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  1. A'ight here we go, mostly kids movies probably because this is my life now. 1. Moana 2. Kubo and the Two Strings 3. Zootopia 4. Hail, Caesar! 5. Hidden Figures 6. Kung Fu Panda 3 (yes really I liked it a lot) 7. Ghostbusters 8. The Jungle Book That's about all I've seen that I feel like voting for.
  2. How dead is Vilhelm Baconshield?

  3. Rich Swann is both a good wrestler and a good description of my fursona.

    1. ...


      I like to imagine he is the evolved form of Scrooge McDuck.

  5. Happy birthday, Clone Sousa.

    1. Mick


      He joined before you, so wouldn't you technically be Clone Cobane? 

    2. Sousa


      No, there was time travel.

    3. Doctor Bigfoot

      Doctor Bigfoot

      Trust him on this, he is a Time Mage after all.

  6. I don't think Azumarill is in Alola? Maybe I'm mistaken?
  7. There's a little star symbol or something in the info screen of mons achieved legitimately. It wasn't there for the Palkia I got. Nintendo keeps saying they're going to cut down on hacked mons but they never actually do.
  8. I got a hacked shiny Palkia in a trade and a regular non-hacked shiny Ponyta through GTS. Might have a few beyond that, I don't remember.
  9. I've caught two shinies before (Magikarp and Feebas), and I was using chain fishing to catch them. I've bred a shiny Pichu (by accident) and a shiny Togepi (on purpose) before as well. Never randomly encountered a shiny in the wild without actively trying for it.
  10. My RAM arrived today so I'll be playing this after Christmas finally!
  11. Man, fuck Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini so hard. That was awful. (I still have all four Tapus but jesus. jesus.)
  12. I was going for a Berserk Drampa last night to finish off my team. I swear to god these Sap Sipper losers called for help THIRTY TIMES without success. Accidentally killed both. Started a new battle. Very first Drampa has Berserk. I hate this game.
  13. I have the complete living dex as well except I haven't bred Phione yet.
  14. I don't know if it's true of the other two starters but, man, Incineroar is so well-animated and fun to watch. I don't know why people were bagging on its design because it's really fun to watch do anything.
  15. I finally finished my Nuzlocke game in Y. Final team was Chesnaught, Blastoise, Aerodactyl (Mega Aerodactyl is a monster), Haxorus, Florges, and Goodra. Two dragons but between them they had really great coverage. I think I got lucky--Haxorus and Goodra were both good mons to land when I caught them (was expecting Zubat and something like Arbok given the area where they were caught)--and the team ended up having a ton of defensive power between them. I did lose my Vespiquen though, which was really unfortunate--really low odds to get a female Combee and she ended up being pretty excellent. I was hoping to take her all the way.