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  1. Arsenal to smash Sutton into oblivion and then get beat by Lincoln please.
  2. Yeh I thought Neville came across very well during that. Some of the points made by the fans were good but there that one you mentioned who's whole thing was you called us an idiot and used a clown emoji on twitter which basically kind of ruined any good points they were trying to put across.
  3. I hope so. Arsenal Fan TV reactions has become a weekly thing to look forward to!!!
  4. Kinky
  5. Everton and bright future don't go hand in hand.
  6. More like Quinton Misfortune for having to get a photo with you Love ya really
  8. Goodbye sweet prince. As long as The Dean doesn't leave it's all good.
  9. They got an away goal...that's gotta count for something right.......
  10. I've left Senegal and moved to Ivory Coast, also just realized that they are going to be competing in the Confederations Cup so I've got an outside chance of possibly winning that. Italy, France, Uruguay and Argentina are all in the tournament and I'm unfortunately stuck in a group with Italy, Argentina and USA so if I can sneak into 2nd and qualify for the semis then I've got a good chance. Plus as I mentioned the other day due to taking over Senegal after they failed to get to the 3rd qualifying stage of the African World Cup qualifiers I've got those games to look forward to. I've got a good squad available to me with a solid group of regens coming through, there's an attacking left mid I signed and a right back I also signed a few seasons ago (neither of them I've not been able to play due to work-permit issues but I suppose I can get them enough caps for consideration now )
  11. Even we've beaten them in 2017, you must be a shit team if you've been beaten by us
  12. There's two other automatic promotion places...settle for one of them. So selfish
  13. I hope it doesn't knock yous back considering I need Doncaster to win League 2 for my fourfold!!
  14. I have a 4-3-1-2 on the go which seems to work well when I use it. I don't really have an out and out defensive midfielder so the attacking midfielder and the full backs help to provide width. I normally have a complete forward on support well that helps provide movement and space.
  15. Tommy Smith and Ron Yetes who are former captains for Liverpool under Shankley and were both great players have developed dementia. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/liverpool-legends-tommy-smith-ron-12576779 There was an interesting article about brain damage amd football which I've linked to if you have article spare couple of minutes.