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  1. Yeah it will apparently. I'm glad though, I don't like watching tele on Christmas Day.
  2. The Rovers forum is in meltdown but it's full of absolute imbeciles. I'm glad you beat us by two goals, means we're out of that joke competition. It was the second string mostly, but we are on a miserable run of form at the minute regardless.
  3. 10 weeks just isn't long enough, surely. Bet he feels stitched up a bit by the owner leaving Crawley for that. Been a few sackings this week. Swindon sacked Phil Brown and replaced him with Richie Wellens, and John Askey has been sacked by Shrewsbury. He could end up back at Macclesfield, who he left in the summer after promotion, because they haven't replaced his already-sacked successor Mark Yates yet. Askey replaced Paul Hurst at Shrewsbury and he's already been canned by Ipswich too. So those two moves didn't work out at all for the three clubs concerned.
  4. Can't wait for him to try and draft Niko Kranjcar and Peter Crouch to help him during a bushtucker trial.
  5. It's insidious isn't it. Advertising all over the place, on the tele coverage, on shirts and boards and graphics and I could go on and on. I can't stand Barton but I did agree with some of his comments when he was banned about the hypocrisy of it all from the governing bodies singling him out yet continuing to get in bed with betting companies left, right and centre.
  6. May or may not be relevant in Sturridge's case (I know literally nothing about it at this stage bar the headline) but football seriously needs to start doing something about how significantly betting culture has infiltrated the game. Every damn shirt has a betting company logo on it, there's so much of it and I don't believe it's healthy for a lot of fans and certainly for players who have a lot of money and can easily put themselves into a big spiral very quickly by pursuing betting as a hobby. I think it's really dangerous.
  7. She did make some comment about it, didn't she? After the aliens had disappeared again. I suppose she did also know/presume that said aliens were deadly assassins, so maybe she wasn't feeling as "no need for guns" as usual.
  8. At least David Johnson is still good.
  9. Is there ever any point unlapping yourself? Especially on the race leader. You are, inevitably, always going to have to concede that place again pretty soon after.
  10. Loved this episode, really impactful and a well told story with some good beats and twists. Can see what they were going for on Armistice Day. I'm a big fan of Yaz particularly of the new main cast.
  11. Nigh on all people who talk about football on the tele haven't got a bloody clue. That's another laughable quote. That Matic - Fellaini - Herrera midfield sure is some prospect.
  12. Got Lewis Dunk in my fantasy team yesterday, instant reward.
  13. Cardiff 1-1 Brighton (Sat 12.30pm) Huddersfield 2-1 West Ham (Sat 3pm) Leicester 2-0 Burnley (Sat 3pm) Chelsea 2-1 Everton (Sun 2.15pm) Man City 1-1 Man Utd (Sun 4.30pm)
  14. I'd have won last week if I hadn't forgot to update my team and left Schmeichel and Felipe Anderson on the bench. Not my year, this.
  15. Brilliant. Keown's not even that bad compared to some pundits, but that is a real corker when referring to the 3x Champions of Europe.

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