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  1. Some thoughts, after time to process it :
  2. Yeah that was something else. Not in the slightest what I expected and not sure if I liked it better than Infinity War, but it was epic as fuck.
  3. Guys, I'm starting to think Arsenal aren't a great team
  4. Seeing it tonight at midnight! How many stingers then?
  5. Just the two words I've been waiting to hear
  6. Hes an absolute disgrace. Cost us so many goals, its impossible to justify keeping him. Really pissed off with the result, missed a chance to go 3rd but in the long run, the fact we've had to deal with injuries to the likes of Holding, Ramsey, Sokratis, Kos, etc and still fighting for 3rd place shows we're definitely on the right track. Just need to get rid of Mustafi pronto and bring in a legit upgrade in place.
  7. Great result to keep the clean sheet. Should expect to get past Valencia but either way, it's good we've gotten to (at least) the semis for a second year running.
  8. Lacazette gives us the away goal with a lovely free kick. Is it that bad?
  9. Yeah I meant to say I preferred Knight to City.
  10. Honestly don't see the issue with it
  11. I always thought City was the weakest of the trilogy. I loved having all the villains kicking off around Gotham, it felt more like being Batman than just focusing on one specific storyline. Going round saving the firefighters and hunting down the serial killers was a fun way to make it seem like theres more to the world than just the Knight/Scarecrow. I didn't even mind the batmobile sections. Asylum was the best though, hands down.
  12. Aubas goal Important three points, and glad to see Deeney get sent off. Why pick on the smallest guy on the pitch? Prick >_>
  13. The amount of people I've seen saying that they're disappointed it wasn't more, saying 2 nil isn't enough to take to Naples is mental. I'd have bitten your hand off for 2 nil before the game. It's a good first leg and I don't see why we shouldn't be able to beat them over there.
  14. We were shite. 2nd to every ball and bullied off the park.
  15. Kaney

    Stephen King

    I've had middling experiences with his stuff. It was good, but long, The Gunslinger was a bit of a drudge to get through but I'm glad I stuck with it cos I'm about halfway through the Dark Tower series and enjoying it so far. Mr Mercedes was dreadful in my opinion, I didn't know there was a series but I'd stay well clear. It had a really intriguing premise I thought but the villain was terrible and I don't even remember how it was resolved. I think hes definitely worth reading, but I would read Misery, or The Shining, something I know has had good reviews before I'd go with something I hadn't heard about previously, like Mr Mercedes.
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