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  1. The highlight of Scottish football....Rod Stewart doing the Scottish cup draw pissed.
  2. I avenged my defeat to West Ham when they broke my 59 game unbeaten streak in the Prem by twatting them 7-0 at Anfield. HAVE THAT YOU GANG OF CUNTS!! I also lost to Southampton this season but I've not had chance to avenge that defeat....yet...
  3. Technically it was 45th + 7...
  4. Hull should have had a penalty there.
  5. Has Leicester's defense suddenly gotten shitter or have the other teams in the Prem gotten better since last year?
  6. There's nothing straight forward in football....speaking from recent experiences
  7. Awful performance. Awful ref. Awful first half. Awful away fans. Awful atmosphere in general. Watford made more noise when they were 6-1 down. Awful.
  8. Bournemouth 1-1 Watford (Sat 3pm)Middlesbrough 0-1 West Ham (Sat 3pm)West Brom 2-0 Sunderland (Sat 3pm)Man City 1-1 Tottenham (Sat 5.30pm)Southampton 2-1 Leicester (Sun 12pm)
  9. If you want to automatically build the best stadium in the world....just sort out mobile phone signal and you'd win hands down. Tbh it makes sense to milk the higher paying customer, it's revenue that you'll make consistently from a larger and varied amount of people compared to regular attendees at the game. What's Spurs current ground like for Hospitality and Corporate? I know when we did up the Centenary stand and now the Main stand it's brought in a larger amount of revenue from hospitality and corporate compared to before. It will help us to even the playing field and it'll help Spurs in the long run when they get the new ground.
  10. I was supportive towards your struggles and sympathetic. Now...I'm not too sure
  11. Liverpool 7-0 Burnley Burnley manager following an EFL Cup game in which I rotated 10 players "Liverpool aren't as good as they think they are"
  12. Completed this yesterday. This one is more fun than the first with a good level of light heartedness and customisation. The characters you could get behind more and enjoy. Some missions were better than others with some being a bit boring and others really enjoyable. Final mission was a bit of a let down but overall a solid fun game.
  13. Some of these "features" just sound like stuff for the sake of having stuff. It's like City wanting to build a restaurant next to the tunnel so you can eat and watch the players in the tunnel. The only thing you should be doing if you have a glass window in the tunnel is banging on it and calling the other team shit.
  14. Plymouth can hold their heads up high after those two legs. Made things very difficult for us and had a go tonight, very unlucky to hit the post. Trent Alexander Arnold was MOTM for us imo. Solid at the back and occasionally threatening going forward. Highlight of the match was the giant pasty made for Klopp