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  1. I never got the 600 credits. And just finished my sixth survivor fusion to get Edge....which is my fifth single survivor fusion card....and a Vince. I have gotten Vince, Edge, Ambrose, Roman, KO and Whichever Bella. I mean it'll make Mania fusions easy I suppose. @Little Red Srarvette the Mania is Ambrose and the SS is Sami.
  2. @RPS I doubt you'd weigh us down considering tomorrow you would have a Wrestlemania card. 10 is better than 9 in my opinion, right? I assume it's like every thing else and based on card totals not an average.
  3. I forgot I had left a diva in for training, swapped over and that pushed us into mania!
  4. I vote we keep it EWB. Opening it up just seems wrong. And my thought is that 10 active people beats 8 no matter the cards. So let's fill two gaps!
  5. First Fallout 4 mods and now this, I just cannot catch a break.
  6. Sting was actually my freebie when I reached survivor tier so I'm just using RtG to get the levels for the cards. But I'm also a little pissed that now I'm gonna see survivor stings everywhere since it's basically a free pro.
  7. Cena will be a pro for me and I'll build from there for the rest. Might wind up just holding everything for next month if I can't grind a pro. After this weekend grinding RtG, I should have Pro Survivor Sting, Seth and Charlotte for the team. I know my cards are much lower but couldn't catch any survivor luck until recently.
  8. Oh god the hype. The immediate hype.
  9. Seth makes my first SV pro, sting will be a second later this month and I've decided to just get a pro Charlotte and grind the contracts for next month instead of chasing Becky.
  10. I could swap two legendary pros for the two Romans I got from MitB. I have had exactly 0 luck with survivors so far.
  11. What he said.
  12. Well guess I better get back to work then.
  13. No worries. I'm gonna try and pile on as much as I can tonight, but man my motivation is just completely sapped knowing season 3 is coming.
  14. I have decided my role as a junkrat player is to rush bastions and just try to take them out with me.
  15. Anyone else noticed a lot more gold cases in the new MitB matches? I went from maybe seeing 10 in the whole first run to 3-4 every bout. Definitely making the higher costs seem more reasonable