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  1. Hasn't he been injured for basically the entire season?
  2. I'm pretty sure Colly is talking about the now massively increased chance that Mings will contract coronavirus and then pass it on to his team mates and opponents, which would obviously have huge ramifications for the Premier League.
  3. Toni Storm and Juice Robinson are dating, so that relationship needs adding.
  4. I read that this morning, it's a really good interview I agree. No surprise that his one bad moment at the club was caused by Gwyn Williams, noted racist bully.
  5. I didn't know those things about Brees to be fair, so the sentiment of my previous post probably won't apply in this case. But in the wider context and debate over how people respond to these sorts of things, I feel it's worth saying.
  6. The thing is, when Drew Brees (or anyone) makes comments like he did yesterday...what do you want to happen in response? Is it for Drew Brees to listen, learn and understand why what he's said is wrong, and why his words and beliefs help to foster the cultural prevalence of racism in America and elsewhere? Or is it just to "cancel" someone for saying/doing wrong? For me it is the former, so this apology is a step in the right direction. Obviously Brees is not going to change his philosophy or beliefs overnight but if he shows an immediate willingness to look at where he has gone wrong and actually does learn, then that's good and the desired outcome for this and any other incident of this nature. Malcolm Jenkins pointed out that Brees has a platform where he could really stand up for his "brotherhood" and help to improve attitudes so that is what he should do. If we don't have conversations when things like this occur then we won't get very far at all, so I too hope this is a sign of willingness on Drew Brees' part to look at where he is going wrong.
  7. Adam

    Better Call Saul

    Something that is testament to how good this show is, is that it feels very rewarding when you re-watch past seasons. Episode 2 of the first season ends with Gilligan and Gould just make every aspect of the show feel well thought through and realised between the main characters and storylines.
  8. Justified ending spoilers within:
  9. Don't, you'll set me off again!
  10. Don't believe this man's lies! Might draft Coppinger though to be fair
  11. We've had to postpone until Monday because it seems you can't set it up if some players are on Steam and others on Gamepass. So if @Bobfoc or anyone else wants to join when we try again, and plays through Steam, feel free to add your name to the list! 1. @Adam 2. @Baddar 3. @MadJack 4. @Naitch 5. etc. We'll be doing a small league format with max budget, pretty straight-forward so should be hassle-free fun once we get past actually setting it up!
  12. Go on @Bobfoc you know you want to. And you guys lurking in the thread view!
  13. Oh I meant to say also that if everyone else can do it today then I'll do my best to make the time! Just easier for me tomorrow but no big issue.
  14. I can make time tomorrow for sure if you give me some warning of the time. I didn't know I had Discord but I'm sure I can work out how to get on there again, that must've been from back when @AnTEOLnio Inoki was trying to get us all on there.
  15. I really don't understand why they would move the Man Utd v Sheff Utd game. The games in question are: Manchester City v Liverpool Manchester City v Newcastle Manchester United v Sheffield United Newcastle v Liverpool Everton v Liverpool The game in which Liverpool could secure the title So yes, all northern clubs involved there for some reason.
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