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  1. We'll I was gonna but didn't want to burn a wavier pick on him. Will that decsion come to haunt Slogger!? Find out next week on the Yoob Jackson League.
  2. Because Ace will be mad if I don't
  3. Because only Slogger could screw up having Connor McJesus But sure.
  4. Slogger


    "The fridge has opened"
  5. Can confirm, He got me when the patriotism was high
  6. Ronald Jones II @JMarushin Oh and @Pooker - If you think that discussion about kickers was wild you should have been here for KickerInRoundFourGate in whatever year that was. That was wild.
  7. He was a #7 on Fantasy Pros when I did my board, Although he did shank a kick last night vs the Ravens so eh. But like people are saying HC goes off Yahoo so it's all good (I mean, we're drafting kickers here people)
  8. Thanks mate. The Ghost of Jimmy Graham, TE, Green Bay @HC
  9. When you build a squad and be like "This would have been an undefeated team... in 2016"
  10. Justin Tucker, K, Ravens @JMarushin
  11. Taken by Maxx in Round 11 mate.
  12. Anthony Miller, WR, Chicago @JMarushin
  13. Slogger


    Couldn't even take him out properly, Came back on later on only to get done in on 92. Would have been an immense ton had he gone on to do it, Bailed us out again from being 4/80 to only being a handful short.
  14. - Happened to be lucky enough to play on the SCG as a schoolboy during lunch of the 5th Ashes test in 2003 (The famous Steve Waugh last ball century test, but was there a day or two before that) to this day I still vividly remember playing directly in front of the Barmy Army and being mercifully heckled for being a ginger. - Drove down from Brisbane to Sydney in 2015 for the Asian Cup Final with some mates and was sitting behind the wrong set of goals for all 3 of the goals when we best South Korea in extra time, Atmosphere was electric and was part of history so can't complain too much. - Was back in Sydney the following year to see the first ever College Football game in Australia with Cal beating Hawaii, Atmosphere wasn't as good but got to experience a D1 football game live and the cannons were a good novelty. - Plenty of other State level cricket, Aussie Rules, Basketball & Rugby games attended but nothing all that notable other than those.
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