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  1. Ceballos has been our best player so far but Burnley have done well, the goal was lucky as shit but they have deserved it.
  2. Thats awesome news, hopefully they can do something that keeps the feel and humour of the originals.
  3. Didn't want to be in it 😕 It's all about that Celtic v Arsenal Europa League final.
  4. Fantastic run from AMN for the interception, and assist there. Pepe looks like he'll be fun to watch but it still looks a lot like the same problems from last year but glad to get the 3 points given it was a less than full strength side. Mkhitaryan is still baffling.
  5. I would have really expected at least one of Pepe or Ceballos to start. I know Emery likes to blend them in gradually but it would have been a really good statement to come out all guns blazing for once. At least Mustafi is nowhere near the lineup.
  6. ....I kind of want to see that now.
  7. Apparently there were targeted more than once, in separate incidents over the last few days. Pretty scary that these arseholes have continued the harassment, like what is their desired result here?
  8. David Luiz spotted taking his stuff across London.
  9. That didn't even last as long as it usually does for Liverpool!
  10. Our new attack, Pepe, Auba, Laca and Ozil. Every game, 5 goals scored. Potential defense, Kolasinac, Luiz, Mustafi, AMN. Every game, Leno a shambling nervous wreck.
  11. Pfft, not good enough for Celtic.
  12. Apparently we've rejected a 30m bid from Everton for Iwobi, waiting for a 2nd improved bid, while we go back in for Upamecano. I don't even know what this club is anymore.
  13. The fact that none of them even bothered pretending to be concerned about the fans inside the disabled section is disgusting.
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