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  1. Should have had her playing pro clubs against the dragons.
  2. It genuinely doesn't even look like the same team that went on the unbeaten run at the start of the season. Players like Auba and Lacazette should be scoring for fun against teams like Borisov, not struggling to get a touch of the ball. Dreadful.
  3. Bloody BATE are proving harder to master than expected.
  4. They probably thought they couldn't get away with not having him in the game in any capacity. I don't mind him voicing Big Boss as well at all, and I think Keifer Sutherland did a great job tbh but like I said before, it just didn't feel like a MGS game. Hayter probably wouldn't have fixed the Phantom Pain though in fairness. They should have just called it 24 the game >_>
  5. I'd find it highly suspicious if a Man United fan knew the word 'vociferous'.
  6. That was MGSV. The gameplay mechanics are up there with the best in the series, but no David Hayter makes it impossible to get a score above 6/10.
  7. MGSV was a great game but a terrible Metal Gear game if that makes sense. Snake Eater is probably the best overall in the series but IV works so well in a fan service way.
  8. A cheese room at a football stadium, good grief. I camembert the thought of it.
  9. Sorry yeah, half time. Thank fuck Kolasinac scored at the end there, we were in real danger of a clean sheet for a while.
  10. Arsenal leading away from home by 2 goals for the first time since....2016.
  11. Star Wars Episode IX: The Most Erotic Part Of A Woman.
  12. I thought Guendouzi and Torreira were excellent in the first half, but creatively our midfield is horrific at the moment. We used to have one of the best midfield with awful strikers, now we've got 2 world class strikers and no midfield. Away to City, what is the realistic expectation? I hoped for a point beforehand but seeing how bad we were is galling. Why is Iwobi trying to dribble his way out of his own penalty box? Why is Licht not marking anywhere near his man? Why are at least one of Ramsey/Ozil starting? If it wasn't for Leno that would have been an absolute drubbing.

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