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  1. Trout deserves every penny of that.
  2. I have to think, even this late in the game, he probably could’ve gotten more on a one year deal elsewhere. But at this point, may as well go to a contender where he could win like 15 games with that offense
  3. Gio Gonzalez to the Yankees on a minor league deal. Only $3 million if/when he gets to the majors. Absolutely disgusted that the Mets couldn’t scrape up enough cash for that when Matz and Vargas are always at risk of blowing up.
  4. I've been saying for years that I want to go to spring training and I keep talking myself out of it. Well, mostly because I have other stuff I'm saving for (in the case of this year, WM weekend).
  5. Really wish the Spring Training locations in Florida weren't so spread out. The Mets seem to play the same five or six teams over and over again all spring and three of them are division rivals. They're playing the Nationals and Marlins all week and those are the first two teams they face in a week and a half when the regular season starts...so they've resorted to throwing their starting pitchers into minor league games instead.
  6. I imagine so if you skip it. I’ve been watching most of the matches on a fast sim speed.
  7. You can watch, skip, or play any match. But no way to decide a winner. The monthly notes on what other promotions are doing are hilarious. I wasn’t sure if there was any sort of logic in terms of booking decisions but apparently not as Bo Dallas, Viktor, and Roman Reigns won the newly created Raw 6-man tag titles.
  8. I don’t buy all that many games so I said screw it and dropped the $20 for a promoter mode. Decided to use AEW, but just like you do when you start with a new promotion you can only keep six wrestlers, so I went the realistic route and kept Kenny, Jericho, Hangman, Cody, and the Bucks which sent the rest of the roster into free agency. I then used my one available free agent signing on PAC. I tried to invite Best Friends or SCU to work the Bucks but couldn’t get more than one member from either to commit. So I jostled the card around and ended up with: -A game-generated Japanese guy I invited going over Chuck Taylor -Hangman and Cody beating the Bucks for the AEW Tag titles -Daniels over PAC -Kenny over Jericho for the AEW title Every match got over 90% and the main got 100%, making it a killer first show. And then I advance to February and get told my February event is going to be an interpromotional tournament with NXT!
  9. Knicks pull off a surprisingly thrilling win over the Lakes with LeBron getting blocked at the last second. And all the fans do is moan than they want to lose games. Yet another thing I hate about the NBA.
  10. Patriots are targeting Jordy Nelson, because of course they are.
  11. Unger had a really nice career. That said, pretty lousy timing for the Saints since all of the good free agent centers got snapped up straight away when they had no reason to think it was a need, and they don't have very many draft picks.
  12. Not sure I totally understand the Golden Tate signing. Trading Beckham means the Giants should be totally committed to a rebuild and $23 million guaranteed is a lot for a guy entering his age 31 season. That said, looking at the contract breakdown he'd be a fairly easy cut after 2020 if he didn't pan out. Also, Tate's the type of receiver who should have a favorable aging curve given that he thrives mostly in the quick passing game and doesn't need to be a speed burner. But that's also probably the bigger issue I have with the signing - he and Sterling Shepard are very similar. It's clear they're not going to re-sign Shepard now, so maybe they can get a draft pick for him? They're building the offense around Barkley, surrounding him with two short passing game receivers seems a bit redundant. I think you'd need at least one deep threat receiver, otherwise there is no need for opposing safeties to ever bother playing back against this team.
  13. Wouldn’t surprise me. Hill is a known piece of trash.
  14. Lefty specialists have been around for decades. And they tend to have very long careers because a lot of right handed relievers still suck ass at getting lefty hitters out. I’d be pretty pissed off if my union just negotiated to eliminate my job.
  15. The three batter rule is asinine. They’ve just ensured that specialists are all going to be out of jobs all because the league wants to make games shorter. Can’t wait to see a pitcher throw eight straight balls and they pan to the manager who can do nothing about it.

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