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  1. But that's boring, I much prefer wonky tit Mourinho
  2. It's a nice kit, just like the simplicity of it more than anything. Plus I like the little arms coming of the A in the sponsor. Fitting tribute to Pickford
  3. Villa have been hard done by there. Suppose though it's finding a way to win despite not being up to scratch at times is why we have won the league.
  4. Villa have defended really well and are the only team to really have any form of chances. But chances is putting it nicely as tbh neither team have really offered anything of any sort of threat in front of goal
  5. Clearly I was talking out my arse here. Good cure for insomnia though! Few players off the mark today. Think we are missing Firmino tbh.
  6. We didn't play bad against City. They capitalised on our mistakes and we didn't there's. I imagine they'll come out the blocks today as they've got the chance to still beat a load of records
  7. Norwich 0 vs. 0 Brighton (Sat 12.30pm)Leicester 1 vs. 0 Crystal Palace (Sat 3pm)Wolves 2 vs. 1 Arsenal (Sat 5.30pm)Newcastle 1 vs. 1 West Ham (Sun 2.15pm)Liverpool: Champions of England 3 vs. 0 Aston Villa (Sun 4.30pm)
  8. Fully deserved for City. Just a weird game like it could easily on another day have been the other way round. Some of our players looked off the mark but hey ho onto the next one.
  9. Nah that was a pen. Gomez fell right into it, no need to have his hands all over him. Wasn't going anywhere
  10. Weird half really as we were all over them then gave a stupid penalty away. That third goal was a great bit of play.
  11. Should be a good game this, hope we come out the blocks! Want us to beat as many records as we can this season
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