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  1. Go outside man, it's the weekend. That's why I'm a football game
  2. Yeah, Kirkland was saying that it makes Ultimo's feat of holding all of those different belts more impressive.
  3. If Sanchez is leaving then Arsenal need to splurge a world record fee on Mbappe or else those Arsenal fans will all be running off a cliff before the season starts. Morata, good signing for Chelsea and I think he'll do well. Having him to understudy instead of Costa might even help Batshuayi make more of an impact.
  4. You'll get your money back on him very quickly, think he's a terrific player with huge potential. (this ignoring the fact you've already pretty much got your money back swapping him for Kevin Stewart)
  5. were "close to a deal" for like 17 days in a row!
  6. Damn, he was really good friends with Chris and performed at his funeral. This is horrible news, I'm not a big Linkin Park fan anymore but when we were teenagers they were a mainstay, and they're still a favourite of my good mates. In fact, "Numb" is one of the first songs I ever had on my computer, and when I was even younger my older brother was always listening to them and Limp Bizkit. Sad news.
  7. Can't agree with you at all. Bayley is as popular as Erick Rowan and Goldust? Alexa Bliss on par with the Shining Stars! I do think the popularity levels in the data are quite a way off for WWE talent.
  8. Why are all the women starting at base 'D' level and then lower? The likes of Sasha, Bayley, Becky and Charlotte are as popular as upper card male wrestlers, seems backward to be ranking them automatically lower than the men still at this stage.
  9. I don't like the look of it at all but apparently the shield they tried last weekend made Vettel dizzy after one lap so, if this is the best option?
  10. FM19 onwards? Not good enough. Still fake Germans on the new one!
  11. Actually, I've found a belt for Mayweather and McGregor to fight over in this big match they're having.
  12. Aye well, getting one replica to keep for when you eventually lose the title is all well and good, but it appears as if UFC or the WBC etc. give you a new belt every time you win a match as champion too, which seems too much.
  13. What you've just seen is an example of why my friends taunt me with such questions as "what are his travel fees?" due ot my unnecessarily deep knowledge of an obscure player's history. See I was under the impression he was a wide midfielder so in that case, I retract much of what I've said. Even so, it seems steep especially when (if what I've just read on BBC is true) he can be bought for £48mil next summer due to a contractual clause. Now obviously you don't want to wait and miss out, but is Keita the very best option available at this position, considering he's apparently going to cost as much, if not more, than the other best options? Also, for me at least this isn't the tipping point at all, we went over the cliff edge a good while ago now, but if in this new inflated market where players going for these kind of prices is becoming increasingly more common, I still think you have to be getting the best of the best for £60-70mil, and Keita doesn't appear to have quite established himself as that yet.
  14. Pantilimon did leave City for Sunderland before he went to Watford though didn't he? Unless that was some bizarre dream I had. As for Keita, unless he was the sole driving force behind Leipzig's rise, which I don't think he is, I'm just not seeing why he's a £50mil player, let alone 60 or 70. 8 goals and 8 assists in the league? Josh King and Wilf Zaha contributed to as many goals last season yet no one is offering £70mil for them.
  15. Costel Pantilimon? He's Romanian but I guess you mean him. Even in today's market, the fee for Keita is absurd. How is he worth Liverpool blowing that much money after one half decent season in the Bundesliga?