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  1. That would get you there. You probably wouldn't have to finish levelling Aries either.
  2. We've got a few spots open, I've got it set to private now, I'll have to set it to public so we can get enough bodies to make the next event, but I want to make sure you get in first. It should come up if you search EWB.
  3. I don't mind rivalry based divisions, but the crossover kills that. It's one thing if the divisions get split five and three for one team to go over, but when four teams from each division make it, they should stIck together. Either go full on division playoffs or do 1 vs 16 and so on.
  4. Bliss would have been nice, but I'm happy with Uso. This was a really poorly timed event for us.
  5. RTG starts tomorrow, you should be able to get a few good cards even with a SR+ deck. Also, try to login at least once everyday, even if you're not going to play. Login rewards are huge. Also try to always be in a KOTR, even if you're not competing they're good for training cards.
  6. At the same time, the Elite card probably costs half as many contracts as the WM33 probably will.
  7. Terrible luck early is killing my plan to 3 card before it even gets started.
  8. I've found switching between wifi and data helps with that if it's an option.
  9. I'm good for another 10-20. I don't really care about getting the third card, but it's doable if Michael and his 54 shards are game. Reddit says it's Ambrose.
  10. HD is a Smackdown card.
  11. My SS freebie was Charlotte. I seem to alternate tiers, I never got any Legendary females until I was way beyond the tier, and haven't drawn a single Wrestlemania female, but I got a ton of Survivor females, and my only non event Summerslam so far.
  12. I'll be getting Nakamura today, and we should be able to get the Hardened card easily enough in TRD. I'll pro Lesnar once I have one more HD or SS Pro card besides those two.
  13. Got Gallows earlier than expected, but this weekend will be stupid. Hopefully I can grind out Nakamura.
  14. I really doubt I'll get Hardened in RTG yet, but I could get SS Pro Gallows with MITB. Edit: Actually, just looked, and it's not very many points at all this time around. If I get SS with a day and a half left I can do it.
  15. 845 of 1960. He keeps that up and EWB's going to have a new A-Team soon