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  1. I've been really critical of Sandy lately but can't kill him for letting Murph go. It was a sensible move in the moment. He was a nice hitter for several years for the Mets but never anything to blow the doors down. He went totally apeshit in the 2015 playoffs, but it came from literally out of nowhere. Just look at his stat line with the Mets. Over 900 games in the big leagues and he was generally averaging out to around .285 with 10 or so HR and 50 something RBI. There was literally no reason to assume a ridiculously hot 7 game stretch was going to be the new norm for a 30 year old player who to that point in his career had been nowhere near that productive and also a defensive liability. They made him the qualifying offer and he turned it down, and the consensus among baseball was that Neil Walker was an upgrade anyway. Yeah it sucked when he signed with the Nats because I knew he was going to kill us, every former Met kills the Mets - but I didn't see him turning into possibly the best hitter in all of baseball. And neither did anybody else. Anyone who says they did is simply lying. Oh, also - Murph has been outspoken about disagreeing with homosexuals' lifestyles and seems to believe being gay is a choice. So don't be too happy about his success.
  2. Gil Brandt releases list of his top RBs of all time Yep, there's Ezekiel Elliott clocking in at #26 after only one season in the league.
  3. Patriots sign David Harris to a 2-year deal. Has a team ever mathematically clinched a division before Thanksgiving? The Pats will take a run at that this year.
  4. Colin Kaepernick calls for the dismantling of the police system and compares modern day officers to slave catchers. And with that, the 2% chance he had of playing in the NFL again is gone.
  5. The Mets' unwillingness to promote Amed Rosario is infuriating. Jose Reyes is slashing .184/.261/.286 over 244 plate appearances. He's having legitimately the worst season by an everyday player in team history. And yet they insist on saying Rosario "isn't ready" as he tears up AAA. It makes no sense from any standpoint. The Mets may be pretty far out of a playoff spot right now, but the NL appears to be crap and in the 2 Wild Card era that means it won't take much to get back in the mix. How could they possibly think Rosario is a worse option than Reyes?
  6. And 2 weeks later, his season is over. Placed on IR.
  7. McGregor wins after Mayweather gets chokeslammed by Big Show while the ref is distracted.
  8. I don't feel like McGregor will get knocked out - I think he can withstand a beating and that plus Mayweather's defensive style could drag the fight out the distance. But I fully expect Mayweather to win unanimously via embarrassing McGregor from a technical standpoint.
  9. I'd say McGregor's going to be embarrassed, but it's hard to be embarrassed after guaranteeing the biggest pay day of your life to be in what will be an extended sparring match for Mayweather.
  10. The Warriors have voted unanimously to skip their visit to the White House. I retract my previous statements about not liking them.
  11. Cavs come up short again next year and LeBron decides to sign with Golden State for 2018. Everyone takes pay cuts to make it happen. 98-0. League implodes.
  12. I used to groan every time I was forced to compete in a triple threat or fatal four way match. You had to hit a finisher, then throw the other one or two guys out of the ring and pin the guy you hit your finisher on quickly. No time to even drag the person you hit your finisher on to the middle of the ring so if they landed close to the ropes, you were likely to get fucked by the rope break. If one of the other people reversed out your Irish whip or clothesline attempt, you were fucked, etc. It was just such a chore. The automatic roll-outs are way better. I'm sad it wasn't this way back when Championship Scramble was first put into the game, it was impossible for the champion to ever get pinned because the CPU stupidly kept breaking up the count.
  13. I'd like to see it go 7 just because it's more hockey....but I can't see a scenario where the Preds win in Pittsburgh. They're just not very good on the road.
  14. One of these days a five home run day will happen. Guys have gotten close with the fifth hit being a long double off the wall or something.