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  1. The Rays' Montreal split season talks have broken down. Rays to remain in St. Pete through 2027.
  2. Reports circulating that billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen has increased his equity stake in the Mets, to fully vest in five years. The Wilpons will remain in control for five more years at which point Cohen will assume 80% control of the team. Did somebody slip me an aphrodisiac?
  3. Yeah apparently Wheeler’s wife is from New Jersey and she wanted to stay close to friends and family. So that was the deciding factor. That said, I think that’s way too much for Wheeler. He’ll pitch to a sub-2 ERA against the Mets because of course he will, but I don’t like his chances over a full season in that bandbox.
  4. The sad thing is the Giants pulled Eli as the starter right as he fell to .500 in his regular season career. As bad as the Eagles have looked recently, the Giants are far worse and haven't beaten the Eagles in years. So now Eli gets to lose to Philly one last time to go below .500 Yet if he manages to pull off an unlikely victory and mess up Philly's season in the process, it'll just fuck up the draft. Total no-win situation for the Giants.
  5. There’s really no reason to have Jones rush back from a high ankle sprain this late in the season. May as well just give Eli the last four games as a farewell tour.
  6. Greg Roman has been installed as the early betting favorite for the Panthers job.
  7. The Giants are an immediate front runner if only because Dave Gettleman cannot resist anyone associated with the Panthers or Cardinals.
  8. Loooooove watching Carson rip off a 25 yard run to the goal line only for Penny to vulture the TD and 6 points away from me. Fantasy football is just the best!
  9. I almost forgot that not even two years ago the Jags were half a quarter away from going to a Super Bowl.
  10. Yeah, having a two game lead over KC takes some of the pressure off of next week’s game...because after that they’ll have Cincy followed by Buffalo and Miami at home. Odds are very good that they’ll still be getting their annual bye week.
  11. My response to the last three posts:
  12. McAdoo still deserved to be fired because he was a fuckhead. Shurmur is at least seems like a really nice guy. But he’s clearly a crap coach and I’m certain they’ll move on from him in January.
  13. Literally the entire reason Lock hummed it so far downfield in a tie game with only nine seconds to go was to draw a pass interference call. Inexplicably, Casey Hayward took the bait.
  14. I hope sahyder’s jinxing abilities have transferred over to you.
  15. If the Giants lose to Washington this month, they are virtually assured no worse than the #2 pick of the draft. The only thing keeping them from Chase Young is if the Bengals aren’t in love with Joe Burrow.
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