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  1. Didn't have you pegged as such a big Pat Nevin fan.
  2. I like Shearer anyway to be honest, his punditry is solid. Erling Haaland has scored yet again.
  3. I thankfully haven't been exposed to much McManaman. Warnock wouldn't be so bad but he just doesn't offer any real insight, lots of cliches and points that just aren't really worthwhile. He waffled on about Atletico's ball boys being slow to give Liverpool the ball, and Ian Dennis twice said to him "they can do what they want, surely?" but he still didn't drop it. I'm not really a fan of this modern trend of having the colour commentator be affiliated to one of the clubs involved. It often leads to stuff like this. I think I listened to Alan Shearer in that role on the Liverpool/Barca game last year and it was way better.
  4. Stephen Warnock's brain-dead commentary reminding me why I don't generally enjoy listening to these games on the radio.
  5. I think I said it when voting for it, but I do think it was still a good series and by TV terms it remained a brilliantly cinematic piece of work. I also justify the pick with the fact that A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and, for the most part, The Long Night, were among the best episodes of the entire series for me.
  6. Harry Gregg was incredible. He went back in to pull Bobby Charlton and Dennis Violett out of the wreckage, then went back again to save a baby and the pregnant mother of that baby. And he always played it down afterwards as something anyone would have done. Less than two weeks later he helped Man Utd win an FA Cup tie. At the end of that season he won Best GK at the World Cup for Northern Ireland. He is rightly revered at Man Utd and here at Doncaster too. Sir Matt Busby paid a world record fee for a goalkeeper to take him to Old Trafford from us a few months before Munich, he was part of arguably our best ever team in the 1950s.. One of the all time greats of British football.
  7. I do wonder though how much they've given him in wages during those 5 years to never play for them?
  8. Adam


    I somehow found myself watching a bit of this Tampa/Seattle game and the first play of any substance I saw was the Tampa QB throwing an interception about a yard to the defensive linemen right on his own goal line, good going.
  9. Wait, is he offside from receiving the corner? I thought a pass backwards isn't offside regardless? Very confused but I've only seen it on that video.
  10. The new McLaren has a livery reminiscent of the Mild Seven Renault that Alonso won his World Titles in, just with the orange rather than yellow. I quite like it.
  11. Good move for Chelsea. It's a bit like when you start your Christmas shopping straight after New Year though, maybe that will become a trend for responding to the difficulty of the January window.
  12. Oh aye, I understand why it's the case but when you look at it in the context of society rather than football it is somewhat baffling. He explaiend that his wife always books their holidays and things like that that need doing, and I'm sure during his playing career his agent or someone at his club will have sorted most of it out. It's not good though, footballers shouldn't just live in a football bubble without learning necessary life skills. I mean, I'd trade all my life skills for a chance to play professional football but that is beside the point .
  13. I think you're probably right, and it makes me recall the other month when I read that Joe Cole literally didn't know how to use e-mail despite being nearly 40 years old.
  14. I really hope they don't call it "Premflix".
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