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  1. I like the West Brom kit. Liverpool quarters one is as bad as the home shirt is good.
  2. Pep doesn't believe in defending though. Probably just play six wingers, a sweeper goalie and four strikers next season.
  3. This is my new favourite post. I hope Arsenal win, then Arsene Wenger can show up on ArsenalFanTV and tell Troopz to fuck right off.
  4. Hey, I came third! Not bad, my bad start cost me dear later on. Congrats Stevie, you had the best team name and all!
  5. Better than Churchill's 'On the Beaches' speech that.
  6. The thing is, just because a player is in a shit team or whatever that doesn't automatically make them rubbish. Thomas was the stand-out player at Hartlepool despite their struggles, and Enda Stevens is a quality full back - probably the best in L2 this season and playing in a team that won the league.
  7. Allardyce can only be employed from mid-season at a relegation-threatened team it seems.
  8. Ryan Sessegnon of Fulham was the first 21st Century player in the football league, at the end of last season, but it seems Gomes is the first PL player born in 2000 to get on the pitch. Jonathan Leko is WBA's youngest Premier League player this season and he was born in '99. You may be thinking of Kane Wilson, who was named on the bench for them after debuting in the EFL Cup, but he didn't get on in the league game.
  9. My only issue with the JT that I have no issue with it. Like what is the problem? The match was totally meaningless, Sunderland were already down in last place and Chelsea already champions. John Terry is one of the biggest legends in the club's history, has won literally everything there is to win and captained them for over a decade. He is someone who deserves to go out on his own terms at his club, so who does it bother for him to do it the way he did today? I presume Chelsea gave Sunderland the ball back after kicking it out as well, so no harm done to the integrity of the match. Is it literally just because everyone hates JT? Or because people don't believe you should muck with the flow of the game because 'reasons'? I just don't get the issue from everyone. I thought it was weird as hell, but not something worth getting annoyed about. Affects nobody.
  10. Watford deserve to be automatically relegated just for how badly they've defended today. We can all go to bed now. Who's winning the race for 10th?
  11. Do they not? I thought they have a play off to determine Europa qualifiers in the Eredivisie?
  12. Whilst this is true, there was drama as Amiens, who started the day 2nd, were sat in 6th place until the 96th minute when a winning goal moved them back into 2nd and promotion.
  13. Selfishly I'm glad Millwall have gone up, as it means we don't play them next season and I can easily go to Bradford away, where as I'd never go back to The Den. Not surprised their fans have seen fit to wreck it, surely that's the only pitch invasion ever at the new Wembley? Hopefully the last as well. Feel for Morison, Harris and the rest of the players and staff but soon enough they'll get over that and be able to enjoy themselves.