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  1. Like it would matter anyway....
  2. It's never too late to return back the fold. Dust off the old boots and practice wellying a ball down a park.
  3. Rooney looks like he'd be more into alphabet spaghetti.
  4. I don't get the whole Rooney love from Everton fans. He only played two seasons and fucked them off to go down the road to Man Utd. Like if he'd played a few more seasons I could understand but it just strikes me as odd.
  5. There was a reason why Ronnie Moran was known as Mr.Liverpool. From player to captain to coach to assistant manager, he had a big impact on the club and on a lot of players. A hugely influential figure throughout Liverpool football club. In terms of Ross Barkley, he's a weird one. He could be a cracking player but he has never had the consistency and in my experience of him in derbies he always goes missing...he's never had a big moment. It'd be a gamble for someone to pay 35mil for him but perhaps a change of scenery is what he needs and a club like Spurs could be the place to help him get to the next level
  6. To be fair...I've seen stronger teams put out in the league cup than the FA Cup at times this season.
  7. But you'll be taking away Mourinho's crowning achievement for United so far!!!
  8. I feel like Arsenal games should have the theme from Curb Your Enthusiasm playing at the end of them, with it just ending on a still of Wenger's face before cutting away to fam blud guy from Arsenal Fan TV
  9. Man Utd have had the most piss easy Europa league run. Typical
  10. I hope Monaco get to the final. They've been an exciting team to watch this year and they've got some cracking players in the team.
  11. People are daft if they think we would lose to a top 6 team Crystal Palace 2-0 Watford (Sat 3pm)Stoke 1-1 Chelsea (Sat 3pm)Bournemouth 2-0 Swansea (Sat 5.30pm)Middlesbrough 0-2 Man Utd (Sun 12pm)Man City 0-1 Liverpool (Sun 4.30pm)
  12. Really it's both. Everton wanted something like a 90mil release clause. Lukaku and his agent will want a lower fee probably around 60mil (random figure) which isn't an unreasonable figure really in today's game for someone of his quality and potential. No one will bid 90mil for Lukaku and you're not going to want a stupid release clause in your contract if you could easily move to a big European team or a bigger English club.
  13. They always seem to decide that the best time to do engineering works is the weekend anyone needs to travel to Wembley for an FA cup semi final that isn't from London. Every year without fail.
  14. Bet the City fans can't wait to get shafted by getting a shit kick off time on a Sunday.
  15. Proper wank half in which we've somehow managed to get a goal back in it. Funny how Can has one good game, wants his wages doubling and goes back to playing shite.