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  1. Own goal? I'll take it.
  2. Fantastic from Arsenal, more displays like that and we wouldn't be 7th in the league.
  3. White boy corn rows? That's the bloody death penalty.
  4. What the fuck is on Bellerins head.
  5. Great pirouette from Ottamendi. Well, cock.
  6. Man City should be one up now. Definitely wasn't out.
  7. I think we've got goals in us today if we could just put 2 passes together. The attacks haven't been terrible but so few and far between. Passing is still letting us down. And being offside too
  8. Get it up the both of you
  9. Gonna miss Sanchez
  10. I've given up hope of celebrating St Totteringhams Day this year, but I really really don't want Spurs to win the league. Get it together Chelsea :@
  11. Happy with that signing, got to be a step up from Monreal. Apparently we've agreed to pay Sanchez 300k a week, and nobody wants Ozil so it's happy days here!
  12. Bloody BBC sensationalism.