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  1. Broncos starting RT Ju’Wuan James has opted out
  2. He had a pretty solid year last year from the looks of things, 100+ strikeouts out of the pen is cool, even if the league is strikeout happy. I like how every time Matt Barnes faces off against Derek Fisher (formerly of the Astros, now with the Jays) it sets up a fun little side story because the brawl between the NBA players with the same name.
  3. I know I've said it before but where I live in Connecticut is far from a sports hotbed and Matt Barnes of the Red Sox is the only local professional athlete around at the moment. He went to high school right up the street from me, and his dad was the CFO at my former company. I don't like the Red Sox but I'd like to see the local guy do well. Well in the span of a week I've seen him: -give up a rocket to Cespedes on Wednesday that might be his final career home run -throw like 35 pitches and load the bases in a terrible 8th inning on Thursday, he only avoided blowing the game due to the Mets' complete ineptness -blow the game against the Yankees including that Judge moonshot Not a good week for Bethel, CT.
  4. What’s really wonderful is hearing Matt Vasgerian reach the point of orgasm every time he hits a dinger.
  5. Congratulations Aaron Judge on winning the 2020 AL MVP.
  6. The Braves are still paying Bruce Sutter who last played for them in 1988. In the Mets case, part of the reason they did it was because the Wilpons were heavily invested in the Madoff fund and they were getting increasingly huge returns every year, so it stood to reason Bonilla’s deal would effectively cost them less and less of their total proceeds each year. Of course, he wound up being a crook. Also in their defense, paying Bonilla to go away freed up payroll room to trade for Mike Hampton, and when he left the comp pick they got for him turned out to be David Wright. No Mets fan would trade that in exchange for doing away with the annual “lolmets Bobby Bonilla day” jokes. Think the Nats will be the next really bad deferral team. Scherzer, Strasburg, Corbin etc will all be getting paid long after they leave.
  7. Confirmed now - Cespedes opts out, bringing his Mets career to an end. What a strange journey it’s been with him. His 2015 run produced some of the most fun I’ve had watching Mets baseball. He was a focal part of the 2016 playoff team too (if you want to count one Wild Card game as the playoffs). His contract is objectively the worst in franchise history. $110 million for a 2.7 WAR over the life of the contract. That said, myself and all other Mets fans would’ve been screaming our heads off if we didn’t lock him up.
  8. More positive tests for the Cardinals for the third day in a row, and the tweets surrounding the extent of the recent positives sounds pretty damn ominous. Watch the game tonight folks, it might be the last.
  9. My theory on Cespedes assuming (fingers crossed) that his health isn't in danger as the Mets said is that he opted out and, for whatever reason, failed to inform the team. I can actually see why he'd opt out. His base pay was reduced to basically nothing after the ranch fiasco, nearly all of his money is coming from incentives. He's struggling really badly, he knows he's going to be on a short leash in a short season, and to cap it off it's already apparent the team sucks. It's in the team's best interest to give JD Davis and Dom Smith as many ABs as possible and to do that one of them has to take DH at-bats away from Ces. So with no real shot to meet those incentives, there's not much point in him continuing to risk his health.
  10. I don’t really agree with that. I think if someone is missing, putting out a statement makes sense because it is a quick way to hopefully get some information on his whereabouts. For whatever it’s worth they’ve now put out another statement saying they don’t have reason to believe his safety is at risk. Which would suggest to me that somebody clued them in to where he is. Hopefully he’s okay first and foremost as that’s my top concern.
  11. Yoenis Cespedes did not report to the ballpark today and all attempts the Mets have made to contact him have been unsuccessful. Well, that certainly doesn't sound good. Fingers crossed he's okay.
  12. Jets LB CJ Mosley has opted out of the season.
  13. Lorenzo Cain has opted out of the season.
  14. No new Marlins or Phillies positive tests, but that might be moot as now the Cardinals are in the midst of an outbreak with over five new positive tests. MLB has told all of the networks that air their games to prepare alternate programming for as soon as Monday.
  15. Lmao as always, former Mets always come back to kill the Mets. Travis d’Arnaud drives in the go ahead runs as the Mets blow a 6-run lead and lose 11-10. Bullpen’s already blown three games in a week. Also three straight four-hour games that turned into brutal losses. Fuck this team/season/year. Yay NHL hockey tomorrow.
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