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  1. Did it not also give us Tokyo Sexwale? I wish he had become FIFA president. *SEXWALE SCANDAL ENGULFS FIFA* "Bloody SeaWorld, they ruin everything".
  2. Sadly, yes.
  3. Incredible That's my new favourite thing about this tournament, an honour that last changed just ten minutes ago when I read that one of Zimbabwe's goal scorers tonight was named Knowledge.
  4. Can hardly blame him. What are the fans going to think? Imagine if Defoe goes as well.
  5. At last. Hopefully the old bugger crawls away into a hole somewhere in Monaco never to be seen again.
  6. Not necessarily, Rey could be the 'last' one in chronological time. But this is of course just semantics. I hope the huge twist is that C3PO is actually the last Jedi, and an ultimate bad ass.
  7. What if Rey is the last jedi though!?
  8. I've already informed my non-NFL mates who I'm watching the game with that they must support the Falcons as it's the only option, which has worked as I've compared the Patriots to Sir Alex-era Man Utd, but with more cheating
  9. Awful news, really hope he is alright. Apparently the Mirror put out the 'bleed on the brain' info without doing any fact-checking? No mention of a bleed in Hull's statement so hopefully that isn't the case.
  10. I can definitely agree with that at the elite top level but further down the pyramid I'm not so sure. We've got Andy Butler and he's as classic a centre half as you're ever gonna see.
  11. Depending how far back you go, I think the goalkeeper role has changed massively. They barely even used to dive, if shots hit the corners of the goal they were basically unchallenged a lot of the time and there's so much athleticism in a lot of modern keepers, not to mention the improving technical ability. I love Neville Southall but just imagine him in the Premier League now. Imagine!
  12. I think Tag Heuer sponsor time added on or substitutions or something in the Premier League now? I assume BBC still adhere to certain official sponsorships, like how they always used to refer to it as the Barclays Premier League when that was the sponsor?
  13. I'm so disappointed. Australia is the one tournament I am desperate to see Murray win after all those final appearances, so he goes and loses to Mischa Zverev!? FFS.
  14. Great signing for West Ham in an area they sorely need to improve. Apparently he has family who support West Ham that live in London, which half makes sense since he used to play for Crystal Palace.
  15. The following club statement from Leyton Orient is frankly the most ridiculous thing I've ever read from a footballing hierarchy. I do not understand how anyone can have allowed this to happen a fine Football League club, it is beyond pathetic. So unprofessional it beggars belief, typos, calling out ex-players directly and bizarrely trying to claim that the club is in the mess it's in because the owner isn't around more? Certainly reminds me of our troubles under Ken Richardson in the 90's. What do you make of it @MDK?