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  1. I'm surprised at how quick it feels given how they've adjusted things like leveling and tutorials. It's a lot of fun! Like, after seeing X/Y doing a lot of the same dumb bullshit that was stale back in gen 1 it's nice to see the last few games have gone for genuine quality of life improvements (no HMs isn't new but stuff like the move reminder in every center, seeing mons in the field, easing up on the grind, all very nice). It's impressive how they took the best stuff from Let's Go and incorporated into an actual by god for real main series Pokemon game. To wit: I was running a team of five (Rillaboom, Sirfetch'd, Rapidash, Cursola, and Toxtricity) with the sixth slot kinda cycling depending on what I needed. Lo and behold, a raid battle gives me Deino, who has the coverage I need and doesn't overlap as far as typing goes. And look, I know people think that Pokemon games are easy now, but they were always easy--the "difficulty" was in the grind. This generation is smoothing out the grind so much. I basically did a few raid battles, got a few more mons that I wanted, and on Exp Candy and Rare Candy alone I was able to get Deino up to Hydreigon without having to slog my way through her first two shitty forms. I did a game once where I lugged that fucking thing around from level 1 and I learned to hate Deino and Zweillous so goddamn much. Being able to skip right to the good stuff is an excellent improvement. Really, a lot of it makes me feel like... I wanna see what they do next? This builds so much on the last two games (Sun/Moon and Let's Go) just like Sun/Moon built so much off of moldy HM-filled Gen 6. This is genuinely exciting!
  2. A literal Paul Jones Army.
  3. Very cool of Edge but also, geez, the state of this.
  4. "WWE stars react to the server at Applebee's refusing to take their coupon even though it's only been expired for three days"
  5. Kraven the Hunter.
  6. Spiders are not bugs. Ruki in "fails to create a proper pun" Shocker.
  7. Hey, gang! Let's fire some emblems! 


    1. Ruki


      Not enough Galeforce.

  8. The last two DLC of Fire Emblem are apparently gonna be a lot more robust (they were in Famitsu which is usually pretty accurate).
  9. Seeing "Scruffy the Janitor" having a birthday reminds me of when Benji got modhood and used the occasion to give a bunch of people Futurama names, including spelling "Lrrr of the Planet Omicron Persei 8" about fifty different ways.

  10. Just add the word "Alolan" to one of the originals and make your best guess.
  11. THERE I DID IT I FINISHED THE LAST ROUTE I'M FREE OF THIS FUCKING GAME (until i do a cube diary, inevitably) (which won't be for a bit because GOD i'm sick of it)
  12. Yeah you've pretty much got to rush Solon in that fight and you're probably on too much of a tight timeline to detour to the other side of the field--I have a hard time even getting the chests in that battle on Normal. I think the next time you could get him is Chapter 12 depending on your route, a little late to start Dark Bishop but Lifetaker is really worth it.
  13. Can you make any headway with gambits/Knightkneeler/Horseslayer? I really love the dark mage classes' abilities and I'd hate to not have them in that mode.
  14. ...okay, so I know I said I was visiting pure evil on Felix, but I tried to arrange the relationships so he'd end up with Bernadetta (who's one of my favorite characters) as a "reward"--plus their supports were very cute. The game gave me the middle finger and made Bernadetta single. And then it kept visiting even more evil on Felix. ...by giving him to Sylvain.
  15. So since this is The Fire Emblem Thread, I'm curious to know what everyone did for each character's final class generally, and if any of them were particularly good/stood out, or if any were kinda off the obvious beaten path. Here's what I did, in spoilers so people don't have to scroll past a big block:
  16. Galeforce is not in this game. The new Galeforce is "Raphael punching things four times."
  17. Dorothea is probably the best dancer of the three I've used (my first one was Flayn), she's got the right skills for it and she can hit hard with a Levin Sword with her magic. Felix is mainly good because he can tank a hit if he's accidentally in range after dancing, and he's got the speed growths to double (and usually kill) almost anything.
  18. I made Felix my dancer too. He is... surprisingly good at it.
  19. ...I set out to make this game all about making Felix miserable and then I gave him the best possible partner.
  20. Part two of Blue Lions...
  21. Looking at my old "never got off the ground because I never planned how it would work" chocobo racing Cube game and I think I might give it another go.

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    2. JMarushin


      I love chocobos so I would be in for sure

    3. Sousa


      @Ruki, it didn't get far (we never actually got to a race which is typical for a Sousa diary), but I do think you had signed up?

    4. Ruki


      Apparently I was the first!

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