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  1. He'll sit on the bench in his full Chelsea kit. Shinpads and wearing his armband. Cheering his team on! Wanker.
  2. Clyne's injury was nothing to do with a failed drugs test!!! He just just his back from all the bending over to snort drugs
  3. It's fate!!! Putting a tenner on us to win the Champions League that season
  4. It's easier to just give Kane the armband...saves Southgate the hassle of Kane claiming it.
  5. Same outside Anfield. Just disgusts me. I felt really sad for this couple for the City game in the Champions League in front of me who had travelled up for the game as they had purchased two fake tickets. Was proper harsh seeing them be told the news and being told they couldn't get in and had to report it to police.
  6. I hate touts with a passion. Just scum buying up tickets for events and just reselling for stupid prices.
  7. Aye really enjoyed it! Kept it close but just couldn't do enough in the end
  8. When Jose said that United didn't have a presence for a long period of time...I just thought to myself "Well you did have someone on the bench who could have been a presence for someone to cross to but you left it until the 73rd minute. Wasn't a final for the neutral but I think most people expected that. Chelsea got the goal and defended well whilst having the outball to Hazard who could help carry the ball up the field and frustrated United and limited them largely to pot shots from outside the area. Pogba should have scored with the free header but then again Alonso should have done better when Kante put him through one on one.
  9. I think Jones should be off purely because that tackle was so badly and poorly executed. He twisted his body and took him out with his back.
  10. Every time Hazard makes a run at him.
  11. Nah. Neither were a pen would have been extremely soft to give either of them. That however is a pen hahaha wtf is Phil Jones doing?!?!?!!
  12. 1-0 Giroud, over 8 corners and over 4.5 cards - 50/1 1-0 Rashford, over 8 corners - 33/1 0-0, Over 8 corners, Over 4.5 cards, Herrera to be booked and United to lift the trophy - 50/1 Put £2.50 on them three above.

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