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  1. Adam

    Eurovision 2019

    Fully, fully behind Sweden here. Come on lads. I'm a little drunk.
  2. Adam

    Eurovision 2019

    It's actually Quavo. I'm not kidding. This jury vote malarkey is crap. They brought it in to stop the tactical voting yet Montenegro's jury just gave 12 to Serbia. And they voted last night somehow!? Baffling.
  3. Adam

    Eurovision 2019

    Thoughts: Sweden will probably win. I'd be happy with them or France, or Cyprus. Iceland was insane. Australia hilarious, but not in a good way. I thought the UK offering was extremely bland and will definitely come in the bottom five. Russian mirror man is bottom of our in-house rankings. Madonna is terrifying. The interval bit with Conchita, Fuego woman and tin-foil Mrs. Doubtfire, who I remember loving 10 years ago, was easily the best thing that's happened on this in years. Brilliant from start to finish.
  4. Brilliant. He's been angling for a trade for nearly a year, at least he's done this early on so we don't get our hopes up about him this season. Budda Baker can just run our secondary on his own this year, why not.
  5. Sincerely hope it isn't Leeds. Either Derby or Villa beating them would be nice after the respective incidents earlier in the season with them.
  6. Adam

    Game of Thrones

    What was the reason given for having 7 and 6 episode final seasons instead of the norm?
  7. Adam

    Face swap photo request

    And besides, Ed Gein is the one you want if you're swapping faces about.
  8. Believe me, plenty of people did, particularly divisional rivals of them in League One and the Championship. Can attest to that from experience. But it does seem most have forgotten about it since they became a Premier League club.
  9. They are mediocre because of him. They play such a dull brand of football and have no cutting edge. Their recruitment has been poor and their form a disaster since about halfway through the season. Hughton is a good man, a good manager and he'll land on his feet somewhere else I'm sure but this is not a surprise, nor is it unjust. I'm one of the first to call out managerial sackings usually but this is a sensible move for all involved. He had taken them as far as he could, it needs fresh eyes. Brighton don't want to be scraping survival every year and rightly so. They were lucky to survive this season.
  10. Palace wore their new kit yesterday and I think it looks really good.
  11. It's about the unevening of the playing field that they create. And they aren't the only ones. But they have got promotion because they have been able to spend far more money than any club can at this level. The constant media fawning over them doesn't help either. I watched the highlights of the final and there were so, so many cuts to the box that the Nevilles and Beckham were in. It shouldn't be about them. Also, I highly doubt any of that "Class of 92" gave a toss about Salford until this business opportunity came up. The Nevilles support Bury. Scholes is an Oldham fan. Beckham is from London. These clubs who buy their way up the leagues in double-quick time make a mockery of non-league football and what it's about. I'm glad they do good things in the community and I'm happy for the proper fans these clubs have, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. That goes for Fleetwood, Crawley, Billericay and all the clubs like that.
  12. Nah come on, fair play to Liverpool. To get 97 points and not win the league is tough. Really unlucky. Man City just slightly better in the end, it's a remarkable effort by both clubs.
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