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  1. Bigger surprise is him still being on my shortlist despite being in a position to aim much higher than his level for some time now. Adding indefinitely to shortlists so powerful.
  2. This... is a deeply troubling squad to be up against. Even more so when Sergio Aguero appears to be a time traveller. He's slated to be retiring but what if he comes back?
  3. Me reading that Pulis is gone: Me reading that Woodgate is to take over:
  4. It does seem odd that a lot of people I've seen talking about why the writers gave themselves less time and just rushed through everything, when HBO apparently wanted ten episodes, and the reason everyone seems to give is that they the writers are just done with Game of Thrones and want to move on to other things and want this to be over. Like, if that is the case then that seems like such a mad lack of respect for your own show that's made your career essentially, and a lack of respect for the characters and your audience.
  5. I think this sounds a pretty terrible alternative tbh. It sounds so forced and so wildly cartoonish evil. If that happened I'd just laugh. Makes it sound like she'd just look over and we'd do some reverse Okada style crash zoom in on the window. At least doing it the episode before demonstrates her confidence and underestimating her enemy, which allows for the realisation that she's watching her undoing happening right in front of her and her subsequent panic and breakdown. Just on a basic dramatic level it's much more interesting to have that moment with a character being so assured of her plan, only to have it very quickly fall apart and be utterly powerless to stop literally any of it, and then have to face the fact she's about to die, and then have that sudden wave of panic hit her and come crashing down til she eventually lets go and just basically freaks out and has a panic attack. That's much more interesting than some knowing "right, I am the villain so now I'm going to do a villainous thing".
  6. On the book thing, yeah, seems like it'd be mental to just drop that big a bombshell in some random convention or whatever it is, and I dunno why he'd be given such information? And would surely probably know to keep it to himself if he had been told, since I imagine "don't tell anyone" or some variation of would go along with it. Bit odd.
  7. Not spoilers for the TV show: This is interesting. Not sure how big a role or not this guy had or has in the show to be privy to such information, but he says George RR Martin has already written both book six and seven but has made an agreement with the TV showrunners not to publish them before the series finishes.
  8. First episode I've ever watched 'live' and first episode I've watched in full besides the very first episode. Did not enjoy.
  9. Is Malcuit his mate or something, or did he just run out of money?
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