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  1. I've never finished the first one either, but I didn't remember it being this hard. One of the early levels Great Gate i think, with the spinning platforms I used to hate as a kid and still do, also Lost City and the bridge levels. Got stuck yesterday in the High Road trying to do it without the ropes and it just wasn't happening. Actually played 3 few months ago and it's nowhere as infuriating as the first one is. The tiger levels were always so much fun in the third one, that's always been my favorite of the three.
  2. I still play Splatoon a lot on Wii U (hope they won't be closing servers or anything anytime soon), i was waiting to see if 2 would be a launch title. Now that i know it won't come out until summer and i can still get the new Zelda for the Wii U, probably won't be thinking about getting Switch before Splatoon is about to be released, there doesn't seem to be all that much before it that i'd enjoy. Also paying for online sucks, that's what i've liked about Wii U over other consoles.
  3. I mostly go to the movies on my own. Always have, never find it to be weird myself. Others have though.
  4. Got Sun today. Chose Litten at the start and i've made it to the Trainer's School so far. I noticed something new, when you are with 6 pokemon and catch one it doesn't automatically get sent to the pc box, you can choose whether you want it to. That's a nice add i think.
  5. That is an awesome song! Much better than Hardwired (which i also liked). Very high hopes for the album.
  6. I don't know what it is about the third one, but i just can't get into it at all. I'm currently at chapter 9 and reading this here makes it seem like the even more "fun" chapters are still to come. I never had PS3 so it's my first time playing these. Uncharted 2 has easily been my favourite of these.
  7. I finished my first playthrough of Until Dawn yesterday and it definitely is something that i'll be replaying again, especially after my first one was filled with bad decisions and being terrible at the don't move parts, only one of them survived in the end.
  8. I've never played any of the Borderlands games but i want to get the season pass for Tales as it's on lowered price at the moment, will i be lost when i don't know anything about the story though?
  9. I've been re-watching Prison Break lately and i'm midway through the last season. I had quite forgotten how much i used to like this show. I remember how it all ends but there are some things leading to it in the last season that i have no recollection of, it has made watching more fun. On that note, it was pretty cool of seeing the actors of Scofield & Burrows together again in The Flash.
  10. Speaking of Bryan Lee O'Malley's books, is his Lost At Sea book any good? I was thinking of getting it too along with Seconds.
  11. ...and there's another goal! HAHAHA
  12. 4-0! What the hell, three goals in three minutes!
  13. I really like that, could be a little shorter though. There should be a Dio Medley coming from them in a few weeks too.
  14. Off to the bronze game we go, as much as i hate to say it Sweden was better. Hopefully we're gonna win tomorrow, someone like Teemu Selänne (my all time favourite player) who's playing his final year, would be a great way to go out with a win and a medal. Canada-USA's going to be a great game, whichever wins i hope they destroy Sweden in the final.
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