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  1. Oh man, I didn’t even realise this was out this month. What a treat.
  2. Hope he is done tbh. Sick of him. Blokes a Sol Campbell and a bully.
  3. I got it earlier. Don’t get the new timed shooting at all.
  4. You buying it doesn't mean you get to make some significant impact on the story though? You didn't have a unique experience with the story, it was the same linear one everyone else played, there's no 'your' Spiderman. If you want to choose how the story goes, buy a Telltale game Fallout. They wrote the story they wanted to tell, it included a suit at the end, they're not catering to the one oddly fuming guy that didn't get to wear a suit he liked at a specific time, they're catering to a wider audience who probably aren't arsed and did, by and large, love the game as it is. But yeah, I dunno, what Srar said really, it is a shame that that ruined it for you.
  5. The damage on the suit in the final battle looked a lot more specifically catered and designed for that suit though, rather than something that could just apply to any other one.
  6. It’s like 15 minutes of game time where the story takes precedent over giving you the ability to bowl about as a glowy white skull Spider-Man or something. Really don’t see why it’s such an issue.
  7. Yeah, I think this is like his third or fourth one? And they're all super interesting to watch.
  8. Not a big deal really is it?
  9. Arjen Robben

    WWE 2K19

    My Career looks like the story is just you vs. Triple H again
  10. One hundred percented Spiderman Great game. Bring on New Game Plus. These guys should just be given the full license to make all Marvel games. Barely watched any of the MCU films but would play the shit out of any related games these guys made. IS there a full Avengers game?
  11. Arjen Robben

    WWE 2K19

    Why are random made up characters like Barron Blade in there as playable characters? Also, Carmella's model looks absolutely nothing like her. Also
  12. Arjen Robben

    WWE 2K19

    The fuck is towers mode?
  13. I only just realised that when you fight guys on rooftops and send them flying off the side, the game automatically has them get webbed to the side of the building rather than just pretend that Spiderman not actively killing people is something you have to just pretend still stands even when you're volleying them off the side of skyscrapers.

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