.
  15. I actually really like Tatum for the Celtics too. He meshes well with Brown and Smart which will be a good young core going forward.