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  1. Having just finished watching the whole thing, fuck the lot of them. The only one I really particularly felt sorry for was the long hair shaggy looking dude working for Joe. Overall I'd give Don't Fuck With Cats part 2 a solid B+. The constant escalation of weird shit was mental but I don't think there was any real sense of "this is fucking mindblowing" that other docs give you. I'd love to see well, pretty much everyone else get brought down as well after this.
  2. I think I'm 4 or 5 episodes in now, and I think I like the reality TV producer guy the most, but then he gets dragged in with the fire and shit and its like, is there one normal fucker involved at all.
  3. I can see how it could burn you out with how long and slow it is but I still think its one of the best games I've ever played. For sheer immersion and getting drawn into a character, nothing comes close.
  4. Samesies! Just finished episode 2 though. It gets weirder.
  5. Ah OK cool. I think I'll hang off for a while to gauge peoples reactions to it. I loved FF7 it was the first rpg I ever played and I still haven't touched the demo yet so might just wait till its all available.
  6. Is this the full game then out on the 10th? I remember reading something about them doing it episodic or something.
  7. I have, yeah. It's less the lore and whatnot, more stuff like alchemy and oils and potions and fuckin gwent that baffles me.
  8. The Witcher 3, because I just started it yesterday as well and its confusing as fuck.
  9. First real big name famous person in the UK getting it and it had to be our manager
  10. I don't have any real hatred toward Liverpool but I'm glad they lost after their petted lip nonsense in the interview after the first leg.
  11. Ok but only because I love you really. No idea if it's done right or not.
  12. At least 60 of those followers are people off here who joined just to stop him moaning >_>
  13. There are a few scattered around but I found it much quicker to go to each facility and take orders for the prepper and build it that way. Also, not sure if you're aware or not but generally after each star you gain with each facility you should rest in your safe room and if you receive an email from that person, you can then continue delivering and raising your status with them. If you don't get an email from them your rating won't move no matter how much you deliver. I can't remember exactly what triggers each email but I found it took ages to get that prepper maxed out.
  14. That one is one you need to go seek out yourself I think. It's easy to find though if you click R3 in the map you'll see the area next to the spiritualist that isn't connected yet.
  15. Great finish but its been slow and lethargic build up so far. Haven't really been tested but I would hope to see Arsenal just come out and batter them 2nd half to be comfortable. Also fuck Mike Dean. Booking Guendouzi for sarcasm ffs.
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