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  1. Special referee matches that don't try and ruin the fun by limiting how much you can piss about before you're ejected.
  2. This always gets me. But, admittedly, it's a 25 minute bit, and very Stewart Lee. So not necessarily the most accessible.
  3. I don't actually understand any part of that post. Who called him useless? Who's meant to be "butthurt"? What nickname?
  4. Probably spread across a few people, like Morata/Rodriguez/Asensio. I just don't really look at their squad and think that without him they'd win any less. I think the biggest thing that's harder to replace with him is probably the money he generates.
  5. They probably would really. Their squad is ridiculous even without him, someone else or a few players would step in to score the goals he's scored.
  6. I REALLY hate Sergio Ramos. Just such a horrible cunt. One of the big reasons I hate this team overall.
  7. I really hate Real Madrid.
  8. I don't get the commentators here, Danny Murphy in particular saying he expected Arsenal to get "rolled over" and that Arsenal winning is a "huge shock". I mean they've finished 5th but come on Even then they've finished the league with more wins and points than last season and still gone from finishing 2nd to 5th.
  9. I feel like at some point there's gonna be a significant time jump, probably between this season and next I'd guess, cause I can't imagine it'll be that dramatically sustainable to string out this years suspension from practicing law with just a load of episodes of Jimmy trying to sell ads or scrape together money when ultimately the goal is Saul Goodman the lawyer.
  10. Liverpool won't lose, or even draw. They're playing us. Sorry Kaney.
  11. Well there's him and Peter Gould who are co-creators, a bunch of other exec producers and a whole writing team, and it was Gould who created the character of Saul Goodman. I remember it being similar on Breaking Bad where he's the one getting credited with everything.