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  1. EWB Premier League 15/16: Prediction League

    Aston Villa 0-2 Watford (Sat 3pm)Man City 2-0 Southampton (Sat 3pm)Leicester 1-1 Man Utd (Sat 5.30pm)Tottenham 0-0 Chelsea (Sun 12pm)Liverpool 1-0 Swansea (Sun 4.15pm)
  2. 16 (2015/16 season) - Week 14

    Crystal Palace Previous picks: Chelsea  Leicester  Brighton Portsmouth MK Dons QPR Liverpool Gillingham Leyton Orient Bury Stoke
  3. What game franchises need reviving?

  4. UEFA Europa League 2015/16

    That ref is quite possibly the worst ref I have ever seen. Absolute tit.  Played alright I thought. Bit sloppy every now and then but we got the win. Thought Lucas was outstanding today. 
  5. UEFA Europa League 2015/16

    Mignolet can piss off. Fucking idiot. 
  6. UEFA Europa League 2015/16

    I'd agree with that. I think a bit of a knock and he doesn't wanna risk it even if it isn't necessarily a serious problem.  Tbh I don't think he would have played today anyway. It's getting annoying  how often he's getting injured and not playing. It's surely gotta reach a point in which we must consider our options despite how talented he is. No point having someone who is hardly gonna play on high wages. 
  7. UEFA Europa League 2015/16

    Sturridge is close to equaling his total appearances for Liverpool with total games missed by injury  
  8. UEFA Champions League 2015/16

    Basically relying on the PSV result. It's not impossible and all you need to do is better the PSV game. . It's just not ideal. 
  9. Tea or Coffee?

    Damn Millennials
  10. UEFA Champions League 2015/16

    Has Willian scored a goal that wasn't a free kick this season? 
  11. The Barclays Premier League thread 2015/2016

    Arsenal, West Ham, Southampton and Palace losing has been great for us. Beating City has been even better meaning we've actually gained ground on teams above us.  3 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss in our tough opening 7 away games has been a good return. We just have to start beating teams in midtable and the lower half of the league now instead of normally bottling it or smashing someone and finding a way to get beat or only draw. 
  12. EWB Londoners

    Nice one Rich  They aLlandudno look good so I'll pass the ideas on to them and see what they think. 
  13. EWB Londoners

    I mean 30 quid a person is fine and probably grilled food tbh knowing who is going or mexican/south American.  We are staying in the Kensington area but tbh as long as we are able to get there and back by tube it's no hassle.
  14. Christmas Traditions

    Christmas at the in laws.  Boxing day at mine.  All I know is I'll be having more than one Christmas dinner We used to have a tradition of going to my nans in which all her kids and grandchildren would all have a snow house full of random presents and sweets (basically a box with wool on and windows and doors drawn on it ) Looking back a lot of it was cheap shit that broke after about 10 minutes but as kids we all loved it. It's a shame she passed two years ago because it would have been nice for the great grandchildren to experience this 
  15. EWB Londoners

    I'm down in London with the missus and three friends on the 7th and 8th and I was wondering where is good to go for food?  Last time I was in London we just normally went around Leicester Square for food but was hoping for a few options that are suitable and not stupidly expensive for a group of 5.