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  1. Suppose I best answer my own question. NFL: Larry Fitzgerald. The reason I'm a Cardinals fan, pretty much. I was mesmerised by his display in Super Bowl 43 and became a proper fan of the sport after that, he's a brilliant player and one of the nicest guys around. Going to be a very, very sad day when he hangs up his cleats. And I'm gutted he never won a ring because he absolutely deserves one. F1: Mark Webber. Another gentleman, a largely under-rated driver and another who deserved a world title but agonisingly missed out. It should have been his in 2010 but alas, not to be. Plugged away for a long time in the midfield but proved when he had a competitive car that he had excellent ability and could give any of the biggest names a run for their money on his day. Tennis: Andy Murray. Sorry, but it has to be. Following his career has been a mighty rollercoaster but he has given me some of the greatest moments in sport I could ever hope to see and that Wimbledon victory will live long, long in the memory. He's basically achieved everything there is to achieve in the sport and for a British player to do that, in an era competing against three of the best to ever play the game, is so impressive. Football: James Coppinger. Over 600 games for Doncaster Rovers, key goals in almost all of our big successes over the past 15 years and once again, a complete gentleman. Class personified, he is irreplaceable and seemingly evergreen. The single greatest moment I've experienced as a sports fan to date was his last-ditch goal to win us the title at Brentford in 2013.
  2. First Brexit, now this. Everything is changing. But now is as good a time as any to rewatch the entire thing from the start, I suppose. "Saving people, hunting things...the family business!"
  3. I've watched 2 episodes and it has been perfectly fine so far. It's still sat on the fence as far as who did it/what happened at this point, mind.
  4. He was 16 years old, don't tell me you didn't do or say anything stupid/ill-advised/wrong when you were that age. I'm sure he will enjoy his England career, if he's good enough to cement a place. He'll most likely be playing in major tournaments every two years which certainly wouldn't be the case playing for Ireland .
  5. Maybe we've done this before, I don't know. Maybe this is inspired entirely by "Football's Greatest: Hristo Stoichkov" being on the teles in the bar at my SU right now...okay that I do know. But let me ask you, who is your favourite player? Any sport, hell as many sports as you like, but you can only pick one in that sport. No "for me it's Messi and Ronaldo", no "Federer for the men and Serena for the women". One favourite player, and of course why.
  6. I'm presuming Saul Niguez, midfielder for Atletico Madrid.
  7. Now Wolves have won I'm even more annoyed City got through like they did. A final four of Watford, Wolves, Swansea and Brighton would've been much more interesting to me.
  8. It's a load of rubbish, having VAR in some games but not others is unfair when it's the same competition.
  9. Well, why is the Champions League final now on June 6th? It's far too late really, I don't see why the European tournaments hang over 2-4 weeks past the end of the domestic campaign.
  10. That's gutting, on the eve of the season as well. He's been as big a fixture in F1 as anyone else for my entire time watching the sport.
  11. Bournemouth 3-0 Newcastle (Sat 3pm)Burnley 1-1 Leicester (Sat 3pm)West Ham 2-0 Huddersfield (Sat 3pm)Fulham 1-4 Liverpool (Sun 2.15pm)Everton 2-1 Chelsea (Sun 4.30pm)
  12. Really liked the BBC Sport feature article on Charles Leclerc that's up at the moment.
  13. It's the first time the England women's team has had their own bespoke kit, distinct form the men's team, at least.
  14. I'm referring to his Cardinals departure to be honest, it still leaves a bad taste in the mouth of us Cards fans. Am I being wholly reasonable? Nah, probably not
  15. Mathieu not being loyal? Colour me shocked. I know Suggs is an all-time beast but I haven't heard much about him recently and he is getting up there in age. His stats for last season still look decent though and he was selected to the Pro Bowl the year before, so it might be a good pick-up. Hell, the team can't get any worse anyway I suppose.

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