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  1. Adam Ottavino to the Yankees. 3 years, $27 million. Random factoid: the Yankees retired every single digit number except for 0, which they've never issued. And that happens to be what Ottavino wore in Colorado.
  2. A week away from the Hall of Fame announcement, 42.5% of the ballots have been revealed publicly. Over 75% Rivera: 100% Halladay: 94.3% Martinez: 90.3% Mussina: 81.7% The top three were all expected to go in and it sure looks like they're all safe. Mussina picked up 17 votes from writers who didn't vote for him last year. I don't know if he'll actually clear the final 75% hurdle to go in for 2019, but it's going to be very close and he'll be in either this year or next. Within 10% Schilling: 74.3% Clemens: 73.1% Bonds: 72.6% Walker: 66.3% Schilling has seen as similar uptick in votes to Mussina, I think a lot of the writers who refused to vote for him because of his inflammatory remarks in the past few years, particularly his comment about lynching reporters. Seems that many of them felt that the initial boycott was sufficient and he looks like another one bound for Cooperstown by 2021. Clemens got one additional vote than Bonds, which is puzzling as arguments as they're so often tied together. Regardless, neither will go in this year. They'll see a sizable drop as the more traditional voters tend to not reveal their ballots early. If they are voted in I don't think it will be until their final year of eligibility in 2022. Nobody has gained more votes than Larry Walker. I don't see him getting all the way up to 75% but I think there's a clear late push to get him in for 2020 which will be his last year on the ballot. Next Closest McGriff - 35.8% Vizquel - 35.8% Huuuuuuuuge drop between the second and third tier. McGriff should've gotten way more support than he has. The next "Today's Game" Veterans Committee vote will be in 2021 and I feel like McGriff is a shoo-in to go in then. Color me impressed that the voters haven't gone gaga over Vizquel, he'll never drop below 5% to drop off the ballot but he's not going in anytime soon.
  3. Kyler Murray has decided to pay back his $4 million signing bonus from the Oakland Athletics and has declared for the NFL Draft.
  4. So umm....was Adam Gase like this in Miami?
  5. Yeah, Romo was talking about that on the first drive of the game yesterday. The Pats don't even need to be loaded up with great players offensively because their scheme presents more looks than just about any other team in football. They'll hit checkdown after checkdown until you start playing man coverage to adjust, and as soon as you do that they'll start throwing it downfield to Gronk against a linebacker. And once you start adjusting for that, they'll go to another look and it's genuinely not possible to gameplan for everything they have in their playbook. It's all Belichick. Weirdly though, some Pats fans get offended if you say that because it implies that Brady might be a product of the system.
  6. Dallas and Philly being bounced is the best I could’ve asked for this weekend. I’d love to see the Pats knocked off next week as, much like the majority of us, I’m just bored of them winning year in year out. But at the same time, I’ve seen them win so much that I’m kinda numb to it so if it happens, whatever. Last year was the first year I can ever remember the Super Bowl being relegated to background noise for me, a team I was bored of vs a team I hated. Thankfully no matter what I’ll be more invested this year.
  8. If it seriously ends up being Pats/Eagles again, I’m done with the NFL. Completely done. There won’t be a doubt in my mind that I’m watching scripted entertainment.
  9. Checked the score and laughed my ass off. So typical. Why would Brady and Belichick ever retire when they get a virtual bye to the AFC Title game every year?
  10. And another touchdown. 12:17 left in the second quarter and I’m about ready to tap out of this one. Hopefully I can turn it on later and eat crow but the Chargers look completely unprepared.
  11. Pats have already scored two touchdowns with ease. Chargers defense looking ridiculously beatable.
  12. All 30 teams could easily afford to pay the luxury tax and give the players the money they deserve, but they’re more concerned with saving money than trying to get better. Gonna be an exhausting couple of years in the sports world with the NFL heading for an inevitable lockout in 2021 followed by MLB in 2022.
  13. I think Skip Bayless' caps lock got stuck

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