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  1. Blake Snell and JACOB MOTHEREFFING DEGROM are your 2018 Cy Young Award winners
  2. "The field condition in Mexico City is terrible, we need to move the game." "No problem, we'll just move it to LA. Problem solved!" "Thanks! Wait...isn't the air quality terrible in most of California for the foreseeable future?" "Problem. SOLVED."
  4. Shohei Ohtani and Ronald Acuna win Rookie of the Year honors.
  5. Sad to see a legend pass, but 95 is a hell of a run
  6. Managed to save the Chiefs until now and as a result I won my Survival Pool today. $225
  7. I’m late as hell to the party as I just don’t watch a whole lot of TV, but I’m now binge watching the hell out of this and have no regrets. Also, how the hell is Andy Samberg 40?
  8. Oklahoma State goes for two and fails. Agreed with the call given how horrendous their defense is, but that play call on the conversion was terrible.
  9. For as long as I can remember I’ve always flipped to the final ten minutes of College Gameday just so I can watch the picks segment and Lee Corso’s headgear pick. I never tire of Corso winding up the home crowd only to then pick against them to massive heat.
  10. Poor Girardi. Holding out for the Cubs job but the team might be blown up by the time he gets there.
  11. #14 NC State blows it late against Wake Forest.
  12. The following ballot was announced for the "Today's Game" Committee of the Hall of Fame. The 16-member committee will meet during the Winter Meetings to vote on whether any of the below should be included in the Hall of Fame Class of 2019: Harold Baines Albert Belle Joe Carter Will Clark Orel Hershiser Davey Johnson Charlie Manuel Lou Pinella George Steinbrenner Lee Smith
  13. With that short porch in right field, Harper would probably be good for 30 home runs a year just in home games alone. I don't buy these anonymous sources telling Buster Olney that the Yankees are not even considering him.
  14. That deal included no opt-out clause, which is something nearly every big time free agent signing wants in their contract nowadays. The Nats knew he wouldn't take that offer, but at least they can say they tried.
  15. I give credit to CC for deciding in advance that this will be it. He's pretty much got a rubber arm and could've kept continuing indefinitely. Speaking of which, Bartolo Colon wants to pitch another year, which would be his age 46 season. At his age to see him rack up sub-4 FIP years from 2011-16 was impressive not to mention the guilty pleasure of watching him swing the bat with the Mets. After a terrible 2017 I understand why he wanted to play another season and try to end on a better note. But he was even worse last year, 5.47 FIP with 32 home runs allowed. He met his goal of passing Juan Marichal for most wins by a Dominican pitcher, and now he should call it a career. I love the guy, but it's time.

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