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  1. Anyone else want to drop down? It's only TJP, but I want to grind out charges.
  2. Apologies for my lack of activity lately. I've got a lot going on, both positive and negative. I should be able to get back to 70-80 charges every BG soon.
  3. Sorry about this one (and the next one if it's before Monday). This is a stupid week for me.
  4. If Ellis and RW win their remaining games, I get my 2 against their top guy and we get about 800 from Bleh, Chris and Deathlok combined, we can still steal this one.
  5. If we get Taker quick enough, the UL is Lesnar. Network errors don't want it to happen for us though.
  6. I got my second Ultimate pair! It's Big Cass. I might wait for my third pair.
  7. We should get 10000 easy. Winning is another matter.
  8. You can lose TBG?
  9. I got Sami Zayn as my WM33. Was really hoping for a female, where I'm really falling behind, but soon hopefully.
  10. I'm getting one for sure. If enough of us who are still using El pros and UL solos do, we should be able to hit WM33 tier pretty soon.
  11. I'm not going to do much this event, holiday Monday means I'm not playing much today, and tomorrow is busier than a normal Tuesday. I'll do as much as I can, but that won't be much.
  12. I am slow at levelling but I just got my two EL Jey Usos ready to combine when I get my first UL Pro! JEY USO.
  13. Is anyone else struggling to get charges from TRTG? I got 9 in 24 pulls from Rumbles, and only 4 in 45 pulls from RTG.
  14. Got EL Wyatt and Truth, and UL Slater. 2 weeks ago I got my first UL and it was my best card and now I'm struggling to get them into RD.
  15. @En Dub I can't believe you let Michael back.