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  1. Some franchises just have losing in their DNA. The 2017 Jags were the flukiest bunch of flukes that ever fluked.
  2. While I think Le'Veon Bell will sign somewhere this offseason, I don't think he's going to wind up getting the mega contract he was hoping for. Partly because his own team hasn't missed a beat without him, but mostly because I think owners will purposefully lowball him as they don't want other players thinking about sitting out entire seasons.
  3. The award of "First Major League Signing of the Offseason" goes to Jeff Mathis who signs a two-year pact with the Rangers. If you want a testament to how good Mathis is defensively, look no further than the fact that he got a multi-year deal at 35 despite hitting .198 over 2400 career at-bats.
  4. Yes but it's not like Ohtani's projections are based on an insignificant amount of playing time (though I do love joking about "on pace for" stats a week into the season), he only appeared as a hitter in 45 fewer games which is barely over a quarter of the season. He did enough to at least make the argument he would've surpassed Andujar in HR and other categories. Keith Law's the first guy to yell about small sample size and he voted Ohtani. I think we can all agree though that the worst ballot belonged to Dick Scanlon of the Tampa Bay Ledger. Not only was he the only ballot to leave off Ohtani, he also left off Torres in favor of Joey Wendle and Ryan Yarbrough. Did he leave Ohtani off because he missed time? No - he left him off because he "doesn't consider him a rookie" since he played at a very high level in another league. Terrible. Can't wait to see what that guy's HOF ballot looks like.
  5. I've also got one of my friends who is a Red Sox fan kvetching about Alex Cora not winning Manager of the Year (Bob Melvin and Brian Snitker won). "How can he not be Manager of the Year when he won 108 games in his rookie year?" I don't understand the beef other than blatant homerism. It didn't take an Einstein to run that team. The award usually always goes based on whatever team exceeded expectations. Not saying Cora isn't a good manager but that team was so stacked I'm fairly sure anybody in this thread could've gotten them to the playoffs.
  6. Not Ohtani’s fault that voters are only now starting to realize that punishing guys for primarily DHing is stupid. He was on pace to surpass Andujar in more offensive categories. Can’t argue the strikeouts other than to say they’re sky high league wide with no signs of coming down. Anyway, Andujar’s really good, but I think if he and Ohtani’s teams were flipped there would be no outcry from the NY media over who won the award.
  7. Not really. Strictly in terms of defense a guy who doesn’t field at all is more valuable than a guy who fields and actively hurts his team while doing so.
  8. I don’t really think that’s fair. Ohtani had a 40 point advantage in OPS and SLG over Andujar while hitting only five fewer home runs despite 247 fewer at-bats. That he primarily DH’ed can’t really be held against him when defensive metrics support that Andujar was one of the worst fielders in baseball (-25 DRS, -2.2 dWAR). And that’s not even factoring in Ohtani pitching a third of the season and doing a good job of it. Andujar is a hell of a hitter, and if the Yankees can figure a way to get him over to 1B he’ll become even more valuable. But to suggest that it was a screwjob seems a bit much.
  9. Blake Snell and JACOB MOTHEREFFING DEGROM are your 2018 Cy Young Award winners
  10. "The field condition in Mexico City is terrible, we need to move the game." "No problem, we'll just move it to LA. Problem solved!" "Thanks! Wait...isn't the air quality terrible in most of California for the foreseeable future?" "Problem. SOLVED."
  12. Shohei Ohtani and Ronald Acuna win Rookie of the Year honors.
  13. Sad to see a legend pass, but 95 is a hell of a run

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