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  1. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    I knew drafting Maguire was a good move. Assist on his debut, clean sheet and a goal today. Not bad for a defender.
  2. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    Good signing for Burnley, probably a more than adequate replacement for Andre Gray. Way of the world I'm afraid, Leeds. Can't blame him for wanting to play in the Premier League.
  3. Vanarama National League 2017/18

    Not an easy adjustment to make, dropping into this bizarre division
  4. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    Gabbiadini has a goal for me. Annoyed at Klopp, all the press said Robertson wasn't ready yet so he's on my bench and apparently he started? Annoying.
  5. Football Manager 2017

    What does Touch, or if they still do it, FM Classic, consist of in terms of how simplified it is?
  6. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    @Loz Baines & Noble line up against Pogbants as follows: GK: Butland DEF: Baines, Rudiger, Maguire MID: Sterling, Coutinho (no choice), Klaassen, Ritchie FWD: Firmino, Kane, Gabbiadini Debuts for Kane and Ritchie, who I drafted in late to replace the injured Lanzini since I'm already missing Coutinho, Zaha, Robertson & Koscielny through injury / suspension.
  7. Football Manager 2017

    Good call on Harry Kane, he was actually on loan at Leicester in 2012-13.
  8. EWB PL 17/18: Prediction League

    Swansea 1-2 Man Utd (Sat 12.30pm) Leicester 1-1 Brighton (Sat 3pm) Southampton 0-0 West Ham (Sat 3pm) Stoke 0-1 Arsenal (Sat 5.30pm) Tottenham 2-1 Chelsea (Sun 4pm)
  9. Football Manager 2017

    They had two more seasons in the Championship left at that point.
  10. EWB-FPL Draft League 17-18

    My team is already boned by injuries, proper annoying. Zaha is out for four weeks now, Coutinho remains a mystery, and Lanzini is their back up and he's still out. Shite. Did everyone get who they wanted through the Waiver Wire? I finally have Kane, let's hope he breaks his August scoring duck this weekend.
  11. WWE 2K18

    Welp, never thought I'd see "Boys n the Hood" or "Rocky Mountain Way" on a WWE game, much less on the same one!
  12. Summer Transfer Window thread 2017

    I can't stand Costa, would rather not have him here in all honesty.
  13. UEFA Europa League 2017/18

    Nev Southall, Donny Rovers legend. Paul Gerrard (now Rovers GK coach) was a good keeper for Everton, and Nigel Martyn who followed him was top notch too.
  14. Formula One 2017

    And is a return to Mercedes out of the question? I hope they sort out the engine rules and spec for 2021 to allow more independent suppliers a shot at F1 again. When I got into the sport the grid had 7/8 different engine suppliers, now there's four and Honda only supply one team, so there's primarily only three.
  15. Formula One 2017

    Hardly surprising, Sauber reneged on their deal and now this. Are McLaren still actively looking to get out of their deal with them?