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  1. WWE 2K18

    Yeah, 5 star matches were good for like 7,500 points in the last game and now you only get, like, 300. They're pretty much begging people to get the Accelerator especially since you can't download CAWs if any parts or moves of locked legends are used.
  2. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    This might be the craziest ending sequence I've ever seen in a football game.
  3. 2017 MLB Thread

    Tigers hire Ron Gardenhire as their next skipper. Red Sox will reportedly be naming Alex Cora as their manager. Really wanted Cora for the Mets, but as soon as I saw Boston was interviewing him I knew it wasn't going to happen.
  4. WWE 2K18

    Since rivalries were more broken than Matt Hardy I'd gotten used to just booking my own shows and merely doing it through Universe mode so that the stats and stuff could be tracked. I imagine there's a decent chance I'll be doing that again this year.
  5. 2017 MLB Thread

    I'm pretty indifferent to who wins the Dodgers/Cubs series but I'm super glad the Cubs got the win last night. More baseball please!
  6. WWE 2K18

    Already a lot of great stuff out there from what I've heard. Supposedly some of the really good CAWs are locked out for people who don't have Angle, RVD, or Batista...but there were similar issues that cropped up last year and usually you'll get someone who takes the CAW and removes all of the DLC-related moves so that anyone can download it.
  7. 2017 MLB Thread

    Welp, the Yankees have finally figured out Keuchel. I know the series is going back to Houston but this has gotta seriously fuck with Houston's heads.
  8. WWE 2K18

    That's the same boat I'm in if my will power fades. If I cave relatively soon I'll feel kinda silly for not just pre-ordering it to get Kurt, but I almost exclusively wind up using the current roster and CAWs. That's one of the reasons I'm swayed to getting it really. Most of the CAWs I have in 2k17 are actually in the game now (Roode, Jinder, Hawkins, Sanity, and loads more) so it'll free up that many more CAW spots for me. I could have room for damn near the whole New Japan roster.
  9. WWE 2K18

    I was optimistic when 2k took over, but that anticipation dissipated as soon as I found out Yukes were still involved. As long as Yukes is involved, they will continue to use elements of a nearly 20 year old engine and the game will only marginally improve year to year, if it improves at all. I have no doubt 2k could do wonderful things if they were either able to either take a year off to work on a brand new game from the ground up for 2k20. But that's not going to happen in an era of yearly releases, no matter what the budget is. Hell Madden barely changes year to year and that's EA's cash cow.
  10. WWE 2K18

    I get tempted by this every year no matter how shit it looks. I don't buy all that many games so it's not as though $60 would break the bank. The part that would inevitably piss me off is that I'd be spending $60 for maybe a month or so of playing before I get unbelievably bored and put the game in the drawer forever.
  11. WWE 2K18

    IGN have given the game a 7.0, the lowest they've ranked a WWE game in ages.
  12. WWE 2K18

    My understanding is the bulk of the graphical enhancements are seen during entrances and matches, not so much backstage.
  13. WWE 2K18

    The worst part is, I totally would buy a plain black tank top for $22 from WWE Shop if I knew it was gonna help support Luke Harper I'm one of the marks.
  14. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    Giants win! No 0-16! Upset of the season and I've never been happier to be eliminated from my survival pool.
  15. WWE 2K18

    Totally a finished product.