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  1. Suppose your 50 teams had to beat us at some point
  2. Ratchet and Clank sold well this year I can imagine the likes of Spyro and Crash would do even better.
  4. You called?
  5. Least we aren't the only team on Merseyside with a poo goalkeeper
  6. Defence is so crap without Matip. Lucas isn't a centre back. Ah well. Points are gonna be dropped during the season and we'll make up the 4 point gap at some point. 2nd half we were so awful and Bournemouth deserved to win. I blame Toxic Thunder. That kits cursed....
  7. I'd have given a pen. Firmino's knee clatters into Ake's. Just gotta keep up the tempo from the first half. Easily another two goals in this game especially considering how dodgy Boruc has been this game.
  8. GET IN MANE AND ORIGI!!! Let's absolutely smash these now and get the goal difference up!!
  9. It's sad listening to some of the interviews he's given to the media and the likes of The Anfield Wrap but glad he's finding some form down in the wet leagues and hopefully he can move back up the leagues.
  10. Everton can't disappoint me this week after all the bitching at Koeman for having red and white christmas decorations on his tree
  11. Wouldn't matter if we lost for you anyway as the blue shite will win tomorrow
  12. It proper threw me off ha. I was so confused I was like...I'm sure we are level on points with City.
  13. Yeh he done it several times and pushed him towards the crowd. He was the 2nd red card.
  14. What are you on about? Also I loved every single thing of that melee at end. Hopefully Aguero will miss the game against us
  15. Clinical on the counter despite being outplayed for the large majority of the game. Well played Chelsea. I still think both defences have been shite today but City's (and their keeper) will be their downfall this season and have been today. Time for us to hopefully win on Sunday and gain a 3 point gap on City