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  1. Anyone who actually thinks Kapernick "sold out" loses credibility with me because it's clear they had no grasp of what the lawsuit was about in the first place.
  2. Ahahahaha yes! I'm glad this idiot can't afford to keep his store open anymore.
  3. Kinda would love to see Glazer go off the rails like this during a live FOX broadcast.
  4. Against my better judgment, I logged onto the Giants Pro Boards for the first time in a while and I’m greeted with ten unique topics asking if the Giants will try to trade for Case Keenum. This fanbase eats too much lead paint.
  5. Pitchers and catchers report in a week, dozens of free agents are still on the market, and amidst that standoff come the news that the league and union are exploring some potentially drastic rule changes. Among the ideas being thrown around: -Universal DH -Only having one trade deadline (right now 7/31 is the regular trade deadline and 8/31 is for waiver trades) and moving that trade deadline up to before the All Star Break -26 man rosters, no more than 12 pitchers allowed -20 second pitch clock -Pitchers required to face a minimum of three batters -Lowering the mound -Changing draft order to discourage tanking -Allowing two-sport amateurs to immediately sign big league contracts (aka the Kyler Murray Rule) Could be some pretty interesting times. I really don't want the universal DH but I've long accepted that it's inevitable so whatever. I also like the idea of expanding the rosters by an extra player so teams can have a six man bench and it'll give jobs to specialists who otherwise wouldn't be able to make the league. The three batter minimum for pitchers though is ridiculous, it'd basically end the career of lefty specialists all at the expense of making games faster.
  6. Jacob deGrom has given the Mets a deadline of Opening Day to hammer out a contract extension. Like most players, he's not interested in negotiating a new contract in-season. There's also a sense that his relationship with the team is becoming a bit strained because his camp was told two months ago that they were going to talk an extension and the team has yet to even broach the subject. Honestly, if they don't get this resolved in the next six weeks he has another great season I'm not sure he's even going to want to talk an extension when he'll only be a year away from free agency. Then again, he'll be 32 when his deal is up at a time where teams seem to be afraid of paying players too deep into their 30's, so it's possible a three or four-year extension right now will be a lot more appealing to him than it would to Syndergaard.
  7. John Elway is a perfect example of why teams should stop hiring its legendary players into front office roles. You invariably wind up with people having to call for their childhood heroes to be fired.
  8. "oversaturation" is not a word that exists in the NFL dictionary.
  9. It sounds like the NL owners are now on board for the Universal DH because it'll make the league more balanced. But despite that, it's off the table for 2019 and probably 2020 and 2021. Even though both sides want it, the owners know the union wants it more due to the potentially high paying job it will create. So the owners are going to use it as a bargaining chip in the next CBA instead of giving it away for free.
  10. I feel like I always lose interest in RTTS super quickly. As a pitcher I can generally make it to The Show fairly quickly, but as a hitter it doesn't seem to matter how great I'm doing, I'm made to toil in the minors for ages and I just lose patience. And yep, franchise is pretty much all I play now too so I don't really think I can see myself dropping $60 again just for a roster update. That's not meant to be a knock on the developers either, they've probably just about maxed out what they can do with this game on the current platform. I don't see an overhaul coming until PS5.
  11. Speculation is that the "brand new game mode" March to October is basically just the return of Season Mode which got removed last year. Contract extensions are certainly a nice touch for franchise but given that franchise doesn't have it's own stream day suggests that the mode is completely unchanged except for that one feature.
  12. There still seems to be a portion of black Twitter that think Kareem Hunt was justified in his actions because the woman called him the n-word. Like....can we not get into arguments over whether or not domestic violence or racism is a bigger transgression? Both are terrible, everybody in this situation looks bad and nobody deserves a pass.
  13. I’m terrified of the Giants taking Dan Jones. Drafting a Duke QB is only going to bring back bad memories of Dave Brown.
  14. The Giants have reportedly already ruled out Kyler Murray because of his height. Sigh.
  15. This pretty much kills all of the goodwill the Browns built up with me last year.
  16. Yeah I've had to do that with a few CAWs. I've found so many great ones that just have no movesets at all.
  17. What is the limit? I still have like 60 open CAW spots and when I download a CAW that has like 20 custom images I feel like I'm invariably going to end up downloading dudes with empty attires.
  18. As much as I don't want leaguewide DH, I can't deny that it would be beneficial to the Mets pretty much immediately. Lowrie and Frazier are going to man the corner spots to open the season, but Peter Alonso will be up after a few weeks when the service time threshold passes and the thought was Frazier would become an expensive bench player at that time. Now there will still be a spot in the lineup for him and as frustrating as he can be to watch at times, he does still have pop. Plus if Cespedes returns, the DH is a great way to rest his balky quads. And once he's is off the books after 2020, Cano is probably the full-time DH for the remainder of his contract.
  19. More than anything on this list I hope that one doesn't pass. Just imagine bringing a reliever in with a man on. Hits the first batter he faces. Walks the second batter. Well clearly he's rattled, better pull him. But you can't! Bases clearing double. Supposedly the DH could be implemented as soon as this year, which, I have to say, kinda screws over NL teams who could've shifted their priorities this offseason to try to sign a big bat they otherwise didn't have a spot for.
  20. Ah Rich Gannon, I always forget about him. It's so weird that he and Flacco are the only exceptions to the AFC being represented by Brady, Manning, or Roethlisberger since 2001. Yeah he did a brutal job. While I have nothing against the Rams I do have to admit I take a small sense of delight in McVay losing just because of the ridiculous hype around him. While it's not his fault that franchises are run by idiots, he's almost single-handedly caused most of the league to only target young offensive-minded head coaches. Emphasis on young too, you don't see anyone slapping the "offensive genius" label on Eric Bieniemy who Mahomes regularly heaps credit upon for his game-planning.
  21. I enjoy a well-played defensive struggle but I felt like there were stretches in that game where the offenses looked inept rather than the defenses playing great. Especially the Rams. Goff missed some wide open throws and that interception when they were on the verge of trying it was such a horribly thrown ball. He looked like the stage was simply too big for him. Worst QB performance I've seen since Kerry Collins against the 2000 Ravens, and at least he was going up against a top three single season defense of all time.
  22. That’s not even remotely close to closing the gap. You know who wasn’t even a HOF finalist this year? Torry Holt who has 8,000 yards and 44 more TDs than Edelman while rarely getting the chance to even play in the postseason.
  23. Jesus, I’m glad Edelman won MVP but Pats fans are now declaring him a future Hall of Famer. No. Just no. The dude has a remarkable story, but his numbers are not even remotely in the same stratosphere as WRs currently in the HOF.
  24. Never been happier to see a football season end. RIP 2018 NFL season, you will not be missed.

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