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  1. Nailed on to be Becky on the cover, right?
  2. Right click the playlist in the list down the side (or by clicking the three dots near the title at the top on the playlist page) > share > copy playlist link > paste here.
  3. Probably a PR stunt knowing Paddy Power, but "lets piss off our own fans" seems an odd approach for Huddersfield.
  4. With a collaborative playlist you can just post the links to the playlists in here and then people can add stuff as and when rather you having to do a load of manual maintenance and updating yourself. Just need to set some rules like people can add like a certain number per day, so it doesn't go mad with one person just throwing in a load of stuff at once and swamping it. I'll overlook Arjen Robinson
  5. There's knowing they have that money and trying to take advantage, and there's Leicester being happy to pay it. Conversation should have been: Do they even need to be throwing £45m at a centre back? Surely Benkovic, Soyuncu, Morgan and Evans is perfectly fine enough for Leicester. If you need to bolster it you don't need to be spending £45m and if you are going to spend £45m don't spend it on Lewis bastard Dunk. There's probably decent enough players from the Bundesliga or Eredivisie or Ligue 1 you could go for that are loads better and cost less. PSG and Neymar have a lot to answer for warping the transfer market to the point we live in a world where Harry Maguire is going for £80m and Lewis Dunk is going for £45m.
  6. I cannot believe we live in a world where Lewis Dunk is moving for £45m. FORTY FIVE? What the absolute fuck.
  7. No need for Neymar and Griezmann now
  8. Why does his dog look like that kid from Stranger Things
  9. Also England’s defence is shite. Could have been about 4-0 down after like ten minutes. Just carved open so easily.
  10. I was proper choking at Pearce being like “BAHUGNAHJGNWHAT FUCKING FOUL WHAT’S HAPPENED? REF? PEN? CUNT GIVE A PEN” Then the other, coherent commentator goes "Just misses it doesn't she" and he's just calmly like "Yep."
  11. What is up with Arsenal. How do you see Palace sell a full back with essentially one years experience for £50m and think "I know, let's bid £40m in instalments for their best player over the last five seasons or so". Like FM mechanics come to life.
  12. Anyone in to punk, or more specifically, IDLES, their set at Glastonbury was great. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p07d6k71/glastonbury-idles-live-at-glastonbury Available to watch in full here.
  13. Do we have like a big collaborative EWB Spotify playlist or anything? That could be kinda neat, maybe. Like you can add a track a day or something. Be interesting to see how broad and eclectic it would be.
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