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  1. He is from Sunderland tbf :shifty: Whilst the staff are getting paid, we really shouldn't be using this considering our financial status. This isn't the case of a team in a poor financial state or a lower league team or a small business that actually requires to use this. Disappointing really....
  2. Nah wouldn't do that far probably just the main story. I had the last one and thought yehhhh I'm not gonna bother. I'll keep playing and get what I can but I'm not gonna force myself to try and u lock everything otherwise I'll end up probably resenting the game. I wish they did another Sleeping Dogs. Such a brilliant game
  3. Completed Claire's B Side last night so that's Resident Evil 2 completed and marked off my list. I've got quite a lot left on the list for the PS4 but got quite a few long games as well. Thinking Mortal Kombat shouldn't be one that's too long compares to the likes of Death Stranding, Judgement, Days Gone etc
  4. One plays in the Champions League and has a swanky new stadium One is owned by Mike Ashley One is a newly promoted club Shocking really. I know a lot of teams have already said they would pay their staff as normal. Ashley you would have thought would have learnt his lesson P.R wise but its Mike Ashley. Curious as to why Tottenham and Norwich also felt the need to. Levy is definitely not playing a blinder here...
  5. Fellow 1991er. Can have on the bench: Matip, Savic, Jorginho, Thiago, Mahrez, James Rodriguez, Lacazette
  6. I saw Galaxy had been reported somewhere else too. Really hope Sunshine does too!
  7. If I could have used famous people, Rylan Clark upfront so he can blind the keeper with his teeth. Katy Perry bombing down the wing like a firework on the 4th July
  8. 17. Struggled on the final two and the one who was at us for a bit
  9. GK Daniele Padelli (Inter) DR Davide Faraoni (Hellas Verona) DL Graham Carr (Retired, Alan Carr's dad) DC Elias Figueroa (Retired - Internacional) DC Jonathan Panzo (Cercle Brugge) MC Darron Gibson (Salford City) MC Jefferson Lerma (Bournemouth) RW Shaun Wright-Phillips (Retired) LW Dominik Szoboszlai (Salzburg) ST Federico Chiesa (Fiorentina) ST Oleg Salenko (Retired -Dynamo Kiev) Manager: Lawrie Sanchez In a nutshell, Lawrie has his work cut out for him defensively given that Graham Carr is in his 70s and whilst Figeruoa was one of the best Latin American centre backs in his day... he too is in his 70s. Talent and experience out wide, hopefully SWP is still quick. Salenko scored 5 goals in a group stage match in the World Cup in 94 and knows how to score. Chiesa is one of football's promising players at the moment. Lerma has to do most of the work in the middle given that Gibson is his partner.
  10. Completed Resident Evil 2 with Leon last night and going to start the B Side tomorrow. Really enjoyed the game, and it definitely does the original justice and more
  11. His decline cause of injuries and confidence still makes me sad. Guy was one of the best finishers I've seen play for us
  12. You could argue well the likes of Owen, Fowler, Sheringham, Les Ferdinand and Defoe could be on there for the amount of goals they've scored before some of the others
  13. I've powered through Resident Evil 2 yesterday. Just in the sewers at the moment on Leon's play through. Tyrant is so annoying when you've got limited health btw. Just trying to hobble away from the big bitch and his stupid Stretch Armstrong arm reach
  14. I'll give Dirt Rally a whirl. And anyone would be daft not to get Unchartered 4 if they haven't already played it.
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