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  1. Football / Juninho. Obvious really. Dunno how we ever got him in the first place tbh, but he's still beloved here, and seems to have had genuine affection for us ever since he first signed for us all :*) His 96-97 season for us is probably my favourite season of any player we've ever had. "During his time with Middlesbrough, Juninho lived in Levendale and Ingleby Barwick with his parents. He was known for playing football with school children on the streets and is still considered one of the greatest players to have played for Middlesbrough in the modern era." Currently, as an active player, Messi, cause he's just the best ever really isn't he, by miles. Tennis / Rafael Nadal. Just love his focus and drive, and how relentless he is really. Can think of few players more intense and focused when they're playing. Dying for him to somehow match Federer's Grand Slam count, or at the very least not be overtaken by Djokovic. I know people who just hate him for reasons I can't understand really. I think he's exciting as fuck to watch, and don't get how anyone can think otherwise. Genuinely think I get second hand adrenaline rush when he hits one of his forehands on the run down the line. MMA / Carlos Condit. Absolutely no idea. Just really like him. Feels like he hasn't won for absolute ages as well, but oh well. I say "feels like", he literally hasn't. Last won in 2015 NFL / Aaron Rodgers. Not the most die-hard NFL fan but when I first got in to about 5 years ago I just randomly picked Green Bay as 'my' team just from playing as them on Madden, and by extension Rodgers became my favourite player. Also, thankfully, seems a decent bloke in real life and supported Kaepernick and other players protesting the national anthem. Always nice when someone you like also reveals them self to not be a dickhead.
  3. The Favourite Leave No Trace If Beale Street Could Talk BlacKkKlansman Cold War You Were Never Really Here The Old Man and the Gun Hereditary First Reformed Monsters and Men
  4. "Oh! Grubby little clearance there!" got me the most. Then "It's ectasy!" and Toni Kroos TED talk shortly behind it.
  5. I assume you'll be giving warning ahead of the voting window SLAMMING shut. Still a couple of things I'd quite like to watch that I've got recently before doing my top ten. Should expand it to be a full bloody awards. Get best performances and that in there or something. Maybe.
  6. Just more evidence that Messi is easily far and away the best...
  7. This is a fucking mental run from Benfica. Curse of Bela Guttmann lifted! Show offs, I only made it to the first knockout round Barcelona also did this elsewhere too, which is a bit mad.
  8. Is there a deadline for this? Gimme a rough estimate.
  9. This might be the best start to a season I've ever had on FM. Played 13 in the league, won 13, scored 27, conceded 0. Gegenpress so powerful.
  10. In my current save the final of the 2019 Copa America was Argentina vs... Japan B Somehow Japan B knocked Brazil out on penalties.
  11. God I am fucking wheeling away at Real Madrid getting hammered and being knocked out after Ramos decided to deliberately get himself suspended. OH DEAR RAMOS YOU CUNT.

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