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  1. Will this eventually be turned into the NFL 2020-21 offseason thread or will that be a new topic?
  2. Marcus Stroman has abandoned his rehab from a calf tear and opted out of the season. I don't begrudge anyone for opting out, but the timing of it (waiting until right as he hit the 6-year accrued service time mark to ensure free agency) would seem to imply that he was always going to opt-out as soon as he could, injury or not.
  3. The expectation is that once college football is cancelled, NFL will try to move games Saturday. I'd guess there would be at least one Saturday game for each of the main time slots (early afternoon, late afternoon, night game) and they'd all be on FOX/CBS since those are the networks that would be giving up some of their Sunday games. Once bye weeks kick in there will be some weeks Sunday Red Zone is completely irrelevant.
  4. Look at 2:22. Astros hitting coach Alex Cintron telling Ramon Laureano to come on over to say it to his face and as soon as Laureano charges, Cintron ducks behind his players like a coward.
  5. The Islanders won a playoff series in Toronto before John Tavares did.
  6. I mean they said before the season that they were going to try to suspend as many games as possible if there are opportunities to make it up before another game.....yet the very first game of the season was a five inning rain shortened game even though there was a whole weekend to make it up so I really don’t get it.
  7. At least playing in the spring feels like it’ll be a safe bet. I try not to get my hopes up much with the virus but with all the progress that’s been reported I truly believe that there will either be a vaccine or at least widely available, reliable drugs available to treat it by some time in early 2021, and our lives can at least relatively safely be normal again by spring.
  8. Pirates/Cardinals series postponed. With that, the Cardinals will now had 15 games postponed, a quarter of their season. It's notable that they haven't gotten to the point of forcing the Cardinals to replace over half their roster and then continue playing like they did with the Marlins. It feels like a double standard because the Cardinals, unlike the Marlins, actually had playoff aspirations and it would behoove them to play 7-inning double headers with a full roster instead of having to field a team of minor league replacements.
  9. The MAC has cancelled all fall sports, including football. They are planning on spring football. A high ranking college football industry source told Pat Forde that he fully expects all conferences to cancel fall sports within a week.
  10. We know what @Plubby’s pick would if there was an offensive coordinator position.
  11. One year I actually did this intentionally when there were a ton of good players that had the same bye. I think my QB, top two RBs, and top two WRs all shared a bye week. My thinking was I basically punt the one week in exchange for getting a full lineup the rest of the way as the rest of the league contends with having different players out every week. It worked out as I made the playoffs, but like most strategies all it would've taken to mess things up is an injury or somebody performing way below expectations.
  12. Rosters were set to be trimmed from 30 to 28 today and then from 28 to 26 in two weeks. Speculation was that they'd cancel these given that players can become unavailable at a moment's notice. The league and union ended up meeting in the middle. Rosters drop down to 28 today and then stay that way for the remainder of the season. A 29th player can be added on double header days, and the taxi squad allowed to join the team to provide quick reinforcement on road trips has expanded from three to five.
  13. I’m sure the fact that the team has sucked for years and brings in no money was as big a part of a reason for it as anything but I’m proud of UConn for sitting out the season. Playing any football this year is irresponsible.
  14. Most of the obvious ones have been said, so I'll just throw an odd one out there. I follow The Simpsons' official page on FB and so do loads of my friends, because hey, who didn't love The Simpsons in their heyday? We still quote it religiously, even though none of us has watched it with any degree of regularity in ages. But man, every time they put up posts about new episodes there are just so many comments from people posting stuff like "cancel the damn show already", "this stopped being good 20 years ago" etc. And it's just strange. I don't watch the show anymore either but I don't feel the need to call for it to go off the air. Even if it's true that the show has been bad for over half its existence, it's like these people have a fear that the old stuff is gonna stop being funny or be retroactively ruined.
  15. Most leaguewide charts would show you the average release point of each pitcher but doesn't differentiate between their pitches. So here's a relatively average pitcher in Kenta Maeda. You can glean that he clearly releases his curveball from a higher point than his slider, etc. Whereas here is Jake Arrieta and Chris Sale who are obviously better pitchers and have less variance in their zones, everything is being released from a relatively consistent point. This is around what you'd expect from some of the best pitchers in the league. I just find this stuff interesting, and it's why deGrom's chart showing he's literally throwing every pitch at the same exact spot is impressive.
  16. It's been said that one of the most important elements to a great pitcher is having a consistent release point so as to not tip off the batter as to what pitch is being thrown. Well damn.
  17. Yeah Mike Soroka tore his Achilles last night and it was really bad. Just planted to throw a pitch and went down. Mets had McNeil taken out of the lineup during BP and Cano and Rosario exiting to injuries in-game, none of them sounded serious, just the kind of stuff that could pop up with muscle soreness, and the Mets have played every day this season. I think some of the teams with prolonged layoffs are trying to lobby to the league to at least allow their healthy players that test negative multiple times after the outbreak to continue working out at the team facilities. Problem is with both the Marlins and Cardinals outbreaks, some guys don't test positive until three, four, five tests in. It's too risky to allow anyone from the team out.
  18. Entire Cardinals/Tigers series this week has been postponed, and next week's Cardinals/White Sox Field of Dreams game in Iowa cancelled.
  19. Broncos starting RT Ju’Wuan James has opted out
  20. He had a pretty solid year last year from the looks of things, 100+ strikeouts out of the pen is cool, even if the league is strikeout happy. I like how every time Matt Barnes faces off against Derek Fisher (formerly of the Astros, now with the Jays) it sets up a fun little side story because the brawl between the NBA players with the same name.
  21. I know I've said it before but where I live in Connecticut is far from a sports hotbed and Matt Barnes of the Red Sox is the only local professional athlete around at the moment. He went to high school right up the street from me, and his dad was the CFO at my former company. I don't like the Red Sox but I'd like to see the local guy do well. Well in the span of a week I've seen him: -give up a rocket to Cespedes on Wednesday that might be his final career home run -throw like 35 pitches and load the bases in a terrible 8th inning on Thursday, he only avoided blowing the game due to the Mets' complete ineptness -blow the game against the Yankees including that Judge moonshot Not a good week for Bethel, CT.
  22. What’s really wonderful is hearing Matt Vasgerian reach the point of orgasm every time he hits a dinger.
  23. Congratulations Aaron Judge on winning the 2020 AL MVP.
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