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  1. Think people are forgetting the added wage bonus of "he's signing on a free". Wages are always higher for bosmans
  2. Neil "Gammon" Warnock and his screw the rest of the world attitude signs a Senegalese striker on loan.
  3. On this day 8 years ago: Ryan Babel tweeted the above and got a 10k fine, the first footballer in the Prem to be fined for comments on twitter.
  4. Newcastle 0 vs. 0 Cardiff (Sat 3pm) Southampton 1 vs. 1 Everton (Sat 3pm) Arsenal 1 vs. 2 Chelsea (Sat 5.30pm) Huddersfield 0 vs. 5 Man City (Sun 1.30pm) Fulham 0 vs. 2 Tottenham (Sun 4pm)
  5. I like how Derby basically complaining has led to Bielsa just practically exposing a shit ton of information on Derby. Bet Lampard didn't even know half of the stuff Bielsa knows about his team.
  6. Danny Murphy is the new Lawro. Miserable bastard. There was an interesting thing in I think it wad Spain about VAR which cost a tv presenter their job. Guy had a degree in architecture and was saying the lines and the angles they use on VAR need to be changed. Basically what happened with the Harry Kane one against Chelsea last week.
  7. Sean Dundee and Titi Camara follow me on Twitter. The peak of my social media existence
  8. Phil Jones, not sufficed with winning the game but wants to inflict further punishment by taking out Kane in the 90th minute and crocking him. Classic Phil.
  9. 🤷‍♂️ We've got Milner/Fabinho and Gomez who can cover there. Not even considering going China or America for a year so he can get one final pay cech....
  10. Doesn't fit the narrative for the banter pages etc if they don't take anything pre Sky football into account. Best was before I had Spotify premium I would always have adverts for tickets for Man City games. Tinpot club. Rio has always been a gobshite. You've been merked was a highlight of his peek being a bit of a twat.

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