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  1. Few Northerners might get it as well, rumours of his appearance did spread far and wide
  2. Karius has broken his hand and is out for up to 2 months Mignolet back in goal...yippee
  3. But Mourinho is great at bringing young players through the ranks. His list he printed off even said he was. He wouldnt do nothing with youth players and loan them out for eternity or sell them.
  4. Mark Noble is the top goal scoring Englishman in competitive games this season out of all the Prem teams. CALL HIM UP TO THE ENGLAND TEAM!!!!
  5. The day he finally joined his boyhood club
  7. I wasn't a fan of the idea of Prem teams entering. It just seems like the Premier League bullying their way into getting something they want. Eventually they'll bully their way into having b teams in the lower leagues. There's better ways of developing youth players and giving them experience such as loan moves or even giving them chances within the first team. Last season we had several youngsters or squad options come through and contribute. Kevin Stewart was probably destined to get released yet came into the team, did a job for us and has been given a new contract.
  8. A winter break isn't gonna stop England from being shit and neither is scrapping the league cup.
  9. I could add the 4 lyfe on the end?
  10. I need a new team name. Someone pick my team name for me.
  11. Perhaps not. But he'll be thinking of Wenger for some reason instead
  12. It's only Manchester United and Man City though.
  13. God help Mourinho when United are playing in some eastern European country in Europa League then.
  14. Carbide has found its footing here. Wrecking whatever is in its path!!
  15. Terrorhurtz are smashing it so far.