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  1. Chelsea don't deserve him, especially after the shitty treatment the fans gave him last time, despite him doing alright Also:
  2. Everyone knows it Champions League winner - Djimi Traore. Master of Cruyff turns Only thing Baines has in his favour in any sort of statistical argument is goals scored and even then takes free-kicks and iirc penalties too
  3. Great player in his pomp. Absolute shame how injuries affected him. One of the best players I've seen play for Liverpool.
  4. Rochdale will play Unexpected item in bagging area
  5. https://www.efl.com/news/2019/june/201920-carabao-cup-round-one-draw-details?utm_source=Direct So they're doing the League Cup draw in a random Morrisons on a Thursday night (20th June)
  6. We do need a bench option now that we've lost our 20 goal a season sub striker tbf
  7. The only thing I ever pay attention to with the fixture list is: Who do we play the game closest to my birthday When do we play Everton and Man Utd Who do we have boxing day
  8. None of the players I named will be sold for less than 100mil. Chelsea did some great business considering Hazard had one year left on his deal.
  9. Yeh the rumours are the big money signing will be after July and will be one of the likes of Pogba, Eriksen, Mbappe etc.
  10. It's our year. We will win the Charity Shield, FA Cup, League Cup, Super Cup, Club World Cup, Champions League and Prem. Mane will score 4 past Norwich both times City finally get their comeuppance for blatantly breaking FFP United do shite under Ole and end up giving it to Quinton Fortune till end of season
  11. Yeh I was telling a friend about it after I saw what Microsoft released; so either Microsoft have been really generous or made a bit of an oversight. Purchase of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate automatically upgrades your existing Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass membership(s) to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a conversion ratio each based on days remaining. Future code redemptions are also subject to a conversion ratio. Conversion ratio subject to change. All conversions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are final: Once converted, you cannot re-convert your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership back to a previous membership. Maximum 36 months of redeemed Xbox Game Pass Ultimate per account at a time, including any converted time from Xbox Live Gold and/or Xbox Game Pass (for PC or console).
  12. This was a weird E3 for me. I don't even think there was someone who was outright better than any conference but there wasn't loads of stand out moments either. For gamers, I thought Microsoft had the best news with the ultimate game pass. If you're a PC gamer and play on Xbox that was a really good piece of news to have. They were always gonna announce the new console here but that was the stand out thing for me for them. Although I like Halo, I'm not the biggest Halo fan at the same time so for me that was like "Oh it's a new Halo" same with Gears. Ubi, I thought Watch Dogs: Legion looked to be a really interesting concept and one that I would love to play. But, again there wasn't that much there that hadn't already kind of been rumoured or announced Square Enix was the Final Fantasy 7 show mainly. Avengers could be interesting but there's not enough there to judge it. Nintendo had a new Breath of the Wild sequal which I didn't expect whatsoever so that was a nice shock, looking forward to new a new Animal Crossing as well. Link's Awakening looks really pretty too so that'll be fun. A lot of stuff these days is cross console so it was nice seeing more of the likes of Outer Worlds, Cyberpunk etc. Something that I did really like the look of was the new Vampire: The Masquerades Bloodline 2.
  13. While I agree that money is really stupid these days in footy, it's nice that clubs in the Prem can go to the bigger teams "nah fuck off give us this" Years ago they would be in a position where the big clubs could bully them.
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