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  1. I am made up that it sounds like the new format is tanking in terms of attendance and the attitude of the managers and players. Plus seeing only 3 of the u23/u21 teams winning also made me laugh.
  2. I really thought the only realistic team Joe Hart could have went to is Everton and the fact he has ended up in Italy with Torino still confuses me. I mean good on him for going abroad I wish more English players did so but it just seems so random like Joe Cole at Lille.
  3. Jim White needs to fuck off forever...Preferably by being shot out of a canon aiming directly into the sun.
  4. Dont choke in the playoffs again this time... #ShotsFired
  5. Tottenham don't need to sign anyone. They've got one of the most balanced squads in the Prem barring any injuries. It's probably because you see other teams splashing the cash and signing people that sometimes fans are like "Why aren't we buying anyone?!?!"
  6. Is it 2018 yet?
  7. Ivory Ball scratcher would be a better use of the money.
  8. Did Zaza does his seagull run up from Turin all the way to London?
  9. Jammy bastards. Harsh on Hull, so close to a great point for them.
  10. Money can't buy you Stones? I mean Holgate
  11. Urgh we deserve to be winning this. We'll go on and lose this now.
  12. I just don't trust our defence. I feel like we've been the better team but I just know that we have a fuck up in us somewhere
  13. Mane is walking a tight line. If we can get a second goal I'd take him off as soon as. Small margin with that offside but Lallana was off. Wijnaldum took his time with the ball but a good attacking move. Really need a second goal here.
  14. Jack of all trades, master of none.
  15. It's one of them pens where it is a foul but I just think they are soft to give. We have the benefit of super slow mo replays and multiple camera angles I'd find that hard to give unless the ref was about 5 yards away. I wouldn't bet on Coutinho to score unless it was a screamer. Why would you be bothered what people on twitter post about football. Twitter is a cesspool of bias