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  1. Spider-Man will be a PS4 exclusive for the Avengers game! Its causing all sorts of whining.
  2. Arsenal are happy they won a trophy, as if trying to make it sound like it's not an achievement.
  3. Amazing game, I can finally unclench. Really think the ref fucked Chelsea over and we were lucky but so very happy we won. Fuck your St Totteringhams day
  4. Someone said the ball was on the line but I dunno if that matters cos yeah he was massively over the line.
  5. Red card is a bit harsh tbf but I'm just glad its not for us.
  6. What a finish from Pepe. If only it counted
  7. Metal Gear Solid 2 Tanker section. I would still happily play that part over and over just fuckin with the guards or finding easter eggs and building up my grip strength.
  8. Well we'll never get to the queens garden party if we can't be civil will we?
  9. Haha get fucked Deeney. Well done to Villa as well. What an awful season, thank fuck its done.
  10. He did get booked for it. Been a fairly entertaining game, both teams can't defend. Happy for Tierney to get his first goal and hopefully Auba can pick up another one or two in the next half. Amusing again to see the effort and time gone into trying to find an excuse not to give our penalty compared to giving Watfords.
  11. If it means we dick Chelsea in the cup final I'll happily accept.
  12. Yeah I was gonna say, doesn't sound remotely scottish to me 😕
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