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  1. I remember when I went to see United vs West Ham under Moyes with my Irish mate who had two season tickets (his dad had a stroke and couldn't make it, so me being the top friend when asked if i'd go the game with him, I went) and Januzaj was the only player who looked decent that day. Seems his career has just took a bit of a nose dive since Moyes left United. Also, Bournemouth getting Nathan Ake for 20mil is doing the rounds atm. Be a good signing for Bournemouth, wonder if Chelsea might be tempted to put a buy back clause in his contract...seen as though they'll probably try and buy him again in a few years time
  2. ...are you, having a stroke?
  3. At least they are doing something though. It's still shite imo but they could have easily went "NAH FUCK OFF WE'VE ALREADY GOT YOUR MONEY"
  4. It's more the is he fuck worth 50mil rather then the need to sell him Also fuck your #pogback.... Take a look at @LFC's Tweet:
  5. Everton logic. Salah is currently having a medical, really made up by this signing (bar a colossal fuck up). I think it's a smart signing that should add more pace to the team and add a few assists/goals. A front three of Salah/Firmino/Mane excites me. Just gotta sort out a centre back, hopefully look for a left back option with Moreno going out and a centre mid option.
  6. Is this a metaphor for wanking him off...
  7. #Ronback
  8. Wtf is a Carabao
  9. I do think McGregor will do better then people expect but he's still definetly not winning this. Fair play to him and Mayweather though, both are gonna earn a fuck ton of money from this. And end of the day that's all that matters for them.
  10. Think you got competent and mediocre mixed up...
  11. Poor Pickford. Don't know why he hates himself that much to do that to himself
  12. Llorente was a big success as well imo. Turned out to be a shrewd signing.
  13. I'm happy with our fixtures. Don't seem to have a horrible run in at any point. Although it's weird we have the home game against Everton first. Used to it being the other way round.
  14. Mourinho will continue to be boring despite spending a ridiculous amount of money this summer but will end up winning the League cup or FA cup and finishing outside the top 4, just missing out but finishing 6th. Everton continue to shit the bed when it comes to a derby but will comfortably finish 7th by being simply the best of the rest. Arsenal finish 5th but will have a good Europa League run. They will be conflicted by whether to focus on the Europa league or pushing for 4th and will inevitably fall short on both. Top 4 stays the same (Chelsea, Spurs, City, Liverpool) except City will finish 2nd and Spurs will finish 3rd. They'll struggle with being at Wembley but Kane will continue to score a shit ton of goals. Liverpool will get to at least the quarters of the Champions League and will win a cup this season. Newcastle will finish in the top 10 along with Southampton and West Brom. Huddersfield, Brighton and Swansea will be the relegated teams. Watford and Swansea will keep interchanging who looks most likely to get relegated. Huddersfield will be seen as a nice change of pace within the Prem. First manager sacked will be Billic or Puel if they haven't been sacked by the start of the season. Watford will change manager at some point.
  15. I totally forgot that Andre Wisdom existed, not gonna lie.