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  1. Tbf it's the only way they could qualify for it. Can't draw your way into the top 4
  2. I reckon my deceased Nan could have kept a clean sheet for United.
  3. Easiest medal that Sergio Romero will ever win.
  4. Herrera is a grade A gobshite though.
  5. Ajax have been well and truly stifled. You can only cover so many players and you can tell United are happy to let certain players have the ball because they are struggling to do anything with it. I do think United could be more adventurous as I reckon they could score more against this defence but...it's a valid tactic. Bit boring as a somewhat neutral but it's working perfectly
  6. Game over. GET THAT BUS PARKED JOSE!!!
  7. He's the only player I can see making something happen for Ajax tbh. This is one of the dullest European finals I've seen in a long time.
  8. Final ball and touch is the problem for Ajax. They're slowly getting into it but the final pass or dribble just ends up giving the ball away every time.
  9. Stuffy as fuck that goal, classic United.
  10. I like a minutes applause, we always stand up for the 96 and clap but if it's a silence which it seemed it was meant to be then just be quiet. It's not hard. If it's one or the other just pay your respects don't be a dick.
  11. That was lovely. The actual silence/applause in the ground though pissed me off. When they started the silence you could just hear shushing and people shouting and chanting. Pay your respects ffs it's not hard to stay quiet for a minute.
  12. Absolute farce that minutes silence / applause. Seems like it wasn't known whether it was going to be one or another. Quite audible noise during the silence as well.
  13. I beat you to the punch by at least 35 seconds...
  14. Big Sam has resigned from Crystal Palace. With Barca saying they will name a new manager on the 29th May...surely this means BIGSAMALONA!!!
  15. I like to think it's a dig at their league position.