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  1. MyBookie has a prop bet out on whether or not Drew Brees kneels for the anthem in week 1. Yes +300 No -700
  2. He's at odds with the Nets front office from the sound of things. The plan was always for him to sit out the season even if he was cleared before the normal playoff time (and he was, ended up being cleared in late March)...but obviously with the delay providing a few more months of rehab, he wanted to make a return for the playoffs. The team from the sound of things is having none of it. Should make for an interesting few days of WFAN calls as Nets fans were talking about how they'd accidentally stumbled into a dream scenario where they get everybody back.
  3. Many of the top rated comments in that video serve to confirm what we already knew: that most of the Trumpers who burned their jerseys and quit watching the NFL forever in 2017 came right back and learned nothing.
  4. And now text messages from Jake Fromm have surfaced in which he advocates making guns very expensive so that "only elite white people can get them". So that's his career over before taking a single NFL snap.
  5. I agree with this. Like, I don't know if Jimmy Fallon has had any other controversies besides this but just as an example...is it acceptable that he wore blackface? Of course not. Should he apologize for doing it? Absolutely. But it aired live on NBC. It's been on Hulu for years. Should he be cancelled forever now that somebody was bored enough in quarantine to watch a random 20-year old SNL episode and happened to stumble upon it and bring it to light? In this particular case he probably should’ve acknowledged his wrongdoing ages ago. Especially as other prominent people had blackface incidents come to light. Just come out and own up to it "I've done blackface in my career before too, it was not right and I've learned since then" instead of waiting for someone to find the clip. But the overall point remains that if you're a celebrity of any stature, everything you've ever written, filmed, or recorded in your entire career is going to be gone over with a fine tooth comb and held up to today's standards. We absolutely should expect people to apologize and learn from their transgressions and the more they've done wrong, the harder it is to imagine they've actually learned anything. But I think if we're just going to cancel everyone for slipping up at any point in their life it's going to be nearly impossible to get anything accomplished long-term.
  6. Responses are mixed as is usually the case with public apologies of celebrities. Some of his teammates have seemingly accepted his apology. Other people in the comment section saying it's too little too late to walk back the original comments and any attempt to do so is a PR play to save his own ass.
  7. Chris Archer to undergo surgery for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, will miss 2020 even if the season were to go forward. Normally I’d say at this point that any player with any sort of nagging injury should get it cleaned up right now. But TOS is not good at all. Very low track record of pitchers remaining effective after it, basically killed Matt Harvey’s career.
  8. Malcolm Jenkins posted a now deleted video in which he told Brees to shut the fuck up, numerous Saints players have called him out or unfollowed him. Interested parties: Jameis Winston, Taysom Hill, Bill Belichick
  9. Meanwhile, Drew Brees was asked about his thoughts if players chose to kneel for the anthem again this year...and he said he still can’t support it because it disrespects the flag. Just retire, Captain Stat Pad.
  10. It’s strange to imagine a scenario where a team may have a 2020 GRAPEFRUIT LEAGUE CHAMPIONS pennant hanging in their stadium next year.
  11. Clemson WR Justyn Ross to have spinal surgery and miss the season, football career in doubt. Was expected to be a first round pick in the 2021 draft.
  12. Owners counter back with a 50ish game season at full prorated salary. I'm sorry but anything less than half a season doesn't seem worth playing. 50 games goes completely against what baseball is supposed to be. If it happens, Manfred's comments about the WS trophy just being a piece of metal will be accurate because nobody is going to view that as a legitimate championship year.
  13. Assuming the season is cancelled, which is a safe assumption at this point...I'd say there's a good chance the December 2021 CBA expiration ends up becoming bunk and there will be substantial pressure to agree to a new CBA a year early. Especially since the big sticking point (fans being able to return) could very easily still be a problem by next spring. Nobody can know what the world will look like in a month, let alone late February. Even in the most optimistic scenario of a vaccine dropping this fall in world record time, I doubt it'll be available to the extent that you can comfortably fill tens of thousands of fans into a ballpark. Crowds will still have to be limited at best, if not continue to be banned outright. Players will be even more tempted to strike if/when the owners try to suppress the market for Betts and everyone else that hits free agency without playing this season.
  14. With the general consensus being that baseball will permanently lose a lot of fans if the season is fully cancelled, I do wonder what the mindset is of people who walk away. Like yeah nobody wants to hear about millionaires arguing with billionaires in times like these.....I can understand casual fans not bothering anymore but it's just odd to imagine somebody who is passionate about the game being like "I love baseball but I can't watch these greedy people anymore, I'm out!" thinking it's some moral high ground when there's way worse shit going on. The only other perspective I can maybe see is people now having realized they can live a year without baseball, they don't feel the desire to go back to spending countless hours watching baseball every spring and summer...turning passionate fans turn more into casual observers.
  15. Ugh. That last sentence is pretty much a cleaned up version of "not all cops!"
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