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  1. Hide your pregnant partners! Trent is banging them in tonight!!
  2. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/olivier-giroud-lands-spider-man-13587095 Bit of a curveball that.
  3. Seems we are getting City's head physio. Hopefully that means we have access to his "medical supplies" in helping players return from injury quicker
  4. Yeh I've not really given the league the attention it deserves this season. I've had a lot on with arranging to move in with the missus and some personal family issues so just keep forgetting. Not an excuse but people do deserve better really so I can only apologise to everyone.
  5. Ederson has given United a lifeline there.
  6. Cracking finish from Shaqiri. Fulham asleep at the back again.
  7. Thought he was just onside myself. Quick thinking there though to start a counter.
  8. If we are gonna score it's going to be down our right hand side. Keep getting behind Sessegnon quite easily
  9. Dortmund/Bayern game was really good. Dortmund came from behind to win 3-2 Leaves Bayern 7 points behind them now and 3 behind Gladbach
  10. Charlie Austin will be paying for the FA Christmas party this year then.
  11. Cardiff 0-1 Brighton (Sat 12.30pm)Huddersfield 0-2 West Ham (Sat 3pm)Leicester 1-0 Burnley (Sat 3pm)Chelsea 2-0 Everton (Sun 2.15pm)Man City 3-1 Man Utd (Sun 4.30pm)
  12. Week 12: Norwich Week 11: MK Dons (W) Week 10: Watford (W) Week 9: Brighton (W) Week 8: Tottenham (W) Week 7: Arsenal (W) Week 6: Liverpool (W) Week 5: Man City (W) Week 4: Chelsea (W) Week 3: Wigan (L) Week 2: Leeds (W) Week 1: Exeter (W)

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