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  1. Yeah, pretty much. Creatively he's a genius, but his opinions are largely trash. Why does everyone feel compelled to come out and slate people for liking comic book films lately? Jesus, let people like what they like.
  2. Figures, I bought it when this first came up and just watched it last night It was really good though, definitely worth it.
  3. If you call Liam a nonce again we'll need to suspend you. Disgraceful from a mod.
  4. Its games like this, perfect example actually of why I wish demos were still a thing.
  5. What's special about in then, in your opinion? Is it actually more fun than the Amazon prime delivery man stuff? C'mon I need details
  6. Celtic win with a late injury time goal anyway so get it up them
  7. That there were police scotland warnings given out beforehand not to wear football colours when going to this, a football game, was bad enough, but now theres a whole load of knuckledraggers saying that it was the Celtic supports fault for displaying anti-fascist banners at Parkhead to blame for this. Rather than blaming the scum that go around looking for opposition fans to stab with their knives. I know UEFA won't do anything because it didn't happen in the stadium, but something should be done about this. Lazio fans have awful previous for stuff like this.
  8. Don't think so mate, games tomorrow.
  9. That makes more sense then, yeah. I'm still fairly intrigued by it but I think I'll wait for Ollie's opinion first.
  10. Thats what I was planning to do, but from what I've seen theres things other players leave in the world such as bridges or zip wires to help you traverse to your destination and feel 'part of the experience'. Surely if I pick the game up after say 6 months theres going to be too many shortcuts and stuff so how do they avoid having the late comer miss that initial openness? Unless I'm wildly misunderstanding the premise which, lets be fair, wouldn't be difficult.
  11. What happened to the other 3?
  12. Just bought it off Prime, cheers!
  13. I've had it on my list for ages to watch and never got round to it, and tonight is now one of the few nights I can't just sit and watch something
  14. Imagine scoring 5 goals away at Anfield and still losing. Six, technically
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