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  1. More people join TEOL's thing, I want it to be good.

    1. Little Red Srarvette
    2. Rich


      TEOL's thing sounds sordid

    3. fhqwhjosh


      Signed up. This better not peter out!

  2. The monkeys are all a bit shit, but man, some of these nondescript mid-generation mons are so bland that I almost forgot they were in the game when I was trying to catch them all. Finneon, Barboach, Basculin... Look, what I'm getting at here is "why are there so many generic-ass fish."
  3. Lineker's gonna be too famous to hang out on EWB anymore.
  4. after sex with jeff hardy are you supposed to shout "BROTHER NERO, I KNEW YOU'D COME"?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SeanDMan


      What Disney movie is this a reference to?

    3. Sousa


      The scene in Wreck-It Ralph where he winds up in a Japanese dating simulator.

    4. Cloudy


      no, you shout "BROTHER NERO, IT'S OVAH"

  5. Metroid Prime Trilogy for that price is... tempting.
  6. Yes, but the big difference is that TNA hasn't built up that kind of goodwill, so when they--wait, what were we talking about?
  7. Man, if that happens, nobody will ever use Bibarel again.
  8. If you're not reading U GON SIDE!, you're missing a critical vote and Sousa making an intellectual case for joining the baddies.

    1. GA!


      Talking in third person? Heel turn confirmed.

    2. Noah


      Wait where's Heel Turn? :o

  9. Metal Lion or gtfo.
  10. metalman and I are going to meet someday and lay down some Lassus Trombone together.
  11. 1. Inside Out 2. Mad Max: Fury Road 3. Creed 4. Straight Outta Compton 5. The Martian 6. The Good Dinosaur
  12. My pairings were Avatar/Rhajat Hayato/Orochi (this makes an absolutely incredible Rhajat) Jakob/Azura (Jakob's son is an absolute healing monster, this is a good combination) Ryoma/Hana Silas/Rinkah Kaze/Felicia Hinata/Kagero Takumi/Mozu Subaki/Sakura Azama/Hinoka Kaden/Setsuna Saizo/Oboro I haven't gotten most of these yet; I've got Rhajat, both of Jakob and Asura's children, and Ryoma's son. The children chapters scale by level, so since I got Rhajat and Dwyer (Jakob's son) early, they were fairly easy. It's not a situation like Awakening where some kids (Morgan, Kjelle, Owain) have very easy paralogues and some (Gerome, Nah, Brady) have really hard ones. I made a couple of attempts at Azama's daughter but kept dying for stupid reasons, so I decided to wait and come back later. When I came back later, all of the generic outlaws were suddenly second-tier classes and they were all over the map. In Awakening, it was fairly easy to grind someone like Olivia all the way to Galeforce and then pass it on to Inigo, but in Fates, if you grind your characters to a level 15 skill, you pay for it with tougher enemies. I'm at the point where the same seven or eight people (Avatar, Rhajat, Ryoma, Hana, Saizo, Oboro, Hinoka, and Azama) pretty much handle all of my fighting and everyone else just hangs back trying to get a shot in.
  13. Oh, which one is it, Xander? Probably not, I'm almost to the point where you have to actually fight Xander and the whole point of much of the plot is that Xander is TONKA TOUGH.
  14. You lose in hilarious fashion. Garon has ridiculous stats, a top-level axe, Dragonskin (halves all damage), and a posse. You're a mid-level schmuck whose goal in the battle is RETREAT.
  15. Most of the joining characters are really obvious in Birthright. Did you get Takumi? I think he's the only person who starts as an enemy that you can get (in that horrible, awful, no fun at all forest map with the spike traps).