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  1. Paddy Power are still Huddersfield's title sponsor so I presume that income stream remains in place.
  2. Adam

    Stranger Things

    Just finished season 3. Wow! I really think this was terrific from start to finish, loved the character arcs and the new people, the story and the cinematics. The sets, the music, yeah. Awesome show.
  3. I was literally thinking about Fargo last night, for the first time in ages. Very excited to see how this next season ends up looking.
  4. Did these people ignore the reality that the first two (and therefore only good) Terminator films were primarily centred around a strong, bad ass woman? I saw that Cameron said Edward Furlong would be back as John Connor in this, which is bizarre. Also, the original Terminator film is better than T2. Both are magnificent but The Terminator is pretty much perfect in my opinion.
  5. Aaron Ramsey's alright then, he's the only one with no competition But yeah that is stupendous squad depth.
  6. Will The Athletic want a recent 2:1 graduate in Media & Journalism? I might bang my CV in, then watch the cash flow in.
  7. Is that a button collar? Should be mandatory on all kits if you ask me.
  8. Huddersfield and Paddy Power are both trending top three on twitter, so it has had the desired effect. it simply cannot be real. Surely. The article on the website bigs up the tech of the shorts by bragging about the elastic waistband and stuff like that. I cannot fathom they are being serious. In other news, Newcastle have a one-off kit for the China friendlies with a sponsor that claims to be a Chinese data company but looks suspiciously like the Sports Direct logo, only in Mandarin...
  9. Nevermind Neymar, I mean it has contributed but the big reason this can happen now with midtable PL teams is because of the gigantic TV deal. All 20 clubs make an absolute boatload every season so they don't find themselves needing to flog their best players for lower fees to keep going.
  10. To be fair, I'd expect Maguire to be a better defender than Rafael van der Vaart
  11. Insane match, two absolute giants of sport. I was behind Federer all the way but it was brilliant from both men. Either the best or second best match I've ever seen (along with Federer v Roddick and their 5 set epic a decade or so ago).
  12. How much of it is down to Ferrari? Not saying it is like, but Alonso ran into similar issues for several years in title challenges and he was the best driver on the grid.
  13. Two brilliant rivals who just play at a level unlike anything anyone else (except Djokovic) is even capable of. Roger Federer is the greatest sportsman of all time in my opinion, and he keeps on proving it. Probably be winning Wimbledon in his 40s somehow.
  14. Wor Chi was probably interviewing for the manager's job while she was there too.
  15. Ah, you're giving him "the Koscielny".
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