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  1. What suit do you get for doing the photo ops?
  2. Mega Drive : Sonic Snes: Robocop vs Terminator I'm almost certain. Gameboy: Pokemon Playstation: Possibly a Tekken or Tomb Raider. PS2: GTA3 PS3: Gran Turismo (4? 5? Whichever had just came out) PS4: Whichever COD came with Modern Warfare. Xbox 360: Technically it was an Xbox original Half Life 2, before I got my first 360 game which was Dead Rising. Xbox One: Dead Rising 3
  3. Kaney

    XBOX Megathread

    Does anyone still play GTA online? I have a code for cash I got with the RDR2 pre-order if anyone's interested.
  4. Could be even worser. Could be an Orient fan.
  5. I think we played pretty good. We've definitely had a habit of growing into games in the 2nd half. I love that Auba basically scored the exact same goal as Lacazette and then shook hands. The team is looking very decent at the moment, and 3rd place isn't to be sniffed at, certainly not when we're above Spurs again
  6. Yeah, was thinking this. As bad as it got during the banter era I never once hoped Arsenal would lose just to get rid of Wenger, but I've seen that opinion a lot. Never understood it.
  7. Gina is by far the most annoying character so yeah, good news everyone.
  8. Arsenal and Celtic both ahead early in their ties thanks to very early goals. Salzburg are a good team so it'll be a great result if Celtic hold on.
  9. Kaney

    XBOX Megathread

    The only thing that sort of interests me about the game pass is trying out Sea Of Thieves. Anyone played it? I've heard it was pretty empty to begin with but is meant to be better now.
  10. There's also the fact that a lot of the other modes are left to stagnate and never get any real attention cos ultimate team is the big money maker for them. ^ what Liam said.
  11. I got the achievement for scoring a timed shot with literally my first goal in the game, and haven't been able to do it again since.
  12. Not giving any customisation options is worse.
  13. Twice now, two goals and no falling over. Think this is definitely our year.

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