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  1. While not a physical injury stuff like that should stay in as illnesses and should only be "injured" outside the ring, copy over my injury file I've set alot of those illnesses to be outside the ring injuries so you dont get diarrhea and colds through matches. Oh I agree, I didn't want them removed entirely, just correctly checked. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. No matter how much the combination of non-sensical story and Mark Briscoe's picture made me laugh, you might want to check over the injury file....
  3. Can't say I'm interested. If it was an update to EWR, with a few things I dislike about it fixed, then I would've been interested. As it stands, EWR suits my "quick play" needs, and if I can be arsed/ever get the time, TEW10 suits my "more detailed" needs. So something that's sort of like EWR but not doesn't make me take notice I'm afraid.
  4. Is there any point in adding the Tough Enough cast to WWE? I mean, if the show is like it was in the past, then only the winner/s will get a contract and go to FCW, the rest (most likely) will go back to the indy scene. Seems kind of pointless..
  5. Small, quick note: Martin Stone is 29, not 24, and his birth month is December. Oh, and thanks for the update, etc.
  6. Most things I'm not that bothered by that I feel the need to post, but Alex Shane is vastly, VASTLY overrated in the database. Lower his speed to 30 (Rather than 75, like it somehow was. The guy's 6'5" and barely mobile nowadays...) and lower his technical to 55, and that's generous, but not as generous as 81! Lowers his selling to 60, and finally lower his charisma to... I don't know, 57. He's not terrible on the mic, but he's far, far from 80! Oh and superstar look and fonz factor? No... just... no. This is coming from a fellow Brit who's seen more Alex Shane matches that one person should.
  7. Judging by who's touring with the now defunct PRIDE, I would say that PRIDE are infact IGF in the update (I've only returned to EWR recently, so I can't say for sure, but the rosters match up) so he could tour there.
  8. Hmmm... this is a North American simulator after all, I'd say keep him as Gallows as that's the name he wrestles under for shows in the US (as early as January 29th), where as Keith Hanson is his name in IGF alone. It should definately be added as an alter ego, perhaps remove one of the Fake Kane names (There is both "Fake Kane" and "Imposter Kane" in his alter ego file) to make room for it.
  9. I wouldn't take Mercury out of the active database just yet. Even in the article it states that he's down in FCW as a trainer while he recuperates from an injury. Plus I can see him becoming active again should he ever get fired from his current position. Finlay is harder to judge. I can't ever see him getting fired, so the idea of him taking a few indy bookings is hard to imagine. I'd probably lean in favour of turning him into a Road Agent.
  10. In that case, wouldn't it mean that Robbie and Rory McAllister, as well as Jinder Mahal are all deserving of the Unique gimmick as well ? The Highlanders are Canadian just like Piper, meaning they can't use the Braveheart gimmick, and Mahal is currently using an Arabian gimmick down in FCW but is also Canadian meaning he doesn't fit the gimmick either. Also Shawn and Arya Diavari should be placed as American's and given the Unique gimmick to, because they also play Arabians. Not trying to argue with you Shakespeare, but you brought up a good point I just wanted to elaborate on. My bad. I should've clarified on point two, it should be used as a last resort if nothing else fits. There are other gimmicks besides Braveheart that could be used for the McAllisters, even though that one is ideal. Weirdo comes to mind, or fun babyface. All in all, I just think on average, the Unique gimmick should be reserved for very special cases. One other thing I forgot to say: in the game, the only way for someone to obtain the Unique gimmick (without it being assigned at the beginning of the scenario) is for them to be involved in a segment that gets a 100% rating. That's something I think Piper has done several times in his career, but something the McAllisters probably haven't. Just food for thought. Actually on a side note, both the Highlanders are Scottish, they moved to Canada in the late 80's. http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/2005/03/29/975813.html This is the article I remember reading when they were signed. So if they're in the game as Canadian, it's wrong anyway. (I haven't checked, admittedly.)
  11. I've recently gotten back into EWR after no longer having the time or patience for TEW, and I would have to agree with some people like Eric Angle, who was barely involved with the business nearly 10 years ago, could be deleted. Oh and speaking of people needing deleting, I can't help but notice Gran Naniwa is still in the game, despite passing away back in October. Oh and thanks for keeping EWR alive Bill, it's much better suited for me now.
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