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  1. At least it isn't a third team in LA.
  2. I'll definitely catch it on the iPlayer, got a lot of respect for Rio and what he's been through.
  3. Ahead of our game with Plymouth on Sky tomorrow, we have moved within two wins of automatic promotion. All we have to do is win tomorrow, then beat Grimsby next Saturday and the party can start at the seaside.
  4. Ferrari look a lot closer in qualifying, might still get that 3 horse race this year. Hamilton relishes Australia as well, always does well here.
  5. Absolutely hideous injury, Coleman is probably Everton's best player as well. I'm gutted for him. Neil Taylor...there aren't words. Appalling 'challenge'.
  6. Par for the course in Sunderland that behaviour isn't it?
  7. A shocking indictment of the state of nutritional education in football? Never thought I'd hear that phrase. Back in ma day, we used to wash down our pre-match meal with five pints of bitter, then have five more at half time! And we'd still win the game an' all!
  8. I'm all in for Rooney coming back, especially if it's on a free. That said, no way would he ever be a replacement for Lukaku and I can't see Barkley leaving either, although I'd much rather lose him than say Coleman or Gueye at this point.
  9. They should just have a weekly friday night tele slot and whenever a club is in the UCL the next week schedule their game as the Friday match. Wouldn't take much doing.
  10. I actually didn't! I liked that some people can watch the match from the comfort of their own apartment. During the warm up our goalies jokingly asked if they could have a cup of tea when a woman came out to fetch an errant ball from her balcony
  11. Stadium is a good old school ground, will be a shame for it to not host league football. I quite like the area, we walked up the high street in Leyton, then to the Olympic Park and back through Newham. Nice park next to the stadium too. We donated to the LOFT fund too, hope the club can be saved.
  12. Arsene Wenger has probably reached that time where it's the right time to go. But to say he's been there 20 years, won plenty and always made the top four, the treatment of him by some Arsenal fans has been so disgraceful.
  13. @MDK sorry mate, I'm afraid the writing is very much on the wall for Orient. We've won 4-1 today and whilst it was tough going for an hour or so, we missed four absolute sitters and an 8-1 result would not have flattered us. Orient are sadly the worst team I've seen all season and it's a shame what's happening at the club. I have however had a great day and three wins in a week mean we are now two games away from automatic promotion.
  14. Aye, I write a blog covering Doncaster Rovers and will be happy to look over the survey in a little bit. I've actually not done an update for a while due to my health but I'm very much still running it.
  15. No but they are not one of the established big boys, and they like Dortmund have lost in the UCL Final in recent years to one of said big teams. It's all relative at this stage. For me, of the 8 teams left the hierarchy is like this: Barca/Bayern/Real Juve/Atleti/Dortmund Leicester/Monaco So the fact that essentially the four biggest teams all drew each other is great, and it could lead to a final I'm actually interested in.