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  1. In the UK, Game are always pretty good for release day delivery, they use DPD and DPD are like the fucking marines of delivery couriers, none of this Hermes bollocks.
  2. They don't like one particular plot point that leaked and decided the entire game sucked because of it, and there's more than a fair share of bigotry thrown in too. So they've been determined to hate it and want it to be bad for about two months. To the point of any positive review, of which they are almost universal, are apparently all wrong, dishonest, paid for and the handful of less positive ones are the only honest ones.
  3. I've just finished the first day, and I am just in love with this game. Actually find myself more infuriated the more I play that you have these cunts that have been desperate to hate it for the last two months review bombing it and having people who might not even be aware of all that shit look at the user score like it's some genuinely meaningful and honest view of the game instead of basically just loser MAGA incels crying and doing their shit.
  4. Yeah, I'm already praying you can do it with clickers at least, fuckers.
  5. I'm not sure, I'm only still very early in so I've only encountered the bog standard infected.
  6. Really like the addition of the dodge button, makes the close combat somehow feel more intense and it already felt a lot like that in the first game as it was.
  7. I'm literally only like five minutes in to this, and obviously it looks incredible, which is no surprise, both in and out of gameplay. I'm just always just constantly blown away by cutscenes in video games these days and just how amazingly well they can capture facial performances now, so expressive and just feel like really genuine and natural emotional responses?
  8. I'm pretty sure it's people that have been determined to hate the game since the story leaked, because they didn't like certain parts of the story or inclusion of what they felt was LGBT "propaganda" and feminist "agenda" and all that other bigoted shit these people like to moan about. TheLastofUs2 subreddit is literally just a shitshow full of hate and memes angry at this game, calling Neil Druckmann shit like "cuckmann", moaning about Anita Sarkeesian for some reason because they've decided she had involvement in it, so that should tell you a lot about the types of people review bombing this game. People that can't just be not interested in something and move, but instead have to actively hate it on a day to day basis and then finally get the chance to vent that pathetic shit with thing like this.
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