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  2. Linesman is a useless cunt. Misses Mane getting stamped on the foot less than a yard away from him.
  3. They were fuming on him the moment he came on tbf. BOBBY FIRMINO!!!!
  4. Swansea are beating us at our own game here.
  5. Us and poor set piece defending go hand in hand. I can't remember the last time we were good at it...Maybe 10 years ago?
  6. Pep Guardiola is no match for Brendao Rodgers!!!
  7. I played a few games of clubs and played a season against my mate. Had the one game of ultimate team against someone and made them quit at 3-0 after 30 minutes. I got the deluxe edition and in my pack for this week I got Pique which has helped fund more pack purchases in which I got Musa who I sold for 5k and Feghouli who I sold for 3k.
  8. Upper main stand in the corner by the Anfield road end.
  9. I've been sat in work today knowing it arrived to the house about 6 hours ago.... Thank you ShopTo
  10. Why do you hate Stoker so much in wishing the England job on him? Why do you hate yourself so much by wanting the England job Can't be much worse than our current squad. Plus we would have the youngest squad in competitions with you in charge. Plus I'm sure you could have a conversation with Big Sam and make some money via third party ownership when the kids value increases thanks to the power of an England cap.
  11. It's Wenger in and then Wenger out and then Wenger shake it all about.... no pleasing Arsenal fans I'd be happy with Wenger as England manager and I think he'd seriously consider it. I can't see him managing at club level again after Arsenal and a lighter schedule at international level would be ideal. Plus...least we would always qualify for the Euros, we wouldn't win it but we would qualify
  12. Do you reckon you can keep hold of Bogle? Was talking to one of my mates from Grimsby (well he lives in malaysia now via Grimsby) the other day and he was saying that he's been linked to Wigan and a few other clubs.
  13. Having asked people who've sat up there and looking at the 360 panoramic view of the ground, the only restriction on the seat is the far corner flag is blocked by the Anfield road roof. That is literally it. I've sat in worse seats in the old main stand for 40/50 quid.
  14. It's part of the new ticketing initiative after all the protests last season. They have a select amount of tickets on sale in the upper main stand for people from the Liverpool area costing £9. It normally goes season tickets, members sale, local general sale, local members sale (any tickets that have been returned or left over) and then general sale. Because I missed out in the normal members sale, the local general sale and members sales were my best bet.
  15. £9 ticket for the game against United. Sorted!!