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  1. New Renault is out and it also looks lovely.
  2. I think I'm that annoyed at how Sutton treated this cup tie (between SunBet and Wayne Shaw's pie escapades) that I'd not mind if they fined the club a load of the money they'll have earned from the match. Not that that will happen like.
  3. I think that livery is beautiful, love it. The white side bits do need a decent sponsor though.
  4. This whole SunBet, pie nonsense does my head in. HAHAHA LOOK AT THE FAT GOALIE EATING A PIE CLASSIC. No. Fuck off. Glad Sutton are out, gives Lincoln the platform they deserve as a proper F.A. Cup story this season.
  5. Quinton Fortune is an absolute hero. I love him.
  6. Fair play to him if so. I mean, this is the best scenario for us all!
  7. BTTS acca? Plymouth's late nightmare is the only consolation for us last night. Our first defeat in 11 games, huge match with 4th place Luton at the weekend now. We need to win that.
  8. What a spectacular PR own goal by this club!
  9. Looking like an overall good weekend for the chasing pack, bar Spurs.
  10. He absolutely is for my Fantasy team.
  11. Coventry's owners are worse than Leeds'. Not sure how up to speed the game is in terms of replicating it but they're trying to leave that stadium and build a smaller one, club's a total shambles.
  12. He's another example of the NFL rewarding bad behaviour, really. He could have stayed in Arizona after the DUI but apparently showed no remorse and had a bad attitude, so we cut him and rightly so despite the fact he was one of the team's leading receivers for the last 4 years. Then he gets immediately picked up by a Super Bowl contender and lo and behold, "wins" a ring a few months later.
  13. Needless to say, he is an absolute spanner.
  14. Diego Lemos? Sure that's the name of the Brazilian bloke who "bought" Morecambe then disappeared and turned out to have no money. You've dodged a bullet there, what a conman
  15. Hey we can talk about the prospect of Chicago being good now. Larry is coming back, the Cardinals are heading to London. Bring on the football season!