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  1. Perfect for a complete rebuild though. You can mould an entire squad the way you like it within a few transfer windows.
  2. They never do. They've been like this for a very long time, and the actual material quality of their shirts is usually pretty shoddy too in all honesty.
  3. They will do, anything less would be a disaster. Rooney is apparently on £4k a week! The majority of Doncaster's players aren't on that and we have a top half League One budget. It's absolutely inhuman money to be spending at that level.
  4. They've signed Adam Rooney from Aberdeen today. Honestly, it's ridiculous. They'll win that league at an absolute canter with this squad, they're spending more money than a lot of League One clubs by the looks of it.
  5. I'll say. I bought a small tele for more than that the other week.
  6. Because it creates a completely uneven playing field in the league, quite simply. None of the Class of 92 gave the slightest of shits about Salford City FC before despite having all this money. I'm tired of seeing clubs come from nowhere purely because someone waltzes in one day and decides to chuck a load of money at it for a quick fix. I'm clearly in the minority on here with this one so fair enough. I don't think the constant BBC wankfest over it has helped my opinion mind.
  7. Is there still the option to "watch" a game in any of the active leagues each week as an international manager like in the old games? I always thought that was a good simulation of what the real England manager does, going to a Prem game each week to watch potential call-ups. Plus you can see how the league season plays out as you do it.
  8. No that's not true, the EFL voted to have their window end on the same day as the Premier League. I think it's just loans that can still be done until the end of August.
  9. Hazard is definitely worth £200m in today's market I'd say. He's one of the best players in the world. Everton now in for Malcom according to Sky Sports. £30m deal seems close to completion apparently.
  10. Salford have signed Danny Lloyd from Peterborough. He scored 13 goals for them last season and is getting a pay rise. So just for anyone who was wondering why I do not want to see them succeed, this is why. They're spending money way over the normal amount for that division and I will never back clubs who try to buy success. Apparently they were paying Danny Webber over a grand a week when they were in the Northern Premier!
  11. What does that money even get spent on? How do you spend half a million pounds attempting to find a company!?
  12. Albania v Kosovo in the group? Tasty.

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