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  1. ‘72 Dolphins pop the champagne yet again
  2. Chase McLaughlin. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. -edit- or maybe he’ll get another shot! What a game.
  3. Yordan Álvarez is AL ROTY. Pete Alonso is the NL ROTY as expected. Andrew Baggarly of The Athletic was the lone voter to deny him the award unanimously.
  4. Shurmur should’ve been fired yesterday, but now seeing the Dolphins win their second game makes me think they need to keep him around through the Giants/Dolphins game next month. I can taste Chase Young.
  5. Falcons and Dolphins cost a whole lot of people who were still left in their Survivor pools.
  6. The Chiefs will make the playoffs but in no way can I buy them as contenders. It’ll be the Pats or Ravens coming out of that conference.
  7. 1 rushing yard for Barkley. Drafting a RB #2 overall is such a brilliant idea!
  8. The DPI rules in the league are so messed up. Just saw Darnold do something that Flacco made a career out of. Overthrow the WR so that they have to turn around and come back through the DB, and the flag for contact is thrown on the DB.
  9. Saquon gets mugged on yet another awful pass block attempt from him, Jamal Adams just straight up pulls the ball out of Daniel Jones’ hands and takes it for a TD. 12 fumbles in nine games for Jones. Quarterbacks with turnover problems in college almost never improve those problems in the NFL and at this point they may seriously have to consider pulling a Cardinals and taking another QB next year. Arizona might’ve saved their franchise by knowing when to cut their losses early. If they do it, Dave Gettleman should not be making that pick.
  10. 14-0 Jets in the first quarter. Giants have run only six plays. Daniel Jones has already fumbled for an 11th time in nine games.
  11. I feel like the Padres change uniforms more than any other team. That said, these are some nice-ass uniforms.
  12. Glad Bama lost but you know they're getting into the playoffs anyway, even if it means two SEC teams yet again. It's Bama's birthright to play for a title every season.
  13. Sin Cara’s maskless face in the game is not Hunico, presumably because his mask covers the entire face and therefore no need to be scanned. Based on that I’d say that’s definitely Kalisto and Dorado’s faces since their masks expose their mouths and chin. But maybe not Metalik since his mask covers everything but the eyes.
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