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  1. Aw man that's devastating. I loved Medieval and had totally planned picking it up but now I don't want to tarnish it
  2. Mustafi and Luiz continue to be utter bombscares. Martinelli continues to be amazing. Arsenal continue to draw.
  3. Genuinely don't know how that isn't given as a penalty. Once again, horrible luck and a horrible inability to fucking score combine to turn another arsenal game into a big bleeeeeeeeeh.
  4. It says a lot about the weirdness of Death Stranding that I crested a mountain only to be met with a massive full size hologram of a Tallneck from Horizon Zero Dawn next to a bridge and only thought "...huh." Are there any MGS references at all?
  5. So I've played a few hours of Death Stranding now, and it really doesn't ever get less fucking weird does it? I'm liking it so far, but going up to the wind farm, in an area with time rain, BTs, low stamina and a full weight limit was stressful as fuck.
  6. In the MCU? That would be interesting
  7. The ref is punishing us by keeping Xhaka on the pitch.
  8. Baffled why we let United back into the game in the 2nd half but a clean sheet and 3 points is a great result.
  9. That was an even better 1st half than against Chelsea, if we keep it up after the break then its legit the best we've played this whole season.
  10. I can't even imagine why that would even be a thing. Just when I thought they'd fixed most of it. The game that keeps on giving.
  11. If you want a great use of the dual shock, get Statik. It's not too long but it's very immersive. Your hands are trapped in a puzzle box and you use the dual shock buttons and sticks to make different things happen, to solve the puzzles. It's very similar to Portal, atmospherically.
  12. To add to that, I Expect You To Die is fantastic too.
  13. I've watched the first 2 episodes so far, I haven't read the books or played the games so it's a lot of world building that goes over my head sometimes but I'll stick with it. The thing that's really bothering me most tbh is the weird contact lens/cgi used on every bodies eyes. Sometimes Geralt looks very dead eyed and it's weird as fuck.
  14. For a moment I was about to believe that was real :@
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