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  1. Thank you! That's perfect then, looking forward to it.
  2. Where, not when . Thanks though! I couldn't find out when I looked last week I think it was.
  3. Alan Shearer retired from England early in 2000 as well to prolong his playing career after a bad injury. He went on to score another 120 goals for Newcastle in his career.
  4. That's the galling thing with "Britbox" for me. Primarily, it's taking shows away from other platforms we have/had, aside from Nerflix they're free platforms, and putting them behind a subscription paywall. Broadchurch used to be on Netflix and was one of the leading titles that they reported ITV were taking away from the service in order to put it on BritBox, before they'd even decided they were calling it that. Some people may be happy/financially able to subscribe to all these different streaming services but me and my girlfriend already share Netflix and Amazon (and we only have that for the delivery options, the streaming platform is a bonus) and I have NJPW World for wrestling. Apple TV, BritBox, Disney+ etc. are all just not worth the additional outlay. It will be interesting once this is more established what BBC and ITV do to balance their platforms - they have to think about what they're offering between BritBox, the iPlayer/Hub and their actual channels, since the secondary channels are often full of old shows being rerun as well. For instance, I happened upon a repeat of Fleabag after the News last week and enjoyed it so much I want to watch the entire series. Right now I can do that on the iPlayer so I probably will watch it and, if there was ever another series, that's a new viewer for BBC. But if it was behind a paywall? I doubt I'd bother. And if they just didn't air a repeat because it's behind that paywall then I'd never have even had the opportunity to stumble upon it. So it's a tricky one.
  5. The long-lost to choose from was rubbish. Some missing who I'd have there, some in who definitely shouldn't be. As it is, my stab at a team of the last 25 of so years is this: Gazza will have to play left wing. Nevermind.
  6. Where is it airing over here?
  7. Having not seen any of the players pre-90s I'd struggle to pick guys like Moore or Charlton, even though I'm sure they were great. Will have a go at a team that's best of the past 20+ years in a bit.
  8. Fargo is an amazing series, I'm going to rewatch it all again soon. Have you seen Luther, Oakesy? It's a BBC series, very dark but good. I think it's all on the IPlayer, if not the first 4 series are on Netflix and then there's one more after that that came out this year. The American Office is always a good one, that's on Amazon. Parks & Recreation is like it's little sister really.
  9. Adam

    NFL 2019

    That was a frustrating one today. Difficult game to watch nevermind the nature of the turnovers and some of the ref calls.
  10. Oh, I will sue Baddar if David wins the title by 3 points now. Even though I'll be about 7th, if that
  11. Yeah, since it was 0-0 I think it's fair to give him the points.
  12. That VAR call against Sheffield United is ridiculous. They need to stop bothering using it until they work out how to bloody use it properly.
  13. Frank Lampard really is doing an excellent job. All those years of shunning the mountain of young talent on the books, a total turnaround and look where it gets them.
  14. The BBC haven't half bastardised the 1st Round weekend as best they can. Nearly all of the interesting Non-League vs League Side fixtures are being played tomorrow lunchtime for that stupid "live highlights" show. This afternoon looks pretty barren outside of Maidenhead v Rotherham (which is where Final Score is today), there's only two other games that you would class as the classic cup tie, and they both involve recent NL sides as the supposed "giant" - Forest Green v Billericay and Mansfield v Chorley. I just think that really is a shame.
  15. Chelsea 2-0 Crystal Palace (Sat 12.30pm) Burnley 1-1 West Ham (Sat 3pm) Leicester 2-1 Arsenal (Sat 5.30pm) Wolves 1-2 Aston Villa (Sun 2pm) Liverpool 1-0 Man City (Sun 4.30pm)
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