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  1. Semi-regular update on the net game I'm in. League: Spursed. Too many draws. Was top for most of the season as well until the last few games Operation This Shit Can't Happen Again: COMMENCED. (also asked the board try and sign Chiesa for me to which they have agreed, that is ongoing) (they initially refused to sign Havertz for me, which is probably fair) You can see I was quite defence based with my signings. I made a pointless bid for Ederson just to see how much they'd want, not even intending to try and sign him. And they asked for only £61m? So I was on that shit. £30m now, £31m later? Yes please. Aurier is *hopefully* going to Cruzeiro, bizarrely. Squad: a nonsense Really no excuses for not winning something at this point. Money: SPENT. Spending £627m in three windows is... that's a lot, isn't it?
  2. I used the editor on FM18 most memorably to make myself Newcastle manager, make myself unsackable, sell everyone, buy one pointless nothing player for all that budget, then holiday with shit tactics til they were in the Vanarama and ruined. Absolutely pointless but it made me happy. Still a big club now, are you? Jerks.
  3. The tedious song Jesse sings in Toy Story 2 is my least favourite part of any Toy Story, it feels like it goes on forever and it's so fucking mawkish and dull.
  4. Maybe I'm being naive, but I guess I saw that post about the squad he had and expected to go and see him with Donnarumma, Marquinhos, Griezmann or something, and then I saw Bradley Dack instead
  5. That QPR team he has doesn't look that mad to me really. In terms of players at least, maybe the cost of them would mount up but I dunno how much budget QPR are likely to get after a promotion, plus raising money through sales and stuff. Still, probably is a bit suspect.
  6. RE: That network game I've mentioned being part of a few times where I'm Spurs, I just noticed this happening in La Liga. Final game of the season? Because of course it was. I somehow knew it would be before I even looked.
  7. I love how "woke" apparently just means literally any film that isn't just about straight white people now.
  8. Holy shit, Parasite! Did not expect it to win what it did and I’m bloody delighted by that.
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