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  1. The Duck Song

    It's all over the place now.
  2. The Duck Song

    this shit is my two year old's favorite thing ever and i do not at all understand why it's such a meme
  3. Magnum Opus? More Like Magnum Nopus

    Warning rules, this is an excellent opinion. Honestly Dookie doesn't do much for me beyond the singles (and Nimrod had better singles anyway) and American Idiot is just... important for them I guess but it's weird how it feels so much more dated than any of the other albums, even the older ones.
  4. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    No joke, a few years back when the Bengals lost to the Steelers in the playoffs and got like two technical fouls in the last two minutes of the game, every single Bengals fan I know instantly became the most insufferable person on the planet. It was embarrassing. Fuck Ohio sports (except the Reds, go Reds).
  5. 2017 NFL Season Thread

    I turned it on right at that turnover and fuckin' hollered so loud that I woke the toddler up.
  6. Lyrically Speaking Of Course

    They Might Be Giants - Minimum Wage
  7. Civilization Thread!

    It lost with a 2% chance of loss, because XCOM.
  8. Civilization Thread!

    It's a one-time thing.
  9. Civilization Thread!

    nuclear consequences for cheating.
  10. Okay I found out who Gary Shitbeans is.

    1. Cajun Cloudad

      Cajun Cloudad

      That's no way to refer to Gazz.

  11. Man, what happened to the "past usernames" button, I need to know who people are when y'all change your names to like "Gary Shitbeans" or something.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. The Evil Kokichi Omalord

      The Evil Kokichi Omalord

      brb, changing my name to Barry Shitpeas

    3. Sousa Defarge

      Sousa Defarge

      It's not there for non-Donators. :(

    4. Mick


      Well, now you know what to ask for for your birthday!

  12. Nintendo Megathread

    i fuckin' love and am here to support the goddamn cardboard battle bot.
  13. One of you had better play Josh's Homestar Runner Mafia or I'm gonna be upset.

  14. Pokémon

    I did the shiny breeding trick with a Togepi once. It took me about... an hour and a half? Two hours maybe? And when it hatched it had Hustle instead of Serene Grace.
  15. Pokémon

    Finally finished Team Rainbow Rocket Castle. That was. Uh. That was kinda fun but not really worth $40. The entire time you're going through these annoying teleporter puzzles while a bunch of grunts come at you with one-pokemon teams with shit like Haunter and Muk, some of which only know 1-2 moves. The fights with the game big bads are pretty cool, though. I learned that the Pokemon AI is really helpless in the face of a Coiling Arbok.