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  1. Arjen Robben

    Best OST

    I thought the score for Moonlight was beautiful. Particularly this first piece. The Last Black Man in San Francisco too.
  2. Yeah his stats have been great for years now I think but he never seems to break in to the Barca team. Riqui Puig looks good on this one too, I tried to get him on loan at the same time as Alena but he chose to go on loan to fucking Bournemouth. Anyway, he's dead to me.
  3. I’m Betis, budget and aspirations kind of out the window, the sky’s the limit cause I’m three seasons in now and I’m tooooo damn good, baybay. Maybe. So other than someone who’s going to cost upwards of like £100m like an Alisson or Ederson I’m fairly flexible. But in any case, this Dani Martin backup keeper I have seems okay, worth giving a chance to have a run being the future number one anyway so I’m just sticking with Robles to transition to him and see how that goes. A thing that always annoys me in this game is how it seems like other teams never have to pay as much as you in wages? I sold Lo Celso to Real Madrid for £80m after having him for a season and he was shit. Was initially annoyed he turned down the Spurs move for the £40m or whatever but it worked out in the end. Anyway, I tried to sign Houssem Aouar cause he was transfer listed by request and available for like £45m and he wanted £200k so I just thought fuck it and agreed to what he wanted, bonuses and all. Rejected me and signed for Arsenal on £120k? Cunt. Ended up getting Lucas Paqueta instead. Have also got Camavinga coming in in the summer which I’m happy with. He was listed by request too and Bayern came in with an offer, I didn’t want to bring him in halfway through the season but didn’t want to miss out so I jumped in with a deal worth £59m and he signed for me :*) TAKE NOTE AOUAR YOU LITTLE CUNT. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Enjoy Arsenal. Again, cunt. Got quite a formidable little side going. Defence could be stronger but I’m loyal to the lads. Think my squad is currently: Joel Robles, Dani Martin Sergino Dest, Emerson, Mouctar Diakhaby, Marc Bartra, Alfonso Pedraza, Maximilian Wober, Nikola Milenkovic, Jesus Vallejo William Carvalho, Amadou Diawara (loan), Carles Alena (loan), Lucas Paqueta, Rober, Nabil Fekir, Marco Asensio, Pedrinho, Ansu Fati (loan) Borja Iglesias, Matias Arezo In that overly formatted mess, bolded are players already at Betis, italics are those that I’ve signed. I‘ve had Diawara, Alena and Fati on loan for two seasons now. Wanted to sign Diawara permanently but didn’t want to pay Roma’s asking price so just loaned him again. He’s dropped off a bit this season though and with Camavinga coming in now I don’t think I’ll try to keep him. Will try to sign Alena, don’t think I’ll get Fati though, imagine Barcelona will want too much. This has been the great Real Betis update absolutely nobody asked for.
  4. Arjen Robben

    Best OST

    Well, I am outraged. He's in bloody Radiohead, not Razorlight.
  5. Arjen Robben

    Best OST

    Jonny Greenwood basically.
  6. I've somehow managed to haggle £18m out of Zenit for 31 year old Joel Robles on the decline. Who is a good goalkeeper on this that's affordable? Oh, nevermind. He rejected them. Prick.
  7. I think the reason Gomez got booed can be answered by another part of your post there: "England fans". They're idiots. England fans are, all too often, absolute garbage and a large part of why I have little interest in the national team. I'd give the usual pundit bollocks softball answer and say Southgate could have kept him out of the firing line and just left it on this occasion or whatever the fuck, but actually, there should be no expectation to actually have to do that because Joe Gomez has done nothing wrong to expect to have to face that in the first place. But again, England fans.
  8. Although I do find it a bit rich seeing Liverpool fans acting outraged and holier than thou when these are the same people who, as recently as last year, were still booing and chanting Luis Suarez name at Patrice Evra.
  9. Nuh uh, I get around to it eventually. Just takes me a while is all 😒 That is odd though, has that ever happened? If not, why now?
  10. I'm glad they've shown us the new official Spanish national team tablecloth but what is the new shirt like?
  11. Really does look utterly dismal. It's like 9.9 on the shitness scale where there previous trailer was a 10/10 so... improving at least?
  12. It's weird that for all the same reasons you're saying you love it, to me this just sounds like the absolute worst? I've watched a videos of people playing it on YouTube just to give it a chance and see if it I'm judging it too harshly without playing it and maybe there's more there but there just isn't? It just looks like the most boring thing on earth. And I say this, bizarrely, as someone who absolutely loved something like Everybody's Gone to the Rapture or Gone Home as 'walking simulators' go. But I just don't get the draw here. There's this huge, beautiful looking world and just... absolutely nothing to do in it? You have your main quests which are delivery parcels, and then your side quests which are... delivering parcels? And nothing besides delivering parcels to people. What's the incentive really? I feel like I could watch a compilation of the cutscenes on YouTube and get basically the same out of it as someone who played it. I just don't think I "get" Kojima because I just roll my eyes at a game going for some seemingly sombre, earnest tone suddenly having characters called Deadman and Die-Hardman come bowling in like oh there he is, that's Die-Hardman, of course that's his name. I saw a piece of gameplay where someone encountered "Mule's" and then the voiceover came over it talking about them like "oh they're addicted to stealing cargo" and I just thought oh well, he's being metaphorical or something? Somehow? But then he just kept talking like that to the point that it seemed like the game was making a point of saying nope, no analogy, these are literally the drug addicts of this world and stealing parcels is their drug instead of heroin? I mean, the world looks absolutely gorgeous, and there's a lot to be said for being able to just wander around an open world like that in a game and explore everything and just generally enjoy how beautiful a world it is, I did that a bunch in Red Dead Redemption 2. But that's like the bonus, cherry on top of a game where it's a conscious detour away from everything else and just something to do yourself. But when the whole game is just "right, here's some pegs. Some lad miles away needs them. Tediously traverse this terrain in your plimsolls to deliver it then do that again after that." it's just like... but why though?
  13. Mad how bad City are at the back. Not signing another centre back in the summer looks more and more ridiculous by the week. The champions starting the season with three centre backs of Stones, Otamendi and Laporte is crazy when two of them are total shite. Even Pep barely trusted them together about halfway through last season, so why he wouldn't identify that as a potential weakness and not sign another centre back instead of the £60m or whatever that so far seems to have been wasted on signing Cancelo. Baffling tbh.
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