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  1. WWE 2K18

    I’m amused by kinesio tape just being part of Cesaro’s gear now.
  2. WWE 2K18

    Down With The Sickness
  3. Football Manager 2018

    There must be quite a few Wayne King/Kerr's trying to play FM like "What th... oh for FUCK'S sake."
  4. Football Manager 2018

    I mean, all the serial killers and terrorists and all of those make perfect sense. But I don't get why SI would care about gag names like Hugh Janus, Dick Fest, Fanny Leake etc. They're just so silly and innocuous that seeing them amongst the understandably disallowed ones is just weird.
  5. Football Manager 2018

    The list of banned names is weird Why is stuff like Hugh Janus and Willy Head banned? Why is Lee Rigby banned but not his killers? The ridiculousness of a silly pun name like "Mike Hunt" being sandwiched between Saddam Hussein and Ian Huntley.
  6. WWE 2K18

  7. Tom Petty Has Passed

    "LAPD clarifies it cannot confirm Tom Petty's death" All a bit confusing.
  8. Red Dead Redemption Part Deux

    Could see them doing something like what they did with the last GTA where you flip between different characters. That'd be neat.
  9. FIFA 18

    Tell him I said he was a mug.
  10. General Movie Thread

    I'm super interested in this. I loved Ex Machina, and other stuff Garland has written before directing that has been good too.
  11. WWE 2K18

    Didn't seem to be any real reason for Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley and Becky to not be in WWE2K16 either. Weird shit seems to happen with the inclusions and omissions on these games.
  12. What bands do you hate?

    That's a veritable who's who of actually musical slurry
  13. Gigs gigs gigs

    I was supposed to be seeing Bon Iver tomorrow, but I no longer can and couldn’t sell them or anything and I am very sad.
  14. General Football Thread

    Luis Suarez kid wearing a Boro kit is... odd.