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  1. B-li Manning

    NFL 2019

    Bridgewater went 11-5 as a starter as a 23-year old. Then he got hurt, spent a year rehabbing, a year backing up Brees. There's been a longtime precedent around the league to snap up backups to elite quarterbacks and give them a chance to start, see the contracts given to guys like Matt Cassel, Matt Flynn, Brock Osweiler among others. Teddy gets nothing and has to take a cheap one year deal to go back to the Saints. Jimmy G went 5-0 and got one of the largest contracts in the league a couple years ago, Teddy goes 5-0 this year and not only will he be shown the door, I can guarantee he doesn't get a lucrative contract wherever he winds up. Black QBs are far more heavily scrutinized and not given the same opportunities as their white counterparts and that is a fact.
  2. B-li Manning

    NFL 2019

    Drew Brees indicated that he would decide on his future within the next month. Should he decide to retire, the Saints are expected to turn to Taysom Hill as their QB of the future rather than re-sign Teddy Bridgewater. Because why would you want a 27-year old you went 5-0 with when you can have a 30-year old receiver who has attempted 15 passes in his career at the helm? Sounds about white.
  3. B-li Manning

    NFL 2019

    RIP to another promising front office career.
  4. B-li Manning

    NFL 2019

    Tom Coughlin becomes eligible as a modern era nominee next year too so he's another multi-Super Bowl winner that will have to be considered. Two rings, took the Jaguars to four playoff appearances and two AFC title games in their first five years of existence, head coach for 20 seasons. He won't go in right away and I expect his Jacksonville ouster is going to be docked against him for a while despite it having nothing to do with his coaching career, but he's another name to add to the logjam. Wouldn't be surprised if they eventually split coaches into their own committee and induct one every year or every other year, much as they did for special contributors.
  5. Nicholas Castellanos to the Reds. Four years, $64 million.
  6. B-li Manning

    NFL 2019

    Apparently they did some sort of Skills Challenge thing this year, Lamar absolutely bombed in the precision passing. Oh and it seems like there was dodgeball!
  7. You’re certainly not alone. Virtually everything trending on Twitter right now is related to Kobe and if you click anything the tweets won’t load. The sheer mass of everybody weighing in with their shock and condolence has basically frozen the site.
  8. I have a mild fear of flying. I can get in a plane but it’s a very nerve racking experience for me even if I know everything will be fine. Between this and the Leicester City owner not long ago...I don’t see myself ever getting in a helicopter.
  9. The Cult of Tebow is about to buy the game en masse to get him to the big leagues.
  10. Relocation/rebranding is cool but not enough of a game changer to make me buy on day one. If they added all the minor leaguers that would be a definite game changer. That said the preview schedule just says “full minor league rosters”, might just mean they’ve finally added Single A and other leagues.
  11. B-li Manning

    NFL 2019

    Aside from a playoff appearance in 2016, the Giants have been awful since their last Super Bowl...Eli has taken a huge brunt of the blame, and it’s clear that the time to move on was after the Geno Smith debacle in 2017 instead of Gettleman recommitting to him and giving up a year later. That said, no matter how bad seven of the last eight seasons have been, history will remember Eli leading two miraculous Super Bowl runs, mostly playing on the road in very tough conditions where he displayed nerves of steel. He also was an iron man in a league where quarterbacks get hurt every year, and due to his ability to stay on the field he’s finishing up top 10 all time in yardage and touchdowns, all for one of the longest running franchises in the sport. There were ups, there were downs. His body of work will likely land him a spot in the Giants’ Ring of Honor as soon as next season. They might not officially retire his number since they’ve retired so many of them, but much like Strahan’s #92 I still think they’ll keep Eli’s #10 out of circulation. His Hall of Fame candidacy will be a fascinating debate in five years, can two Super Bowl MVPs and longevity outweigh the .500 career regular season record? In any event, a whole generation of Giants fans will always remember Eli as their quarterback. Thank you Eli.
  12. Mets promote quality control coach Luis Rojas to manager and will sign him to a multi-year deal. Rojas managed in the Mets minors for six of the last eight seasons, is very popular with the players (many of whom he's already managed), and he is said to be analytically inclined. Given the circumstances it's the best option for them.
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