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  1. Just in case... I still enjoyed it, but don't really feel I need to see it again. I don't think I can even remember any sort of comedy in it to give a break from the constant downer.
  2. Just out from seeing it myself and I'd largely agree with this, except towards the end (without going into spoilers). I liked bits of it, and disliked other bits. I dont think its justified the outrage towards it but it's still left me feeling a bit weird after it. I didn't like it as much as I thought I would after the initial trailers but it's not bad at all. Just relentlessly fucking bleak.
  3. Fantastic performance against a very poor team. Tierney, Martinelli and Ceballos are all fucking ballers. Only downside I can possibly pick is Pepe still not getting in amongst it but I dont think hes been as bad as made out at all.
  4. Both sides were poor so yeah, I'll take a draw. I was fucking fuming at that offside call though, what on earth was he watching to make that call?
  5. Meanwhile neither Tierney nor Bellerin make the bench for us. Only true defender we can bring on is Holding. Not sure how to feel about this one. On paper I'd say we could take the 3 points but it never does go to plan does it?
  6. Yeah but hes only on about 12 goals if you take away all those pens. Total scrub.
  7. And they've got the cheek to appeal it as well.
  8. I would absolutely love Allegri. Pepe is in a weird position. Hes clearly a talented player but the horrible way we play means hes getting no chance to produce anything, and yet hes still under pressure to succeed. The front 3 (4 if you count Ozil or Ceballos) should be absolutely terrifying to go up against but they just cant get anything to work. I'd go all out for an Upamecano in January, and hope Tierney and Saliba can smooth things out at the back. The players should be better than this.
  9. I liked Emery but you can't justify these results. Who do you bring in though? I wouldn't go as far as some yelling for Mourinho.
  10. Essentially my take away from this. I enjoyed the gameplay of Phantom Pain but the rest of it was such a mess. It literally doesn't even have a real ending, how the hell is it the only MGS on the list, let alone being above MGS3?
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