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  1. Nintendo Megathread

    i fuckin' love and am here to support the goddamn cardboard battle bot.
  2. One of you had better play Josh's Homestar Runner Mafia or I'm gonna be upset.

  3. Pokémon

    I did the shiny breeding trick with a Togepi once. It took me about... an hour and a half? Two hours maybe? And when it hatched it had Hustle instead of Serene Grace.
  4. Pokémon

    Finally finished Team Rainbow Rocket Castle. That was. Uh. That was kinda fun but not really worth $40. The entire time you're going through these annoying teleporter puzzles while a bunch of grunts come at you with one-pokemon teams with shit like Haunter and Muk, some of which only know 1-2 moves. The fights with the game big bads are pretty cool, though. I learned that the Pokemon AI is really helpless in the face of a Coiling Arbok.
  5. some
    told me
    give meeee
    the formuoli

    1. Mick


      up in here?

    2. Sousa


      UP IN HERE

  6. Nintendo Megathread

    Dammit, I really wanted a box for *squints* "Cube Life: Island Survival."
  7. What's the best expansion pack ever?

    Both Gods & Kings and Brave New World add stuff that absolutely makes Civ V feel complete, things that I'd say are totally necessary to enjoy the game (espionage, tourism, religion, trade routes, etc.)--as well as a bunch of stuff that's just fucking fun (Zulu, Venice, Shoshone, Assyria). It's much more stark of a difference than Vanilla Civ IV vs. Fully Expanded Civ IV, even though Fully Expanded Civ IV (with the BUG mod) is the one that's worth playing.
  8. My favorite part of Star Wars was when Luke turns and looks dead into the camera and says "By the way, the Holiday Special is canon. None of Empire is, but the Holiday Special is."

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    2. Hobo


      I was a big fan of the welcome return of Lumpy who arrived to help Chewie kick his drinking problem brought on by the death of Han.

      As well as the hour long VR Wookie porn segment which followed.

    3. damshow


      I loved the 30 minute lecture Luke gave to the porgs about how midi-chlorians work.

    4. JTHNumbers2018


      I liked the part where Rey's parents were revealed to be Jar Jar Binks and one of the Ewoks. Talk about a swerve.

  9. Nintendo Megathread

    Most of these sales are kinda crap but the Shantae games are supposed to be pretty solid and Mighty Switch Force is definitely worth the price if you missed it the first time. The last bit of Champions' Ballad is friggin' WILD. Had a blast with it. For whatever reason driving a motorcycle all over Hyrule is incredibly fun, too, like there's something legitimately satisfying about it. I'm probably just gonna go for a ride across the whole place at some point soon.
  10. Pokémon

    I have so many goddamn Celebis. Celebus. Celebae.
  11. I tried to walk into a Target, but I missed.

    1. Roll Fizzlebeef

      Roll Fizzlebeef

      I think the entrance to Target should have people splattered all around.

    2. Sousa


      "can i help you with something"

  12. Nintendo Megathread

    *uncontrollable twitching and frothing*
  13. The Good Place (Thread)

    The Good Place is going to be the show that brings EWB together at long last, I can feel it, it's so good.
  14. Pokémon

    Get Ultra Sun if you got Moon, the version exclusives are the same so you'll get Passimian, Solgaleo, Ninetales, etc. Or get Ultra Moon and I'll trade you my Boucephalon for your STAKATAKA.
  15. Pokémon

    I would say that, if you didn't get regular Sun/Moon, this is the version to get, it's absolutely better. The grass challenge and Exeggutor Island, for example, get cleaned up significantly (you don't bring Lillie along for the latter); Gladion actually has some tricks/mind games that he uses in your fights; I've heard good things about the way the Poni Island challenges end; Mantine surfing is a way better way to build up BP than the sloggy Battle Whatevernesses; MOVE TUTORS; and like, just in general, the pacing is better. If you didn't get the first game, this would absolutely be the version I'd recommend. If anything, it's made me regret buying Moon since this version is better, but that's not really a good feeling either. I guess I'll see how the postgame pans out.