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  1. Werder has a new third kit out, I hear we like Umbro in here so this should be a crowd pleaser (Spoilers for size) I quite like it (But I'm obviously quite biased) it's a shame the conversion to Euros and shipping is so prohibitive.
  2. I'll come back in an effort to try and regain that two year period of time where I was relevant to the B-League title race 😅
  3. Slogger


    Namibia? Being an Aussie holidaying in NZ is risky business after the other day, But seriously how hard should it be to get Alex bloody Carey out? It's not like he's Gilly or Haddin. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. aaaaaand back to the cricket we go. Care to join us England? In all seriousness, Sam Kerr did not play like a captain today - Very disappointed. Copped some rough calls on the whistle but had ample opportunity to win it at times. Carpenter is a jet though 😍
  5. Slogger


    Old man Gayle didn't look in great shape towards the end there.
  6. I'm in as usual. Almost zero idea about College basketball but the tournament is always madness (der her) so maybe I'll fluke a couple of upsets.
  7. Of course. Like I predicted in my last post we almost bottled it, Thank the football gods for Matty Ryan. The UAE/Kyrgyz game was vastly more entertaining, Even if it got spoiled by the extremely soft penalty call and the "underside of the crossbar and out" shot in the dying seconds.
  8. I don't want to go too hyperbolic but you could be right. I marked out when I saw who they cast as young flattop.
  9. https://twitter.com/afcasiancup/status/1085975240528805891?s=09 Round of 16 is set. From here it's hard to look past Iran/Japan and South Korea/Australia to be the Semis but going off the group stage it could all but up in the air still. Happy to see us get the Uzbeks rather than Japan but of course now I get to live in fear that we'll bottle it.
  10. What a banger! (Euro's help me out here, Am I using that right?) Didn't make it easy for ourselves but we're through, Now to await the loser of the Japan/Uzbek game.
  11. We are so complacent it's shocking. Lucky to make it out of the group at this rate, Full credit to Jordan they took the opportunity with both hands (Why I sound like a post match interview I'll never know)
  12. You can add Huddersfield to the list, Done in by Bristol City 1-0 earlier.
  13. We were kind of over pumping American Samoa every World Cup qualifiers only to draw Uraguary in the playoff every time. So we pulled up stumps and said "oi, we're close enough to Asia, let us in ya pansies" (I could be slightly paraphrasing) But hosting 2015 was excellent, Being a neutral at alot of the games in Brisbane was really fun. Hopefully we can go back to back but not confident without a bunch of guys from the WC squad (Jedi, Mooy, Cahill, ect.)
  14. You're just a B minus player @HC But it's okay, It's a good little spot for you
  15. I took that into account and I expect to find you on my doorstep with a baseball bat if that does happen. 😅 All i'm hearing is that I should be the true B-League champion
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