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  1. Just about every mock has the Bengals taking Burrow with the Dolphins and Chargers taking Tua and Herbert in some order...the downside is there aren't really any other teams known to be in the hunt for a QB. All it takes is one more team wanting one of those guys and suddenly the Giants pick at #4 might be a potential trade down. Or even better...Washington and Detroit trading down as the top 3 picks go to QBs and the Giants somehow get Chase Young. I can dream but really they need offensive tackle desperately and there are no shortage of options. It's never a sexy pick but it's the right one.
  2. Islanders trade for Jean-Gabriel Pageau and immediately give him a six-year contract extension.
  3. Jamal Adams recently Tweeted out in support of a 17 game season. The majority of players do not want 17 games due to the bodily sacrifice, but some players like Adams are in favor of it because of the extra week of game checks, roster bonuses, and increased incentives. He then deleted his tweet after facing a backlash of criticism from former players, and Richard Sherman encouraged Adams to call him so they could discuss in more depth. It's a complicated issue for the players to handle because any player supporting it is going to hurt their position in CBA negotiations.
  4. If that’s the argument, why not just make the playoffs a 32 team tournament? Letting nearly half the league in is just silly. I’m fine with a 7-9 division champion making it because sometimes the division just sucks, but more playoff teams just means more .500 wild card teams making it.
  5. Playoff expansion expected to be approved for this upcoming season, seven teams per conference with only the top seed getting a bye. Can’t wait for a 12-4 team to get knocked out by a 7-9 team that shouldn’t be there.
  6. Knowing this country, that’ll be a 25 year prison sentence.
  7. Seahawks sign Greg Olsen. One year, $7 million with $5.5 million guaranteed.
  8. In some good news, the Giants announce they will not be inviting Aubrey Huff aka Curt Schilling Lite to their 2010 World Series anniversary celebration this season.
  9. This would’ve been better than his actual apology tbh
  10. With players all around the league being asked about the Astros and most of them saying they’re disgusted...Dusty Baker has already raised a concern with the league that his players, specifically Altuve and Bregman, are going to be plunked a lot.
  11. And now it gets better! Last night I popped in my service tag on Dell and looked through the manual to determine the blink code. 3, 1 blink pattern indicates a battery problem. OK cool but still no idea why this would happen on the second fucking time I'm using the machine. It was super late at night though so I didn't do anything else. Today...pop the service code back onto the website and getting messages that the service code doesn't exist in their records. So even if I call in there's a good chance whoever I'm talking to won't be able to help. So much for spending the weekend gaming after what was a beyond brutal week at work.
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