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  1. Wondering if someone has these for 05 that can re-up them somewhere. I just tried downloading them from the last person to do it, and I got several warning about adware and crap. Not cool man. Not even cool.
  2. In Temple of Doom, the club where the opening sequence takes place is called Club Obi Wan or something like that. Don't know if there are any others.
  3. I loved the movie. The story wasn't any more out there than any of the others, and I wasn't put off by the acting at all. I've heard people complain about how different the character was and that Ford lost touch with him. I completely disagree. The character has aged 20 years, and not only went through WW2 as a spy, but also recently lost his dad and one of his best friends. I think he played the character how he needed to play him. There were areas where he showed some of that boyish charm or whatnot, and there were areas where Indy was just plain weary. I'm not saying he completely nailed the character, but most of the usual stuff I've heard people complain about is silly.
  4. Spoiler: Click here to viewYou remember that every now and then you would catch glimpses of Rob and Beth's day together, I think it was April 27th. Well, after the whole I love you's, it went to the end of their day when they went to Coney Island. Rob asks Beth to say one last thing before the battery runs out or something and she says it was a good day. Something along those lines. Well, during that part Rob points the camera out to the ocean and you see a cruise ship or something. The falling object is there. The whole movie was filmed over that day. Thats why it pops up every now and then...
  5. I went and saw the movie last night and I have to agree with everyone here when they say it was awesome. It was frustrating being in that damn theatre when the movie was over and everyone was all like "Thats it?". Yes that's it. Some kids today think they need to have the whole story laid to bare before them. People missed the whole point. This was easily one of the most original movies I have even seen. And for people with questions about where the monster came from and such, if you follow all of the viral advertising for the movie, you can pretty much piece together the world that Cloverfield took place in. The most entertaining thing for me is telling people that haven't seen it that Cloverfield is a love story... I forgot to mention my only complaint. You see the monster too much.
  6. I've seen a couple of people argue that it's really the parents to blame, and I've seen a couple of people say that it's the kids fault. And of course the media is blaming this on the video game itself. The problem is that it is the parents fault, mostly. People nowadays don't accept the huge responsibility it is to have a kid. It used to be when you had a child, you were responsible for that child until that child was 18. As far as behaviors go, I'd say 99% of the time you can blame parents in one way or another. Society, especially American society, has become so hands off when it comes to raising kids it isn't even funny. You can't spank your kids. You send your kids off to a place with hundreds and even thousands of other kids to educate them and socially integrate them, so much so that the main influence in a child's life isn't mom or dad any more. So now there are a bunch of people running around now that have no respect for their parents and no respect for much else.
  7. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - I agree with what was said earlier. This movie was absolutely perfect for me and the ending with the music and the tension. Amazing. Lucky Number Slevin - Just having everything come together after what I feel was an amazing movie. Yankee Doodle Dandy - I used to watch this movie with my grandmother every 4th of July and I love the ending. It's an older movie, but I just loved the end. It makes you want to just smile. Gone With the Wind - I've seen this movie once, and the end is just humorous to me. This bitch Scarlett, who leads around everyone by their nose gets owned by Rhett Butler. Owned. There are several more that I could mention that others haven't, like The Sixth Sense.
  8. As a 49er fan, I have to admit, I think Alex Smith is horrible. Of course, when you go to San Francisco, you have to live up to a lot at the QB position. That being said, I have to hope he will show some improvement over last season (1 TD - 11 INTs). Having an NFL vet in Trent Dilfer as a back up helps a lot. The o-line is young, and with another season, hopefully they can gel. Vernon Davis might be a specimen, but I happen to like Eric Johnson a bit more. Probably because I've actually seen him do something. Hopefully, with a few 2 TE packages, and a strong running game behind Gore, the offense will actually be alive this season. On defense, all I can do is cry. I can't get over the losses this offseason. Overall, I am looking forward to the season, but I don't have high hopes. I would be pleased with a 6-10 record, but I expect 4-12. At least they are going to improve this season. When you are last in offense and defense, the only way to go is up.
  9. I must admit, I have been looking for some more authors that pique my interest, but as far as fantasy goes, I haven't found anyone that gets me going as much as Brooks does.
  10. As far as fantasy novels go, I read Terry Brooks. I read all his books at least once a year.
  11. Brimstone13

    Spiderman 3

    I am guessing that Sandman is going to be the main villain, Harry will continue his downward spiral into what will eventually be his taking on either his fathers role or the Hobgoblin role. As far as Topher is concerned, if he is introduced as Eddie Brock in the movie, then I think it will just be the introduction of the character. I doubt we will even see Venom in this movie. The whole Lizard thing could work. Two "minor" villains instead of one of Spidey's main villains. I wouldn't be suprised if they kill off MJ in this one either. You know who I would really like to see in one of these movies is Kraven. I think that character would transfer to the big screen better than some of the other villains.
  12. Now the problem is that it won't recognize my mouse. Damn Windows XP.
  13. It seems to freeze for me on the opening screen. I get past the screen where it asks for the name of the person who said the quote, then it goes to the Shadow President page with the music, and then nothing. I am running XP, and I have tried it normally and running it in Windows 95 compatibility mode, and still nothing.
  14. Racist Word Association Interview Thats the link to the SNL skit he and Chevy Chase were in. If you get the chance to actually see it, do it. And I agree about him and Gene Wilder. Those two just fed off of each other on the screen.
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