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  1. WWE Supercard

    Same here. The only thing semi-motivating is that I have two Cenas that need matches but I still don't really care. Team Events just motivate me so much more.
  2. WWE Supercard

    I'm basically taking a break this weekend. It's poor timing as I have cards that need training and Ambrose would make a pro, but I'm just a touch burnt out and don't want to underplay the team event next week. This is has nothing to do with far harbor coming out. Nothing at all.
  3. WWE Supercard

    So to recap the past week or so of supercard for me? Finished a KotR, pulled Cena as a reward. Yay! A pro at the end of the month! Team road to glory. Legendary Cena as a reward. Um okay early pro! Cue today, waiting on a KotR to finish so I can pro my Cenas which will push me into survivor tier. I come in second place. My prize? Legendary. John. Cena. But Cena pushed me over the limit and my freebie? The man called Sting!
  4. WWE Supercard

    They're too busy teasing fusions.
  5. WWE Supercard

    Sorry about the drop off guys, been way too busy at work to sneak any games in. Finished Bryan off this morning and that was the last I could muster.
  6. WWE Supercard

    Pulled a Legendary Rock off the board, so thought it was the perfect time to see about moving up to survivor. Did the math using the point tiers and.....I fall about 100 points short if I filled with enhancements. That Cena pro cannot come soon enough.
  7. WWE Supercard

    Yup Cena is the log in freebie and this reward. They are really handing out pros lately.
  8. WWE Supercard

    So they have announced this week's team road to glory top cards. Wrestlemania Dean Ambrose, Survivor Kane and......Legendary Cena.
  9. WWE Supercard

    It pained me to do so, but I had to side with Roman. Legendary Wyatt will give me a pro and is doable without too much effort. In better news, finished a legendary KotR last night in first place and won. Woke up this morning to claim my rewards? Legendary Cena, who will make an extremely powerful pro at the end of the month, and Eve who will be my first Lpro diva!
  10. WWE Supercard

    I swapped Seth for Stardust as well, who is a weaker one you can retake. Also, just bad luck, but earlier I had a draw where all 6 guys were up arrows. I can't believe I won that match
  11. WWE Supercard

    Rumor has Ryback as the survivor and, if we get that quickly, we can drop our divas to common and get the legendary Sheamus.
  12. WWE Supercard

    It's going to be Balor because CatDaddy are just fucking with us at this point.
  13. WWE Supercard

    Yeah tapping out this morning was definitely the right call. I did some grinding in exhibition to pro Legendary Stardust and pulled an Epic Nikki, which will give me a second Epic Pro Diva. With any luck, the leg pros, two epic pro divas and survivor Balor will get me close enough to survivor to boost in with enhancements since I'm maybe 100 matches away from my 6500 diva ladder reward.
  14. WWE Supercard

    Ignore the double post.
  15. WWE Supercard

    Update: I've finished off Paige for another legendary diva but I just did the math. There are 37 hours left in the event. You get 5 matches every hour and fifteen minutes. In order to get Balor, I literally could not miss a bout and would probably still need to drop some money. I'd consider sacrificing my weekend OR spending money, but not both. I'm just gonna have to rely on KotR and Team events for now, sorry guys.