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  1. If the 5th year option that comes with a RD1 pick is a sticking point for the Giants I can't imagine a trade down happening then. The Chiefs or Saints could possibly take a QB but I doubt one of them is high enough on Mahomes to move up ahead of Houston, and none of the other teams are going to be taking one.
  2. I've been seeing Njoku mocked to the Giants a lot more frequently of late. I'd be upset if he's still on the board and the Giants choose not to take him. They cancelled a scheduled meeting with him which has me thinking they aren't interested but I think a legit pass catching TE would be a huge boost for the team. Really not sold on any of the offensive linemen - supposedly they're wary of Robinson and Ramczyk's injury histories. They're also a bit concerned about Bolles as he'll be a 25 year old rookie - but he's the one the most reliable Giants beat writer I follow has them taking so I'm thinking that could be the pick. At this point if Njoku's off the board I wouldn't be averse to the Giants trying to trade down if a team is wanting to jump ahead of Houston for Mahomes, even if it means trading out of the first day.
  3. An ownership group which includes Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush has won an auction for the right to purchase the Marlins.
  4. He's lucky he even got $3 million at this point. Most teams would prefer to spend less than a million bucks on a 7th round/undrafted rookie RB than spend more than they have to on an aging, injury prone player at the same position.
  5. I always get a nice chuckle out of the NFL Network re-airing the first round of recent drafts because they intentionally skip the dumpster fire that was the the 2013 draft.
  6. As wonderful as Sandy Alderson has been at stockpiling talented young arms and finding hidden gems in the draft for the team's future, his philosophy on building a roster at the big league level really sucks. In typical Moneyball fashion he completely disregards hitting for average and defense, and in turn you end up with a bunch of largely unathletic dudes putting up goose eggs for weeks at a time before somebody heats up. It's honestly a chore to watch and that's with baseball being one of my biggest passions. Mets team batting average the last 5 years compared out of 15 NL teams: 2013: 14th 2014: 12th 2015: 13th 2016: 12th 2017: 14th And as I type this, they're swinging for the fences with the bases empty in the 9th despite being down by 2.
  7. I was a fool for thinking the Mets had any chance at winning the East. It's the same damn roster that finished 8 games behind the Nats a year ago, of course they're not at the same level as them.
  8. This is the best thing the Browns will do all year.
  9. I thought for certain the Falcons would've been opening against the Pats as they're scheduled to play there his year and they did a Super Bowl rematch to open last season too. The NFL took mercy on them by not making them stand there and watch the Pats' ceremonies.
  10. I mean I sorta understand it. Giants/Cowboys is one of the oldest rivalries in the league and I really can't ever remember a time when those games didn't feel like a big deal, even in years when one or both of the teams sucked. There aren't too many matchups in the league that carry that same feeling. But for their fans, it's about the most stressful way to start the year imaginable. And if they're just making it a formal tradition to have those teams start the year, I wish they'd at least alternate who hosts it. Yeah maybe it's technically better to get the home game later in the season when it's crunch time, but damn I miss getting to open a season at home. The Giants' last week 1 home game was 2012, and that's because they were defending champs. Oh and they played Dallas then too.
  11. And they are. Fourth time in five years, and it's been in Dallas every single time. What a joke.
  12. Due to an obscure law that mandates a case be reverted to original status if somebody dies before they've exhausted all appeals, Hernandez is now considered innocent in Massachusetts. So in one morning he made himself innocent, avoided having to serve a life sentence, left his family to grieve, and left Lloyd's family with no justice. What a fucking scumbag.
  13. Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell this morning. He committed suicide via hanging himself with a bed sheet.
  14. Spoiler Alert: the Giants and Cowboys will be booked to play Week One.....again
  15. Starling Marte suspended 80 games.