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  1. Between Santana, Wright, Cespedes, and potentially now deGrom...I think this seals it that the Wilpons will never greenlight a 9-figure contract ever again.
  2. Fucking hell. I had a bad feeling about this after he just had two bad outings. I've been screaming for over a month for the Mets to sign Keuchel, but if Jake is out for the year there's no real point. If he's out for the year, the season is over.
  3. Be that as it may, I don't understand how players can be so sensitive about celebrations in 2019. Instead of throwing a ball at a player who took you deep, you should throw a celebration right back at him after you strike him out next time.
  4. So Tim Anderson hits a home run, flips his bat. Next time at-bat he gets plunked which causes a bench clearing brawl with both him and the pitcher (Brad Keller) getting ejected. Keller's been appropriately suspended five games. But Anderson, who frankly did nothing wrong, got suspended for using bad language during the incident. MLB is a joke.
  5. The Lions hired Steve Yzerman? He didn't even play football! No wonder they always suck.
  6. I've thought about it. I mean the mode itself is pretty basic but I enjoy creating storylines on my own. I think if I were going to do a diary, I'd be more inclined to start as a completely brand new promotion, and I'd do what the game recommends and only have each starting promotion begin with 10-12 workers so there's a decent free agent pool. Or I can go on an edit downloading spree.
  7. After loaning a few guys to them for shows here and there, NXT agreed to a cross-promotional show with me. It's five interpromotional matches and you don't know who the other promotion is booking as opponents until you go into the event, with the exception of the title match. Each promotion has to put a title on the line during the show. Went 2-1 in non-title matches with Hangman going over Montez Ford, Kenny going over EC3, and Daniels losing to Matt Riddle. PAC also did his part, retaining the AEW Title against Kassius Ohno. I really wanted the NXT Title, so I sent Brock in there as a heavy hitter against the NXT Champion, War Raider Rowe (I refuse to re-name him to Erik). It ends up somehow turning into a violent 20 minute brawl, most of it happening outside the ring. Rowe takes one German too many and gets CRITICAL'd on the outside. Brock btings the NXT Title to AEW and I now at long last have a second singles heavyweight championship.
  8. Baltimore alternates home and away every single week. I've never seen that before.
  9. Jason La Canfora reports that the Cardinals are all-in on taking Kyler Murray at #1. Nick Bosa being the #1 pick is confirmed, then.
  10. Just to formally close the book, the AAF filed chapter 11 bankruptcy today.
  11. On the plus side, the Giants only got booked for three night games which is their lowest since 2004. Two Mondays and one Thursday. NBC passed on the Giants completely, which speaks volumes to how bad they're expected to be this year. I hate night games, so this is at least a small consolation for supporting a crappy team.
  12. Giants are opening the year in Dallas for the fifth time in the last seven seasons. I fucking hate the NFL.
  13. 8-0 Phillies in the first inning. Steven Matz has yet to record an out. Well, at least I don’t have to check during breaks in the Islanders game.
  14. I congratulate Demaryius Thomas on his second Super Bowl ring.
  15. They're positioning it as though they aren't having him appear in two innings for his health. It's a line of shit.
  16. Last night. 8th inning. Bases loaded, 2 outs against a division rival with the heart of the batting order up. Clearly the spot to use your electric All Star closer Edwin Diaz who hasn't pitched in 3 days to go for the 4-out save, right? Wrong. The Mets brought in Robert Gsellman who has been terrible this year. He immediately issued a 4 pitch walk to tie the game. The Mets ultimately won it and Diaz closed out the 11th inning. But the fact is the game may well have never gotten to that point had they went to their best reliever in the game's biggest moment. And yet after the game, Mickey Callaway said in no uncertain terms that Diaz is never going to be used for more than 3 outs nor will he come back out to pitch after he's already gone into the dugout. I can't believe teams use such regressive strategies in 2019.
  17. The Lightning should be retracted.
  18. He did not streak broken this afternoon, bringing his average to .029
  19. Wonder if he’ll go 0-269 like Curt Hawkins.
  20. Jets sign Ty Montgomery to back up Le’Veon Bell.
  21. That Ozuna play is actually the opposite of what I've seen a lot of this year - outfielders making a break for the ball only to realize they need to run another 20 feet back. Given how good skilled outfielders are at reading the ball off the bat and being able to tell from the crack of the bat how far back they'd need to go - that so many guys are midjudging it would tell me that the ball has once again been juiced.
  22. Braves sign Ozzie Albies to a seven-year extension with two club options that could bring the total contract up to nine years, $45 million. He won't be a free agent until after his age 30 season. That is completely absurd. His agent needs to be fired.
  23. The closest "connection" I have to a big leaguer is that Matt Barnes of the Red Sox is from my town and his dad is the CFO of the company I worked at for years. My cousin was a solid pitcher in high school but not good enough to be recruited by anybody other than D-3 schools which don't offer athletic scholarships. He's now playing baseball at my alma mater. I've just looked to see how they're doing and holy crap, what a weird stat line. They are 5-16 despite scoring 155 runs in 21 games (average of 7 per game). That's because their team ERA is 11.35. My cousin for his part has appeared in three games, surrending 14 ER in just 2.1 innings, for a cool ERA of 54.00. Fucking ouch.
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