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  1. Thinking once again about the day R-Truth literally died. 


    1. KisenosaTEOL
    2. Hobo


      I'm an R-Truth-Truther.

      WHATS UP can't melt steel beams.

  2. Ten dollars for an extra year of Nintendo Online is a hell of a deal. I'll probably get that version just so I'll have renewed for cheap.
  3. Sousa

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    I mean the one in the movie they made looks like a kindergartener in a footed onesie but idk ymmv
  4. Sousa

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    To be clear, I think this is way worse than actually just making a bad ugly Sonic the Hedgehog movie. No but for real this is going to be a ridiculous strain on the FX team as there's huge pressure to get the movie done anyway, on time and on budget, which means people are going to be either getting canned or not paid at all. This is actually extremely common in the film industry and people are going to be cheering this one because it's a studio essentially promising to treat their workers like garbage because "you the fans demanded it."
  5. Sousa

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    As someone who is kinda furry-adjacent I'm here to say this is absolutely not true, at least among my friends.
  6. Sousa

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    To be clear, I think this is way worse than actually just making a bad ugly Sonic the Hedgehog movie.
  7. It's really easy to bounce back in Cuphead and there's no point where you can lose a bunch of lives and have to start over. The levels are short and the bosses are so neat-looking and expressive that you'll want to keep playing through the frustrations. If a game has to be super hard on purpose, Cuphead is basically the ideal way to do it.
  8. I think Joker is gonna be my guy now. Really enjoyed trying him out this morning.
  9. Fuck it, I made some profile changes that align with what I'm most comfortable with, ta hell with gender and ta hell with choo iyuhn anduhsun.


  11. nintendo is like EWB in that they also have footjob fever
  12. Hello EWB, I'm a lesbian.

  13. it's the only ISP where you call customer support and they recommend you fix your problems with "dubyadeeforty" (I literally only have high-speed internet because Dayton is right next to me so I'm absolutely talking about myself too)
  14. Here's the thing--based on what I've read, and this is just one example, an 800 GB game running at 60 fps at the resolution they want is going to be... 800GB of bandwidth. That's massive, and most Comcast plans have a 1TB bandwidth limit per month. This is going to be an absolute disaster on the N-Gage scale. They're talking entirely about what this thing is capable of on their end with very little talk of what's going to happen on the consumer end; almost nobody is going to have the home internet speed to run this thing the way they're hyping it up. That's the advantage of a dedicated console: a Switch is a Switch is a Switch, whether you're running it on a gargantuan home theater system with a lightning-fast system or a dinky hundred-dollar TV with 1Mbps from Down-Home Country Innurnets. The technology just isn't there for it unless you're ridiculously rich, the stream delay is going to be enough to make basically all fighting games a pain in the ass (hope you like using The Next Generation Of Gaming to play card games and turn-based strategy!), and--again--it's Google doing something besides Gmail and YouTube. So you'll pardon me if I'm... just a little cynical.
  15. There is absolutely zero reason, given Google's track record of doing the same things others are doing but worse and then canceling it within 2-3 years, that they should be trusted with a goddamn gaming service of all things.
  16. I reeeeeeally wanna play Final Fantasy XII, I skipped it at the time and it's an Ivalice game so, decidedly in my wheelhouse.
  17. who's ready to see the sights in beautiful KUTAIMSOIUNT NATIOKNAAZLBEK PARK
  18. Holy shit I really like Hungary. Never used city-state levies before but DAMN.
  19. Yeah there's a subtle difference between "SINK" and "DEFEAT" and I wish the game would lay that out, but also figuring it out is kinda neat?
  20. Yeah it REALLY twists your idea about what you're "allowed" to do in a game, and I think that's the strength of it. But there are still a few rules about the rules that you can't change. Here are a couple things I figured out early that might help:
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