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  1. Wilder is an enigma in that he has legit one punch knockout power. He was behind on points against Ortiz in the last fight. I think Fury wins in the rematch (thought he won the last fight despite the knockdown) and I think if AJ fights the perfect fight tactically he would beat Wilder too but I don't think he would get up if Wilder catches him Fury is the top dog at Heavyweight. He's such a good boxer and a very awkward one to fight. I echo the thoughts on Usyk. I wouldn't be surprised if he excels at Heavyweight at the expense of any of the three mentioned, he's such a well rounded fighter. I'm sure he's mandatory challenger for one of the belts and i think Pulev is another. There's also Whyte who may be another option for AJ
  2. I miss 2017/18 when I won the league. Ever since then I've finished 9th and more than likely gonna be in a similar position again. The Shitfuckbitchasses have well and truly shit the bed. Should have been a sign when Andrew Luck retired after I drafted him
  3. Shut up! No they're not stop it!!! I'm not having you jinx it
  4. Not the most exciting of fights but Joshua fought smart and fought right. Just outboxed Ruiz. Nothing flashy and nothing exciting but dominant
  5. Big Dunc comes in and wins and Man Utd are two up away to City at half time. Is this some sort of bizarro world? We've got about 90 games this month we'll drop points at some stage. Leicester on boxing day is going to be a big game at this rate!
  6. Everton 0 vs.3 Chelsea (Sat 12.30pm) Bournemouth 0 vs. 2 Liverpool (Sat 3pm)Man City 1 vs. 0 Man Utd (Sat 5.30pm)Aston Villa 0 vs. 1 Leicester (Sun 2pm)Newcastle 0 vs. 0 Southampton (Sun 2pm)
  7. Are you saying Paul Merson was right all along?
  8. But they should have sacked him earlier before coming into the fixture list they face. You could have brought someone in who may give a morale boost and get the players on side. Whilst the fixture list they would have come into wouldnt be any easier, in theory it would lessen somewhat the "dark cloud" surrounding the team and the manager. 8 defeats in the last 11 I think it is. They've not performed, they've spent a load of money on bang average players who haven't really improved the team Unsworth isn't going to right the ship in the interim either, they were just as bad last time under him. They lost 5, drew 1 and won 2. The positive they have is the table is so tight at the bottom and all it takes is probably 2 good results and they'll shoot up the table .
  9. Who do Everton realistically get in though? I thought Silva should have went a few weeks ago but Chelsea, United, Arsenal with Leicester in the cup sandwiched in isn't the best run in for a new manager
  10. Marco Silva looks like a man who's had all happiness and joy sucked out of him
  11. The ball from Mane to Origi was pure filth.
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