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  1. So Jessica Jones S3 has appeared on Netflix. Anyone watched yet? I am finding it hard to bother since everything was getting cancelled left and right, but I hope it goes out with a bang at least.
  2. Kaney

    XBOX Megathread

    I agree. Got some time with Maxx on it today, and it was a good laugh. We worked out a decent system with Maxx steering and me navigating. We tried and failed to kill some pigs and got blown up a few times by bloody skeletons with gunpowder barrels. We also found 3 or maybe 4 different chests including one that made me incredibly drunk when I was carrying it. Maxx ate some bad food and puked over one of the chests. We picked up some messages in bottles and figured out how to find the places on the map, so we went to some island that had 3 skeleton pirate miniboss things on it. Took us a lot of respawns but we finally managed to kill them, and stowed their skulls on board. And then some dickhead attacked our ship, killed us as we ran about trying to plug holes in the hull, and stole. All. Our. Shit. We also had a close run in with a megalodon that I annoyed by hitting it with a cannonball before it took a bite out of Maxx. I can see how it could be a right good fun game but you really need to have some friends along with you. Ellis is going to be our third, someone complete our crew and we can fuck around for a while.
  3. Kaney

    XBOX Megathread

    I've got no clue what the fuck I'm supposed to do or how to do it.
  4. Kaney

    XBOX Megathread

    Sea of Thieves is fuckin impenetrable.
  5. For me, I would say the ridiculous prices of digital games. Theres no box, artwork, manual, or physical disc, and it's not possible to trade in a digital game when you're done with it. Its absurd that it can cost regularly a lot more to download a game than it does to buy a copy from a store.
  6. Kaney

    XBOX Megathread

    I've been interested in Sea of Thieves for a while so I'll probably start with that.
  7. Kaney

    E3 2019

    Thank you! Might actually use the xbox for something other than fifa now >_>
  8. Kaney

    E3 2019

    Is there a list of what else will be going straight to game pass on release?
  9. Kaney

    E3 2019

    Dont think there was anything especially necessary for buying on day 1 but I admit I was disappointed with Avengers. There wasnt any gameplay but it looked pretty poor.
  10. Kaney

    E3 2019

    Is it America only? I bought a year membership then upgraded with the ultimate game pass for £1 thing but it says it's only for a month
  11. I'm just so glad to get away from those fucking raglan sleeves at last.
  12. Kaney

    E3 2019

    Fair enough, I think that's the only thing pre announced I'm interested in seeing to be honest.
  13. Kaney

    E3 2019

    Has anything came out about the Avengers game yet?
  14. We've sold Ospina to Napoli for like, 3 million if I recall.
  15. I just got done for Astro Bot. Down to £15 a week after I finally buy it.
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