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  1. WWE Supercard

    Well thanks for the second chance I suppose? I find it very strange that there's ANOTHER chance for SV Balor but I'm not complaining. My RtG deck is only in legendary but I'm going to try and grind it out for the pro. Plus there's the sandbagging strategy which should make the grind a breeze
  2. WWE Supercard

    Yeah, I'm with RPS here. Being the least active member AND having the weakest deck is not a good combination. I could overlook some of the inactivity if his cards weren't also bringing us down.
  3. WWE Supercard

    Was right behind you, good work guys. I appreciate everyone grinding since stardust will be my third legendary pro! I'm gonna call it quits since, unfortunately, with just three hours left? I see no possible way we get Finn.
  4. WWE Supercard

    I never had to drop down to +3, just had to back out and get new matches. Was not gonna risk facing survivor teams when we are so close.
  5. WWE Supercard

    Warrior is closed and we're starting in on Stardust. Making great time so I think Stardust is a lock, but I think Balor is going to be out of our reach
  6. WWE Supercard

    No worries man. Real life vastly outweighs a silly card game on our cell phones. I'm grinding as much as I can and have been getting lucky with doublers so far so we might get far with some luck.
  7. WWE Supercard

    I'm all in for it. Plus the legendary Stardust will make another legendary pro for me. And is it a glitch or does it look like we're getting an extra day?
  8. WWE Supercard

    Well, I guess I used up my luck on login bonuses last month, nothing makes a pro for me in May. 5 Days: Super Rare Bradshaw 10 Days: Ultra Rare Edge 15 Days: Epic Randy Orton 21 Days: Legendary John Cena 28 Days: Survivor Triple H Maybe I'll be able to pull a Cena by month's end from KotR. Also, Team Road to Glory this week introducing Wrestlemania Tier Apollo Crews.
  9. WWE Supercard

    The Epic is Goldust. I can definitely get some more plays in if it will help anyone. But I don't personally need it.
  10. NBA 2015-2016 Season Thread

    It's definitely been THE series to watch first round. It's shaving years off of my life because the Celtics are just humanly incapable of holding a damned lead, but God this has been great basketball.
  11. WWE Supercard

    Yeah that's one of my favorite aspects of the team events, the team deck generally gets better every time. Except Team PCC, that can go directly to hell.
  12. WWE Supercard

    Just let me know the information to join when the spot comes open. Only epic pros to contribute at the moment (Ambrose, Orton and Naomi are my current line up with Legendary Mr. Perfect as my support), but Seth will be a pro for me when he comes up on the login bonuses.
  13. WWE Supercard

    Yeah, if you guys need people I could easily jump over. I've been bouncing from team to team for events until I can find a good one. Found one somewhat (we got reigns but 3 of the 10 players didn't contribute) but that was mostly because myself a few others grounded over 20 shards each.
  14. WWE Supercard

    I am in desperate need of a more active team. But trying to find one is nearly impossible in the current system. Randomly joined one shooting for legendary (Ambrose would have made my first leg pro), we didn't even make Neville because it became clear only a few people were trying. Its just frustrating especially specially since I had Monday and Tuesday off and nothing but time to grind.
  15. WWE Supercard

    Does anyone have extra space in their team? The event is starting in a few hours and my current team doesn't have the 5 people necessary.