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  1. Liverpool won't lose, or even draw. They're playing us. Sorry Kaney.
  2. Well there's him and Peter Gould who are co-creators, a bunch of other exec producers and a whole writing team, and it was Gould who created the character of Saul Goodman. I remember it being similar on Breaking Bad where he's the one getting credited with everything.
  3. I love how everything always just gets credited to Vince Gilligan Even on the insider podcast for the episodes he's always making sure to mention and praise everyone else for having came up with ideas he would never have thought of and stuff.
  4. I've tried watching this before and I just find it unbearable. I know it's Aaron Sorkin's thing that the dialogue is always super quick and witty and all that, but it never comes off as natural to me, literally everybody has a witty response to everything someone says to them the instant the other person has stopped speaking where it just feels like the response was already formed in their mind beforehand, so it just feels too much like people just reciting lines rapid fire rather than actually acting them, it all just feels too rehearsed. It's particularly bad with some characters like CJ, Donna, Sam and Josh.
  5. Fuck Chuck. Michael McKean is so good.
  6. The Duke of Burgundy maybe?
  7. No one voted for it so it seems unlikely.
  8. Reminds me of this I saw from last weeks episode where they almost thought it was going to happen from that cold open.
  9. I really love this show.
  10. Do it SOON. It is a wonderful, great film.
  11. Saunders: "If you tell players they're tired, they'll be tired." Not how it works really mate.
  12. What are they on about? "It's turned in to a dive" "He's gone down expecting contact" Clowns. If going down before any contact is made because he's "expecting contact" isn't a dive I don't know what is.
  13. Humphrey "Is it too harsh to call it a dive?" NO. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT WAS YOU MUG.