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  1. So uh. My wife and I impulse bought a PS4 because our Christmas was shit, username is GemCityGem. Spider-Man is so cool.
  2. Yes they do. Trade is easier now but you do need Switch Online to do it any way except in person.
  3. Jesus christ Into the Spider-Verse is so good. Probably the best superhero movie in my lifetime because I honestly don't know what would even challenge it. Just a total blast from start to finish.
  4. Be ready to buy an absolutely unreasonable amount of Ultra Balls. The mechanics are weird. I'm not entirely sure how the multipliers work because sometimes I seem to line up a lot of them and nothing happens and then sometimes you just. Click all the tumblers in place and the Skinner box spits out something like this. Chaining Chansey seems to be one of the best ways to "grind" such as it is because she shows up almost everywhere and gives you higher EXP than usual. Chaining gives you experience bonuses and also increases the likelihood of finding perfect-IV pokemon and shinies. The fact that you can actually SEE the pokemon in the wild actually makes it much, much easier to find/get shinies since you can see them running around. My oldest kid found a shiny Pidgeotto last night and I found this lovely lesbian ally the other night.
  5. which is why Alolan Muk is a goddamn MONSTER in Let's Go tbh.
  6. The thing about Pokemon is the basic JRPG mechanics of it are so straightforward that there are very few solutions that work as well as Grind More--which, again, is time-consuming, not difficult. Almost all of the game's problems can be solved by Grinding More and there's rarely an occasion where you have, say, the right held item (since almost all of those are doled out at endgame anymore) and shuffle it in and then get rewarded. Ultra Sun/Moon is a great example because I think a lot of the battles have legitimately clever elements. Guzma starts with his Golisopod, which is super bulky but also has Emergency Exit, and if you don't kill it in one hit it Emergency Exits right out to Masquerain--a special attacker with Intimidate, so you may need to switch depending on your team. That was a legitimately interesting tactic, but I never found a solution to it better than Grind More with, for example, Vikavolt. Beyond that you get Totem battles that force you to take things on in interesting ways or try new tactics, like Kommo-o being set up basically to shit on Fairy types that could easily stop it, but the solution is still the same. Grind More. Making the game harder without fundamentally changing what Pokemon is (i.e., not adding something like timed button presses or whatnot) would require looking at a few things like * getting rid of Switch battle mode (which you can do anyway) * limiting resources in some way since it's not really that hard to potion spam your way to victory most of the time * improve enemy AI so they actually switch out of unfavorable matchups instead of only switching out when they can literally do nothing (something with only Normal or Fighting moves vs. a Ghost) * and so on. So basically it'd have to run more like stuff like Battle Maison and such.
  7. I don't really care for World of Light tbh. Half the time I'm up against some ridiculous task from a game I didn't play and it's just not fun to hope I get lucky this time against the Bayonetta who shoots smaller Bayonettas and turns into a giant Bayonetta with instant Final Smash recharge every twelve seconds. It's just not my thing.
  8. I really love it. It streamlines a lot of things and eliminates some (abilities are gone, held items are gone) but TBH I don't really miss them and it's much more chill to play. People will tell you it's way easier but Pokemon was never really hard, it was just a grind, and this is less of one.
  9. Anyone doing Let's Go Pikachu and need a Pinsir for a Scyther? Scyther is the only mon that's on the Pikachu exclusives list that I don't have in Go/didn't already get in a trade.
  10. UPDATE: Farfetch'd sucks shit, my team is now * Eevee * Golduck * Alolan Ninetales * Alolan Muk (an absolute monster actually, the game is just not set up to deal with Dark types) * Rapidash (my new "let's see what this dumbass can do" mon except he sucks way less than Farfetch'd) * I dunno, a sixth thing, I've sorta got a Haunter in the spot right now as a placeholder but I'm not really feeling it.
  11. this post but it's about fuckin' Penny Arcade
  12. Some of my Smash thoughts: * Daisy > Peach, she's a lot of fun to use and I really dig the timing on some of her moves (like her side special) * Dark Samus >>>>>>>>>>> Regular Samus and I can't figure out why I feel this way, I don't want to say it's because its animations are smoother than hers but ???????? * Ice Climbers, Wolf, Captain Falcon, and Donkey Kong all feel like they got nerfed. That's like half my mains. Yikes. * The Belmonts are so much fun to use. I think Simon is the one I prefer but, again, can't figure out why. * People are apparently doing super cheesy things with Ken that I can't ever hope to figure out. * Snake is soooooooooo good I'm so glad he's back like god damn * INCINEROOOOOOOOOOOOOAR! I'm not even that good with him but god just bouncing people off of ghost ropes and backdropping them into Heaven is The Good Shit.
  13. Eevee, Victreebel, Hitmonlee, Golduck, Alolan Ninetales, and... Farfetch'd, which was kind of a dare to think of a total trash mon to take onto the team. With candy it's easier to make some bad mons really viable so Farfetch'd (Quack Swagger) is a defensive monster who Swords Dances up with his onion and beats the shit out of all who oppose him.
  14. It's been two days and no one has given the Requisite Ruki Response yet what even is happening to this board.
  15. Basically everything's compatible with one console back. Regular DS can play GBA games, 3DS/2DS (which are identical) can play DS games, so you can play Black/White and Diamond/Pearl on them. New 3DS or New 2DS is your best bet since it'll run Sun/Moon more smoothly than anything.
  16. listen, I am extremely on board with this.
  17. Ricky, the dragon steamboat.

    1. Sousa


      A literal randy savage.

    2. SeanDMan


      Ricky The Dragon's Team Boat.

    3. Hobo


      Ricky "The Dragoon" Steamboat

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  18. I was carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees. Change my mind.

  19. TIRED: Fallout New Mario WIRED:
  20. Civ 6 runs just fine on my Extremely Ancient PC with a graphics card that's pushing 5-6 years old--I have to dial back some graphics things (and the leaders don't animate at all), but it'd absolutely be doable on the Switch. From the sound of it, it's the complete basic game and the four DLC leaders (Australia, Norway, Khmer, and Poland IIRC). Sounds like it's not Rise & Fall yet, which is unfortunate because that's the version I like, but honestly the biggest mechanic things I'll miss are the way R&F made governments a little better (legacy bonuses as policy cards). America and France are gonna suck again. ...and Governors, dammit.
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