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  1. Contrasting fortunes through the opening weeks of the season for players new and old, as @Liam Mk2 leads the way with a perfect record of 5 wins from 5, 15 points having put together a very strong looking team, led by Eden Hazard, Sadio Mane and Alexis Sanchez. @TCO sits in 2nd with 12 points, his only loss coming to Liam a couple of weeks ago with David Silva, Paul Pogba and Marko Arnautovic all starting the season well for him. And he's got underperforming #1 pick Mo Salah just waiting to light up the league too! @Gazz, @9 to 5 and @hugobomb sit joint 3rd on 9 points, with Huw the top placer of our returning contingent of players from last season demonstrating that beginner's luck is clearly a factor in Fantasy Draft! Gazz, who named his team after the legendary Shola Ameobi (or his less legendary brothers Sammy and Tomi?) has 4 active Man City players at the moment, and 3 Chelsea boys too. Oh, and Kevin De Bruyne waiting on the injury list just for good measure as well. Watch out for Niner who has a formidable front line of Firmino and Josh King, with good points accruers in midfield too in Leroy Sane and Christian Eriksen, whilst Huw leans on Lukaku and Sterling, two big successes from last season. On 6 points are @Moses Julep, @MDK and last year's runner-up @DavidMarrio, who will all be hoping for more in the coming weeks. Moses has a strong Spurs contingent backing up the incomparable Sergio Aguero, Myke is relying on a strong D at present and Dave, no longer able to call on Mo Salah despite him being in the team name, is having to make do with Harry Kane instead! I have to say I am missing the man who fired me to the title last year. @MexicoJack is living up to his team name and really "Making Emile Of It" with only one win, but he started slow last year as well and eventually recovered so there's plenty of time for that to happen again yet. He needs more from Gabriel Jesus and Marcus Rashford when available. Rock bottom and yet to win a single game is the defending champion...me! Zaha has been injured, #3 pick Aubameyang is yet to really hit the ground running and midfield is sorely lacking. I'm not relinquishing the crown just yet! Not replicating the table yet as it's early doors of course, but here are some stats from the first 5 weeks: Liam has the most total points accrued with 248, but is only 3 ahead of Gerard on that one. Gerard also has the highest single week score of 66, from Week 2. This was unlucky for Moses who lost to him despite getting 59, a total only bettered 3 times so far. Gazz got 62 on the opening day and Gerard also got 60 in a tonking over Sam this past week. That low score was "bettered" only once so far, the previous week by David who got only 17 points in a loss to Myke. Liam obviously also has the biggest win streak going, with 5. I have the worst losing run, also 5. There is yet to be a draw in the league, but there were a few last season despite the fact it is statistically difficult to manage two players achieving the exact same score and playing one another in that week. Despite being rock bottom I have accrued more overall points than Sam, who has 137 total compared to my 153. Unlucky for me then that I run this league on 3 points for a win rather than "Classic" style scoring. Saturday morning is this week's deadline folks! Thanks for playing so far.
  2. Fulham 1-0 Watford (Sat 12.30pm) Crystal Palace 1-2 Newcastle (Sat 3pm) Liverpool 3-0 Southampton (Sat 3pm) Brighton 2-3 Tottenham (Sat 5.30pm) Arsenal 2-0 Everton (Sun 4pm) 
  3. I enjoyed it, it was fun. As a wrestling fan though I wish there had been a bit more wrestling in it
  4. My theory is still that they weren't around when they were doing face-scanning or mocap or something of that nature. WWE wouldn't specifically ask for those guys not to be in so for me it'll be a logistical barrier of some sort.
  5. Odd strategy but as someone who doesn't play online and feels that the growth of online gaming has just about ruined quality single player gaming (due to where all the effort goes now for a lot of developers) that news does hearten me that they might have put in the effort required to make this a great single player experience. GTA V was lacking in this regard and financially the neglect shown to single player was justified by the unreal cash cow that GTS Online became.
  6. I think it's more that, whatever the reason is, it's clearly not a satisfactory one. It shouldn't be an issue to have these three in the game, especially when they were all in last year. Kendrick and Nikki aren't particularly important roster members but when they're making Maria Kanellis playable, a member of the roster who hasn't been on TV since before last year's game came out and who I don't think has had a match in WWE for nearly a decade, there really isn't an excuse. Ciampa is an egregious omission because he is currently the NXT Champion, an important member of a roster that 2k are clearly putting a lot of effort into considering the depth of the playable roster.
  7. I wasn't saying the wrestlers themselves weren't capable, I'm saying that on the day 2k showed up with their truck to a live event to scan everyone, the injured guys won't have been there. Kendrick isn't flying in during his recovery to scan his (broken orbital bone as well) face in to the game. Same with Ciampa sat at home whilst they go to the PC to scan everyone for NXT. It's something that can easily be worked around but we know 2k don't seem to like simple solutions. Aye well, again I'm applying "2k logic" to it because realistically of course they should just use last year's models if that's the case. But you can tell the difference when they can't face-scan characters, usually legends. Remember that horrid Booker T model from a year or two ago?
  8. It's Occam's Razor. They will have missed him off cos he was injured, not been able to do his mocap or face-scanning when they visited the roster to do it or something. That's probably why Kendrick and Nikki Cross aren't in either.
  9. Why wouldn't they? The franchise has done dumb things like this for years. They never have "hidden" characters.
  10. Also Maria Kanellis. It's very fucking weird that they've managed to add all this lot and then taken out three people in the game last year. Kendrick, Nikki Cross and the glaring omission of Ciampa. Not quite understanding how they can put Lio Rush in and not Buddy Murphy either. Or have Tyler Bate but no Trent Seven. Just peculiar.
  11. I wouldn't call it a mountain yet. If it was the home game today I'd say sure, but not at the San Siro. They will have to show up and get positive results in the home games with Barca and Inter but they should feel capable of doing that.
  12. They should be though really. Surely the UK is one of the biggest markets particularly when it comes to games involving British sides like this Spurs one.
  13. The fact I am doing appallingly has nothing* to do with it! I'll try and remember to do an update this week *It may be a small factor

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