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  1. That was a great fuckin goal from Pepe tbf.
  2. I cant understand how Tierney and Pepe aren't starting, surely Ljungberg can see the benefit in a player like Pepe? Kolasinac hasn't been bad today tbf but still. I think Willock had been dreadful even before that pass in fairness, but the body language overall is bad. None of the squad looks comfortable or confident.
  3. Passing a bit better but the defense is still the same old shit.
  4. Was inevitable after last night. Ljungberg is to take over as interim manager. I would much rather have Allegri out of the names that have been thrown about, but I wouldn't say no to Poch, if only for the banter.
  5. I went to that game, and haven't won since. Clearly I need to go back asap >_>
  6. Frankfurt didn't even have to play good to beat Arsenal. Not the most important game in the grand scheme of things but fuck me, its utterly grim viewing. Utterly sums Emery up that we're a goal down and playing poorly, with a centre half that's injured and on a yellow, and Emery was about to sub Xhaka (who actually had a good game) for Torreira. I really hope Arteta turns out to be a masterstroke. At least Celtic are doing the business
  7. Not to disagree with any of those points, but it was never a penalty either. Soft as fuck. I like Emery as a person but hes clearly not working at Arsenal, the players look clueless and the defense/press is so passive its ridiculous. Something has to change but I honestly don't know where to start.
  8. Yeah, pretty much. Creatively he's a genius, but his opinions are largely trash. Why does everyone feel compelled to come out and slate people for liking comic book films lately? Jesus, let people like what they like.
  9. Figures, I bought it when this first came up and just watched it last night It was really good though, definitely worth it.
  10. If you call Liam a nonce again we'll need to suspend you. Disgraceful from a mod.
  11. Its games like this, perfect example actually of why I wish demos were still a thing.
  12. What's special about in then, in your opinion? Is it actually more fun than the Amazon prime delivery man stuff? C'mon I need details
  13. Celtic win with a late injury time goal anyway so get it up them
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