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  1. As much as I'm glad City got knocked out. Away goals is such a shite rule. Also Deli Ali is a gobshite. Good player but a massive bellend I've seen the video in which someone's put Peppa Pig in the background Why's no one posting our highlights Can't wait for the 7th. Gonna be a cracking time at Anfield
  2. Tbf, if this was gonna be Spursy you would have bottled that Fair play Tottenham, fully deserved! I had a feeling when the draw was made that they could advance! Yous will definitely never forget this game. Enjoy it! Hope Ajax beat yous....
  3. Yous are missing a cracker of a game between us and Porto...
  4. You'd think that would raise alarm bells as it is....
  5. Please beat them Tottenham (then get knocked out by Ajax but we'll cross that bridge)
  6. Hasn't he been declared bankrupt twice, the new prospective owner?
  7. A moment that baffled me. Coutinho's goal. Surely people at the club would be aware from the time he spent at Liverpool. Don't let him cut in from the left onto his right foot and let him shoot. Instead they backed off him and allowed him to do the thing he's good at. United really need to gut the squad. It'll take a few seasons but most of that squad is bollocks with a few really good players scattered in.
  8. I hope Tottenham are prepared for a frightening non sold out Etihad with fans being given shite shiny plastic flags in an attempt to create some form of atmosphere...
  9. Blame lies on De Gea there. Should be saving that.
  10. Salah just absolutely THUNDERCUNTED IT to make it 2-0 Hendo with a brilliant drink cutback for Mane just a few minutes earlier
  11. Good ball by City but poor marking by Van Aanholt and I thought the keeper should have done better there
  12. Are we honestly shocked that Joey Barton is a scumbag? He hasn't changed one bit and has always been a scumbag.
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