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  1. Lacazettes goal should absolutely have stood, it was a second phase of play when the defender passed back so how can he be offside? Cracking goal from Torreira but another game where we're just being kicked off the pitch.
  2. Shit that's really close to Captain Marvel too.
  3. Disgraceful. The whole team went out with the intention of kicking Arsenal off the pitch, but that was particularly bad.
  4. Defence was always top priority for January anyway but now we absolutely can't afford not to pick someone up. We'll just need to wait for the summer to get O. Dembele.
  5. Rojo is a fucking dickhead btw. Marriner has lost control of the game a bit there, we were lucky to get the goal and unlucky to concede I think. Another one that doesn't look like much (if any) contact for the free kick but eh. More concerned with Holding, and possibly Ramsey getting injured. Hopefully Ramsey can continue and Lacazette can bam it up a notch in the next half.
  6. Absolutely toyed with Spurs at the end. Emery has made some fantastic improvements but fucking hell, Torreira was outstanding. He's almost transformed the side in his own.
  7. I thought the same thing, Ramsey likes a derby day and Mkhi has not been good at all.
  8. I really hope they keep the cast, Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio were fantastic. I enjoyed season 3 and would love them to just continue on whatever this Disney service is, but it's a good wrapping up point as well I guess.
  9. Arsenal have taken a lead into half time for the first time this season, 3-0 up against what looks a really poor Vorskla side. Can't blame them being unmotivated tbh. Celtic also 1-0 up going on 6-0, if they could find their bloody shooting boots.
  10. I bought the season pass outright so I'm happy just having more stuff to do cos I'll return to it often I think but yeah, it hasn't lived up to the quality of the base game I think. I'll still play dlc3 >_>
  11. The actual stories aren't that great, and the insistence on forcing Screwball missions really soured me on it. If you're definitely trading it in at some point and therefore the additional suits won't sway you, I'd say just skip it.
  12. First in the league. I mean, obviously?

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