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  2. I imagine he'll stick with Milner at left back with Robertson to become first choice in the near future. Milner played well at left back last season and Klopp seems to like him there. I think ideally for Klopp, he would want to get Milner into the team as a senior figurehead and for his work ethic and last season left back was the best place to put him into the team without changing the midfield dynamic. Milner's game time would be limited severely if he didn't play at left back. There's too much competition for him in centre mid. You've got Can, Henderson, Wijnaldum and Lallana playing there and if we stick with Coutinho in the midfield 3 like we did at the end of last season it'd be an extra body to compete with and we are still looking to sign Keita (ideally) or look at bringing a centre mid in.
  3. I'm quite happy with the signing, from the bits I've seen from him I think he'll fit in with our style of play. You'd imagine that being in a more attacking team than Hull with a better group of players around him should help him grow and develop more as well. I can't see him being a starter next season but he'll definitely get a fair bit of game time, especially if we end up far in domestic cup runs and a decent European run. I think getting him relatively cheap and pretty much paying for him via selling Kevin Stewart to them is a great bit of business. No knock on Stewart but he's probably a bottom tier Prem player / championship player at best. Considering we got him for free from Spurs, he looked like going nowhere to then being used in a few cup games and league games under Klopp and us making a good bit of profit out of him
  5. They'll still finish ahead of you lot though...
  6. Chris Samba and John Terry. A defensive partnership with the mobility of your nan after she had eaten one too many custard creams
  7. Tbh I think Morata going Chelsea and Lukaku to United works out well for both teams. I reckon Morata would have a bigger impact at Chelsea then he would at United.
  8. My Pantilimon knowledge is clearly lacking it seems.
  9. Haven't they got that giant Swede who played for City? Can't for the life of me remember his name.
  10. I'm in. Hopefully my team doesn't shit the bed like it did towards the end of last season.
  11. There's an easy joke there about the emptyhad so there's gonna be less people trying to use the Wi-Fi
  12. If it's like most football stadiums it'll still be shite.
  13. Ya know when you are doing tournaments or leagues. Is there a way of controlling more than one wrestler? So I can play all of the matches instead of just being one wrestler?
  14. What a boring announcement. Where's the cringy video and hashtag!?!!
  15. I want him to stay forever and eventually become a coach for us in some capacity.