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  1. Football Manager 2018

    He's obviously lethal when stooping to head but ask him to jump to do it and he's not interested.
  2. Disney buys Fox entertainment assets.

    Going purely off the old "Empire of Dreams" Star Wars documentary I re-watched the other night, that makes sense because after the success of the original film, Lucas broke away from 20th Century Fox to form Lucasfilm and self-finance the rest of the trilogy. So it stands to reason that Fox owned Star Wars (Episode IV/A New Hope) even with the rest of the franchise totally under Lucasfilm's control, therefore Disney's deal for Lucasfilm didn't include it.
  3. What's the best expansion pack ever?

    GTA IV's expansion story modes, Lost & Damned with the biker gang, and Ballad of Gay Tony, where you played as a nightclub bouncer essentially, were great ways to add to that world and also fairly well married the stories up together at a time when that wasn't such a common theme in games like that.
  4. The Tennis thread

    I think that's a shame as he tried his best to be allowed to play for us in the Davis Cup and they wouldn't let him. The way Dan Evans was with him was not right and it made me quite pleased when he then got a drugs ban. Would much rather have Bedene representing us than that clown.
  5. The Tennis thread

    Has anyone been watching the French Open? Rafa Nadal has just been destroyed by Novak Djokovic, only his second ever defeat at the French Open in 11 years. Andy Murray looks likely to meet Novak in the semis, though he has just conceded the break up that he had in the third set against David Ferrer. I really enjoyed the Federer-Wawrinka bout yesterday, Stan was best from start to finish and thorougly deserved the win.
  6. Disney buys Fox entertainment assets.

    I do agree that if they just firebombed all existing elements of the X Men franchise except for McAvoy and Fassbender and started again, I'd be all for it. Apocalypse was a big let down compared to where that trilogy started out, and those two are the driving forces of the series both character-wise and in an acting sense.
  7. EWB PL 17/18: Prediction League

    Leicester 2-0 Crystal Palace (Sat 12.30pm) Stoke 1-0 West Ham (Sat 3pm) Man City 3-2 Tottenham (Sat 5.30pm) West Brom 0-1 Man Utd (Sun 2.15pm) Bournemouth 1-3 Liverpool (Sun 4.30pm)
  8. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    RGIII says he turned down an offer from the Cardinals (and the Ravens) before the season. That's alright Robert mate.
  9. Also, Montez Ford isn't a heel so don't change that. The Street Profits are baby faces.
  10. The Star Wars Thread

    We have watched five films in six nights (Rogue One, then the original trilogy, then Force Awakens) in anticipation for going to see Last Jedi on Friday, totally agree. Yoda is a kooky old man and I kinda dig it, was saying to my girlfriend that it makes sense since he's been stuck on a weird swamp planet for 20 years with no one to talk to. And I will say it again, another re-watch brings me no closer to understanding why people love Boba Fett. He says basically nothing in the whole film, does nothing useful bar follow the Falcon to Cloud City, and dies the death of a total chump in Jedi. If we're talking cool guys who go under the radar, the conversation starts and ends with Wedge.
  11. EWB-FPL Draft League 17/18

    Okay so I've been slack the last few weeks. I'm blaming the midweek rounds causing shorter turnarounds between Gameweeks, not helped by this midweek or the upcoming Christmas run of games! There is now a clear top 3 in the table after my own 5 game winning streak continued despite my worst scoring week since #11. I edged out @MadJack 35-30, this following two colossal victories - 65-34 against @hugobomb and an incredible 79-65 win over a desperately unlucky @Moses Julep, who i believe had the Rooney hat trick that week. @Davidmarrio has also won each of his last 3 games an is now in 2nd spot, just ahead of @Jimmy who won two of three, losing an agonising battle a couple of weeks ago to ave 53-52 to relinquish 2nd spot. Jimmy would've won that game as well if he hadn't left Defoe as his third sub, unused with 4 points when both starting strikers scored only 2 each. Still though, it is these three that sit in contention for the title as we head to the halfway mark of the season. @Loz is in 4th spot having earned 4 points in three games, with Huw sitting right behind him having earned the same number of points. The amount of draws we're seeing has surprised me I have to say. Loz has beaten Sam, drawn with @Baddar and lost to in-form David, whilst Huw beat Baddar, lost to myself and drew with Moses. Those draws are unfortunately the only points earned in this run of games by both Baddar and Moses, although Baddar unluckily lost by only 2 points to Jimmy this past weekend. Moses has no less than three draws in six games now, bizarre, and can count himself mightily unlucky to have lost by only 4 to Jimmy (who is gaining a penchant for close battles) and to have lost to me when earning 65 points, enough to beat every other player that week. Sam has lost three in a row, but I can't stress enough how different things could be with more than half the season still to go. There's every possibility that he, or anyone, could still end up finishing in 1st place. Here is the table: There is another midweek set starting tonight, deadline for squads is in 3 and a half hours at 6:45pm GMT. In addition to the cash prize for winning the league, which stands at £80 with £40 of that fund going to the board as a donation for the upkeep of this wonderful community, I am considering additional consolation prizes to keep things interesting late in the season if some players are perhaps out of the running for the title but still need motivation to keep involved. I know how notorious Fantasy League is for folks dropping off in interest, even when money is at stake. These consolations I'm not sure of yet, probably won't be monetary but could be donation packages or hell, maybe a little gift of some sort. I'm open to suggestions and will think on it over the next few weeks. Let me know! Now, to tinker with my squad ahead of back-to-back fixtures against my two nearest rivals this week...
  12. Okay folks I think there's enough interest for this, so here goes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TO DO 1. Sign-Ups - deadline: Friday 4th August, 10pm (BST) OR until 10 spaces are filled 2. Draft Date + Time - determined between all participants 3. The Draft - time + date TBC 4. Waivers - deadline Thursday 10th August, 6.45pm (BST) 5. Gameweek #1 - deadline Friday 11th August, 6.45pm (BST) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGN-UP SHEET 1. @Rooney! 2. @Baddar 3. @Titi Camara 4. @hugobomb 5. @Jimmy 6. @Moses Julep 7. @Loz 8. @MadJack
  13. General Football Thread

    That picture doesn't do justice to how absurdly large both the statue of Maradona and the World Cup trophy are either.
  14. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    You'd rather be drawn against Juventus than Basel, Sevilla, Porto or Shakhtar? The trip to Ukraine aside, I just cannot see that. Juve were probably your hardest possible opponents, followed by Bayern. The way they're set-up to play could be very stifling to creative Poch style. City got the best draw of all the English sides, no doubt about it for me.
  15. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Wow, damn. Eagles...got to feel some sympathy there. Hey, Cards won again! Redskins and Giants to come, surely we can't somehow finish above .500!?
  16. EWB-FPL Draft League 17/18

    There's another midweek fixture this week guys so heads up. I'll update the recent results tomorrow, gotten slack the last week or so with that. Somehow won a 5th game in s row this weekend, but got a couple sticking fairly close behind. Bring it on!
  17. Premier League 2017/18

    Of course it's a penalty, he puts both hands on him and knocks him over. Penalty all day long. Happy with the point considering I was expecting a drubbing. Klopp's team selection did nothing for my Fantasy chances this week.
  18. With the big news that Leyton Orient have been bought by the donut king (or something), now seems the best time to launch a thread for the fabled National League. After all, we have two prominent members joining the league in @MDK and @Dan, much as they might hate it being pointed out. And hey, we might have some closet Bromley fans knocking about? Or Ebbsfleet? Eastleigh!? No? Either way, I follow non-league football quite keenly having started my time in football watching my team around the country at some absolutely tiny clubs, so yeah. Also, suck it @Lineker
  19. Sky Bet EFL 2017/18

    Lost in the 96th minute. Another late goal. Bollocks to it.
  20. Vanarama National League 2017/18

    4-1 up now the Orient! Bloody hell.
  21. Vanarama National League 2017/18

    Hartlepool trail on a long, long trip to Dover early but Orient, without a win in 15, lead the top of the table side Sutton! Get excited @MDK.
  22. Premier League 2017/18

    I see foul throws every week in the league. It's clearly not taught anymore, and it should be. It can be costly, as it was with Willian there. Everyone's decided that taking a proper throw-in isn't worth wasting time on now, and I heard once that officials are even told not to bother looking out for it particularly as there's other things they can look at. When I was a kid playing in a team we did drills learning how to take a proper throw-in, but it seems such basics as that have been cast aside now.
  23. Premier League 2017/18

    David Moyes is BACK lads!
  24. Should WCPW Loaded be changed to Dormant? Since they've re-branded as Defiant Wrestling, not sure if they have a replacement weekly show in the works that it could be renamed to instead.