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  1. I just saw Mulberry Street. It was...weird I guess. Not too crazy about the ending. Out of Frontiers and PD, which do you think is better?
  2. Noticed that most of these movies are dirt cheap, and looking to get a few of them. I already own Gravedancers (good), Lake Dead (bad, but in a good way), Dark Ride (ehh...not that great), Deaths of Ian Stone( great)...which of the others are good and which ones should I skip?
  3. I'm in a group called Fear 2 Stop (link in the sig!). Got some local radio play over the past year. All the stuff on there is home recorded; however, been able to get a pretty decent sound over the past few years compared to when we first started- no more cassette tape lol. Mainly experimental techno mixed in with 8-bit type deal.
  4. Well, there's Wilson Phillips, two of whom are the daughters of Brian Wilson, the other being the daughter of John Phillips from the Mamas & the Papas. I still maintain there needs to be a band made entirely of second-generation musicians. Call 'em, I dunno, Legacy or something.
  5. I wonder how Brian Wilson is dealing with this, the man being his idol and all. I gotta agree with Skummy. This is the 2nd time in a year a celebrity has had to pay the piper, with OJ Simpson (finally) being the other one. Hell, he should've been locked up just for the way he treated his ex-wife Ronnie.
  6. I saw 7 Pounds today. Great movie, but very depressing. Won't say anymore for those who haven't seen it, but I like the twist.
  7. Nothing wrong with the Vice City soundtrack. Me? Listening to a mix cd I made...got some cool Robert Palmer stuff from his reggae days, the original version of Mad World by Tears for Fears (which to me is one of the best songs ever written), a little bit of Brian Eno, and some Daniel Johnston.
  8. Yeah...to be honest, what I have the most fun doing is actually watching the matches even more than playing it. It's surprising how easy it is to mark out, esp. when re-creating various matches. I just got through re-making the Wrestlemania IV tournament, and in my finals Ted DiBiase beat Ricky Steamboat. Even though it was a simmed match, it was actually fantastic.
  9. Randall! Randall! Randall! This is what I call "Stupidly Fantastic". Here's a little article I found on him. http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/2006-02-23/...reasure-mammal/ I don't know what's funnier...the fact that he's a school teacher or that he's been on my MySpace for two years and I didn't even realize it's the same guy.
  10. So I heard this song about a year ago, and heard it again for the the first time in forever. I do not know too much about this band, except that they have several tracks that get radio play on KTRU (which is a college radio station for Rice University and have played some of my own tracks) and they are weird as hell. This is one of those songs that you just makes you shake your head.
  11. Oh snap...another show I watch. Yo Gabba Gabba. That's my daughter's favorite program. It's cute as hell when she starts dancing as soon as she hears the theme music. So I've been seeing a lot of that (and Dora, too). So yeah...my co-workers are daring me to dress up as DJ Lance Rock for the company Halloween party this year.
  12. LOL...that's like the one song Beach Boys marks (as opposed to casual fans) actively despise. Over at the BB site I moderate, http://www.smileysmile.net (cheap plug!) you could get shot for admitting you like it. They can be anal like that. Eh... I file it under "guilty pleasure".
  13. Here's a tip...skip II. It sucks with a vengeance. As for I and III...honestly I prefer them to FF, although it's a matter of personal taste. The cinematics are very long in I, but I really dug the story. I like the setting a lot too, although I am a sucker for spaceships and planets blowing up and shit. The music's awesome, esp. in the first area in III. I used to really love FF. It jumped the shark with FFX, though. When I first beat it, I remember feeling that it was a great game, but something felt wrong. In retrospect, that was when the series stopped feeling like FF. FFX2 was from the flaming pit of assfire & brimstone. FFXII was alright, but it didn't feel like a FF game to me. I have no desire to play FFXI, as I don't play online RPGs.
  14. Not everything they did after Exile was crap, as Businessman points out. Hell, their last two albums are the best they've done since their heyday. Take out everything from Undercover through Voodoo Lounge (I've never heard Stripped) and you got a better discography.
  15. Awesome....a fellow Floyd fan. Have you heard "Obscured by Clouds"? That's a criminally underrated album. I mean, most people give it high marks, but not enough people have heard it.
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