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  1. Pretty much yeah. He arrived with an injury, put in some good performances in the europa league then dislocated his shoulder pretty much straight away.
  2. I'll eat my hat if Tierney leaves this coming window. Just the usual nonsense because he played under Rogers at Celtic.
  3. Don't know if anyone is still fussed by VR, but has anyone given Iron Man a try? The demos out, and i think its been the best 'experience' I've had with it. If the full game is actually, a FULL game and not just like Batman (although I loved Batman) it'll be fuckin immense. It was tough controlling it at first, i can't figure out how to walk, and some of it is a bit ragged round the edges still but getting to actually fly round the plane, under your own control, and shoot the drones felt badass like the Batman VR never did.
  4. Metal Gear Solid Pokemon Blue/Yellow GTA3 Final Fantasy 7 WWE HCTP No idea what order they'd go in but i spent far longer on all them than I really should.
  5. 'A couple of highlight reel moments' Show us on the doll where Dennis touched you.
  6. Knives Out was great and would have been top 2/3 if I had seen enough for a list. Really pleased it made it so high.
  7. It'd be much less interesting to look at as well, as a character.
  8. Thanks, that is an awesome help.
  9. So I've taken this time to try and read more comics, pick up some things I've missed out on. Batman books I already have/recently picked up are The Long Halloween Dark Victory A Death In The Family The Killing Joke A Serious House On Serious Earth The Dark Knight Returns Court Of Owls The Black Mirror The Black Glove Batman RIP I have Hush and Year One on my list. Any other suggestions? I think the only Marvel books I've got are Civil War and The Infinity Gauntlet (mainly due to the MCU). Are there any likewise books for Spiderman, or Captain America? Anyone really. Batman has this whole list of required reading, total classic type stuff, not sure what the Marvel equivalents would be.
  10. I'd be Lyon if I said I didn't approve.
  11. Kaney

    EWB Musicians

    What are you using to record VP? I've been toying with the idea of getting a looper pedal to try playing stuff over a basic riff but not sure really where to start. You just hooked straight into a laptop or something?
  12. Was that in SR2 or 3? I never played the 4th one but I can never remember which one I stopped on. I remember blinged out ride with you and LL but very little else.
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