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  1. CC Sabathia's been pitching with a bum right knee all year and it appears to have just given out on him. Had to be removed from the game and limp off the field with the trainer. Got a standing ovation from the fans and both teams as everyone realizes that even if the Yankees mount a series comeback, he's almost certainly not going to be able to participate any further. Unbelievably shitty way to end such a great career, yet it's also probably fitting that he fought through injuries right up until the very end. Dude was a warrior.
  2. I feel like if Elway was anyone else, he’d have been fired years ago. This is why teams should never hire franchise legends into the front office.
  3. Garett Bolles seemingly has no idea how to block without committing holding penalties.
  4. With how they did almost no promotion for this game nor reveal anything until two weeks before release, just made me think about how much I looked forward to these games back around high school. I remember back around SVR 2006, IGN would do the SmackDown Countdown in the months leading up to release. Every weekday, they'd put up a post for someone on the roster showing their stats, some images, and videos of their entrance and finisher. It was just the easiest thing to geek out over and make you anticipate the game even more, especially because the detail in every character was incredible by 2005 standards.
  5. At least he’ll always have that much-deserved Super Bowl ring.
  6. Mariners now stand alone as the only team to never play in a World Series.
  7. No matter the team, it always amuses me when guys talk shit about other players and it blows up in their face. Happened to Ramsey a few times last year too. Nothing positive comes from the shit talk.
  8. Only good thing about the Nats stomping then Cardinals is that they might join the long list of recent teams that have swept the CS only to go cold during their week off.
  9. Even one of the YouTubers flown out to try out the game early is giving an honest take instead of just blindly sucking up.
  10. Kushida’s entire moveset is in the game but not Kushida himself, so that would seem to suggest that he was going to be DLC that got scrapped.
  11. The countdown to Vince losing so much money he has to sell WWE is on!
  12. NewLegacy who were invited to the 2k event confirmed that there will be no new wrestlers released through DLC, just monster versions of existing characters. They’ve completely phoned it in this year and I will gladly hug my copy of Fire Pro.
  13. Rick Honeycutt retires after 14 seasons as Dodgers pitching coach. Mark Prior is his replacement.
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