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  1. Cardinals trade Rosen before the draft. Draft Kyler Murray #1 overall. Murray comes out to hug the commissioner. "AYYYYYYYYY!" Pulls an Oakland A's cap out of his back pocket. "AAAAAAAAAAAAA's!" Murray walks out and embarks on his baseball career.
  2. If the Giants actually waste the #6 pick of the draft on Jones I will set myself on fire.
  3. The Giants should run to the podium if Allen is there at #6. And even if he's not there, the most common name I hear coming up is Devin White who I'd also be thrilled with. Basically, they are almost certainly guaranteed to have a stud defensive player available for their first pick and that's where I want them to go. The only QB I'd take at #6 is Haskins, but since the Giants supposedly aren't big on him, I'm fine going defense. I've made it no secret that I have no interest in Dan Jones, not even at #17. I think he's only getting buzz because QBs always get buzz in the draft. I've seen a few grading systems rank him as a 3rd round level talent. Gettleman is stubborn, and if he takes Jones in the first round that means he's 100% committing to him next year and beyond even if/when the Giants are in a great spot to pick Tua/Herbert/Fromm who I all think are far better than Jones. I'm terrified because the Giants beat writer I trust most has quoted a scout as saying the Giants LOVE Jones and will probably just take him at #6. I truly hope that is just a smokescreen to get Washington to try to jump as they supposedly like Jones too. Jones at #6 would make me physically ill.
  4. Gio Gonzalez to the Brewers. 1 year, $2 million. Mets didn't even make an offer because they viewed him as only a "mild upgrade" over Jason Vargas who currently has a 9.58 ERA. I hate this team.
  5. Imagine having your kicker of all people demand a trade. Well, that's what's happening in Santa Clara with Robbie Gould. He has pulled all of his contract proposals and informed the team he will not sign with them long-term. Furthermore, his agent says that he has no intention of reporting to training camp or preseason. He won't return to the team until the September 8th season opener, if at all.
  6. Good night Tavares. Don’t forget to put your jammies on.
  7. I have to throw Madden in here. The series was around forever but it was absurdly fun to play in the mid-2000s and I got the game every year. I specifically remember being in high school and one Saturday I fired up Madden 04 and powered through an entire season in franchise mode in a day. And on top of that, the NFL2k series was churning out excellent games as well. Both series felt uniquely different, and as someone who mostly played sports games I had no qualms about playing two NFL games at the same time. Madden 05 is usually said to be the series' peak and really that's not too surprising as a few months after release, EA reached an exclusive license with the NFL which effectively killed the NFL 2k series. And with no competition, EA just powered down and turned their game into an annual roster update. I don't think they made any sort of wholesale changes again until Madden 12 or so. But even at its best Madden's had some wonky CPU issues. You'd hear the same stuff every year. Warping linebackers, nanoblitzing, god-tier defensive back play no matter how good your QB and WR are or how bad the other team you're playing is, impossible to block field goals one year and then the next year blocked field goals seem almost scripted. Despite this it gets a good-to-great rating every year because it's still a game you can pop in and mindlessly spend a few hours playing. The problems were never game-breaking to me because I'm able to adjust to whatever quirks the CPU has that year. I don't let stuff like that completely torpedo the game for me. That said, I also only buy the game every three or so years now. I take a more casual approach with it and I don't look to view the game with a critical eye. Meanwhile you have longtime Madden fans swearing they're done with the series only to drop $60 each and every year to do nothing but complain.
  8. So many good responses to the Bengals' schedule reveal video. This one is probably my favorite.
  9. Between Santana, Wright, Cespedes, and potentially now deGrom...I think this seals it that the Wilpons will never greenlight a 9-figure contract ever again.
  10. Fucking hell. I had a bad feeling about this after he just had two bad outings. I've been screaming for over a month for the Mets to sign Keuchel, but if Jake is out for the year there's no real point. If he's out for the year, the season is over.
  11. Be that as it may, I don't understand how players can be so sensitive about celebrations in 2019. Instead of throwing a ball at a player who took you deep, you should throw a celebration right back at him after you strike him out next time.
  12. So Tim Anderson hits a home run, flips his bat. Next time at-bat he gets plunked which causes a bench clearing brawl with both him and the pitcher (Brad Keller) getting ejected. Keller's been appropriately suspended five games. But Anderson, who frankly did nothing wrong, got suspended for using bad language during the incident. MLB is a joke.
  13. The Lions hired Steve Yzerman? He didn't even play football! No wonder they always suck.
  14. I've thought about it. I mean the mode itself is pretty basic but I enjoy creating storylines on my own. I think if I were going to do a diary, I'd be more inclined to start as a completely brand new promotion, and I'd do what the game recommends and only have each starting promotion begin with 10-12 workers so there's a decent free agent pool. Or I can go on an edit downloading spree.
  15. After loaning a few guys to them for shows here and there, NXT agreed to a cross-promotional show with me. It's five interpromotional matches and you don't know who the other promotion is booking as opponents until you go into the event, with the exception of the title match. Each promotion has to put a title on the line during the show. Went 2-1 in non-title matches with Hangman going over Montez Ford, Kenny going over EC3, and Daniels losing to Matt Riddle. PAC also did his part, retaining the AEW Title against Kassius Ohno. I really wanted the NXT Title, so I sent Brock in there as a heavy hitter against the NXT Champion, War Raider Rowe (I refuse to re-name him to Erik). It ends up somehow turning into a violent 20 minute brawl, most of it happening outside the ring. Rowe takes one German too many and gets CRITICAL'd on the outside. Brock btings the NXT Title to AEW and I now at long last have a second singles heavyweight championship.
  16. Baltimore alternates home and away every single week. I've never seen that before.
  17. Jason La Canfora reports that the Cardinals are all-in on taking Kyler Murray at #1. Nick Bosa being the #1 pick is confirmed, then.
  18. Just to formally close the book, the AAF filed chapter 11 bankruptcy today.
  19. On the plus side, the Giants only got booked for three night games which is their lowest since 2004. Two Mondays and one Thursday. NBC passed on the Giants completely, which speaks volumes to how bad they're expected to be this year. I hate night games, so this is at least a small consolation for supporting a crappy team.
  20. Giants are opening the year in Dallas for the fifth time in the last seven seasons. I fucking hate the NFL.
  21. 8-0 Phillies in the first inning. Steven Matz has yet to record an out. Well, at least I don’t have to check during breaks in the Islanders game.
  22. I congratulate Demaryius Thomas on his second Super Bowl ring.
  23. They're positioning it as though they aren't having him appear in two innings for his health. It's a line of shit.
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