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  1. Anyone else noticed a lot more gold cases in the new MitB matches? I went from maybe seeing 10 in the whole first run to 3-4 every bout. Definitely making the higher costs seem more reasonable
  2. I think you're pretty much spot on with that one. Now if Season Three is actually a thing that obviously changes overnight but as of now I agree. Also worth noting, I'm gonna do what I can this week. Have tonight free during RAW but tomorrow I need to do some major plumbing work on my off day so not sure how much free time I'll have before the clock runs out. Really these team events need another twelve hours or a day.
  3. That being said I wouldn't recommend that as it is going to completely unbalance your deck. It'll make regular matches much harder in the long run.
  4. I hate the idea of going after Griffin or Westbrook. It's not as bad if they agree to resign, but 16-17 is not the year to take a one-shot team against The Warriors and Durant. Also, we lose Thomas for Westbrook and Crowder for Griffin. That defeats the entire propose of a rebuild. I like our guys. I'm a loyalist and I understand that's not the direction things are heading in the league nowadays but I don't want to turn on the guys who got us this far.
  5. Me either. But hey another survivor just makes the eventual pro come sooner.
  6. If Wade signs with the Bulls, maybe the celtics can get Butler like we have been trying for weeks. And I'm not at all shocked at Boston going after Westbrook. It's the type of move that makes sense. We get Westbrook (though no way Ainge takes him unless there's a guarantee of him signing a max deal) and pass our ridiculous draft assets on to the now rebuilding thunder. It's a good move for both teams
  7. Yeah great work all around guys. Team events are really what's keeping me going in the transition to survivor pros. I should also get my first MitB card tonight so that'll be some motivation at least. And this weekend's PCC is.....pretty weird. Samoa Joe vs Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger?
  8. As soon as I heard the Durant news, one of two things needed to happen. Either build around Russell as a franchise player if he was willing, or trade him to a new team before the season starts for either draft picks or a young stud. With the rumors of Love getting offered up to make room for Wade, maybe we get the Westbrook/Love combo in LA a year early?
  9. This is insane. I can't think of a team that has been this stacked other than the Showtime Lakers. Boston was always the dark horse and damn I wanted to see KD in green, but golden state was the outcome I wanted least. This is gonna be a long, boring year.
  10. I'll be pretty busy tomorrow with the holiday, but I'll try and get what I can and should be able to contribute more at the back end.
  11. I actually always really liked Leur when I got to see him play with the Grizz. And seriously, can someone explain to me in what world Mike Conley is the highest paid player in NBA history? I just can't wrap my head around that contract for a guy who isn't even a top ten active point guard in my opinion. And yeah, if we get Horford, the Boston/Atlanta series is going to make for some amazing basketball this season.
  12. I have no earthly idea why you took Howard over Horford. I have less of an idea as to why you're paying him so much. But I certainly appreciate it because sources are saying he's basically a lock for Boston now.
  13. Conley stays in Memphis with the largest contract in history and if you'd like to discuss overpaying, here's the prime example. I wouldn't even consider Conley a top 10 point guard and he's got the new max deal. That's Memphis for you. Apparently the meeting between Boston and Horford went very well, but I trust nothing until there are actual contracts out on the 7th.
  14. Same here, man. KD would look so good in green. He's gone on record as about 90% certain he's staying in OKC for another year at least, but Horford and Isiah would be a great motivator to come to Boston. Plus Durant reportedly really likes the city and the fans in Boston.
  15. @Jasonmufc well it's only gotten worse for the Mavs. Chandler Parsons has agreed to a 4 year 94 million deal with the Memphis Grizzlies. And reportedly the grizz have also offered Conley a max deal.