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  1. A few years ago I loaded all of the baseball games I'd gone to on the MLB Ballpark app which is pretty cool. I'd need to look at it, but I've seen my share of Mets pitching gems: 2003: Steve Trachsel one-hitter vs. the Rockies. In classic Mets fashion, the only hit surrendered was to the pitcher. 2012: R.A. Dickey complete game shutout vs. the Cardinals, the day after Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in team history. 2013: Matt Harvey throws 6.2 perfect innings vs. White Sox. Ends up throwing 9 scoreless innings with 1 hit allowed but again in classic Mets fashion, he didn't get credited with the win as the Mets couldn't score...though they did walk it off in the 10th. Speaking of which, I've seen my share of walk off wins but never a walk off HR.
  2. Well Jed Lowrie still has yet to get into a game for the Mets after signing a 2-year $20 million deal but the Phillies have their own version of that going on. David Robertson signed for 2 years, $23 million. Pitched to 5.40 ERA over 6.2 innings before getting hurt. And now months after the original injury, he will undergo TJS, effectively ending his Phillies career as he will miss 2020.
  3. Feel honored to have been watching live to see the first turnover of a HOF career.
  4. Doesn't really matter if he plays the whole season or not, Pats aren't missing a Super Bowl for the rest of Brady's career.
  5. My butthole is going to be firmly clenched any time Barkley takes a handoff this preseason.
  6. Like I said, one of these year a team is just gonna flat out not play any starters all preseason and risk losing a key contributor in a meaningless game. See if having them practice only is enough to get them ready for the year.
  7. Yep that meant it definitely wasn't 1998 - the Giants won and I've never been to a night game. It was 1997. And now looking at the box score, I totally remember that Tito Wooten pick six because the crowd erupted in "WOOOOOOOO", and not like Ric Flair. I also completely forgot about the Cowboys kicker being named Richie Cunningham but I remember my dad and his friends having a big laugh about it.
  8. I've only been to one preseason game - Giants/Jaguars back in I believe 1997. All I remember about it was Brunell getting a major injury. Other than that we left near the end of the third quarter I think. I'd never been to a Giants game before, so this was basically a "trial" run to see if I could handle going to a game as I was a very hyperactive kid around that age. My actual game was either that year or the next against Dallas. Wonder if I still have my old ticket stubs, I know I was saving them for a while up until tickets turned into printouts.
  9. Landry Jones becomes the first player to sign with the new XFL.
  10. Welp, as much fun as the past month has been, my fear was that since the break the Mets had simply been beating up on the worst teams in the league. Now they've gone 2-3 against the Nats and Braves but they should be 0-5, both wins were results of the Nats bullpen completely imploding and gifting them the wins. They've got Julio Teheran tonight who has owned them historically, and Jeff McNeil who has emerged as their most consistent offensive player is injured. They do have the Royals this weekend, but after that it'll be the Indians, Braves again, and Cubs. There's no point in making the playoffs if you can't beat any good teams. And besides, this year the prize of being a Wild Card is playing a Game 163 for the right to lose to the Dodgers in the NLDS so it's whatever. Suppose I should just be glad that they got to unexpectedly play meaningful games in August. That's more than I can say about the last two seasons.
  11. I forgot that Rice was a Bronco in 2005, but at the end of preseason when he was told he’d made the roster but would be the 5th or 6th receiver he opted for retirement. It would’ve been his age 43 season. Had he theoretically been okay being at the bottom of the depth chart I wonder how long he would’ve kept playing.
  12. I'd be too distracted by Mike Glennon's enormous neck to listen to him.
  13. After the Rice/Moss/TO group I'd put Fitzgerald near the top of the list. He's consistently produced despite having a million QBs throwing to him.
  14. Rice’s longevity makes his career records virtually unbreakable. About the only records that’ll be tougher to beat are Vinatieri’s once he finally retires. In an era where kickers can be replaced on a dime the second they struggle, I can’t see anyone being that good for a quarter century.
  15. To nobody's surprise, Golden Tate's four game suspension has been fully upheld. While his explanation is entirely plausible (fertility treatment contained a banned substance and he didn't realize til after), it's nearly impossible to get out of a PED suspension. The reality is you and your doctor have to examine what's in each and every pill that you're putting into your body. For whatever it's worth, of the first four games (at Dallas, vs Buffalo, at Tampa, vs Washington) that's not that bad. I fully expect Dallas to roll us if they get their contract messes sorted but the other three games should be winnable. I don't have high hopes for the season anyway but if they suck enough to start 1-3 or 0-4, Tate wasn't going to be enough to turn that around anyway.
  16. Phillies get 75 year old Charlie Manuel out of retirement to be their hitting coach for the remainder of the season.
  17. I'd be okay with Jason Garrett getting a lifetime contract.
  18. Just do what the Patriots do with Brady and pay him under the table via funneling money to his foundation.
  19. I don’t even see why they bothered playing this Yankees/Orioles series. Just give the Yankees four wins and call it a day.
  20. $500k is still a hell of a lot more than I make now, so I hereby volunteer to QB the Cowboys for league minimum.
  21. After missing two extra points in the Jets' preseason opener, Chandler Catanzaro abruptly retires at 28.
  22. Bullpen woes aside, the Nats are super lucky. Lose Harper and now they have Juan Soto who might be even better.
  23. With Cano likely out for the season, the Mets sign the recently released hometown boy Joe Panik. I like it, he hasn't hit much this year but neither have any of the Mets' 2B and I'd much rather get a Gold Glove caliber guy out there to help out the pitching staff. I also like the obscure fact that he played in the first game in Citi Field history. Like, the literal first game...a St. John's/Georgetown college exhibition game that was mostly a chance to test out stadium operations in a game setting.
  24. This entire thread. Antonio Brown has already seemed to implode in Oakland.
  25. Keke Coutee also picked up an MCL sprain. I feel like one of these years a team is just going to straight up not have any of their starters take a snap all preseason.
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