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  1. On the bright side. Today's an offday, So we can't add to the loss tally
  2. Slogger

    Mobile Games

    Oooh, I've been massively into the Choice of Games catalogue lately. Slammed is a good wrestling based story to get your feet wet and I highly recommend the Hero Rise pentalogy along with the two Community College Hero "books" There's a decent variety even if I find myself slanted towards the Superhero/Zombie Apoc. genres.
  3. Slogger

    Fallout 76

    176% agreed. I'm not overly keen on settlement building but if it's that compared to a shitty cash in on the Battle Royal fad* *Just to be clear id still buy the hypothetical Fallout: Battle Royal because it's Fallout and I have zero self control
  4. Yep so this is happening, Still next to no details other than the teaser trailer but with E3 on the doorstep I imagine the hype train will be at full speed sooner rather than later. GUYS MORE FALLOUT!!!
  5. Slogger

    WWE 2K18

    After this years game I had every intention of skipping 2k19, But I'm weak and it's roster is going to wear me down to caving in on day one.
  6. @Lineker - You can let your newroom at the BBC know that i've looked and I can confirm that they are not hiding in my backyard. In other news we've got more gold medals than England, India, Canada and Botswana combined. Which I'm told was to be expected, I imagine the Queen will be announcing our exile from the Commonwealth at the Closing Ceremony.
  7. On the one hand I live 90 minutes up the road and should really get down to see some of it... On the other hand, It's going to be a giant pain in the ass to get around and I'd like to avoid as much as possible. Atleast it'll make for some good background TV noise for the next two weeks.
  8. His dad's name is Ken, you guys. Ken. Kenny freaking Blankenship
  9. I'm numb, For the completely opposite reason. I had to be on morphine on Wednesday and I swear to god I felt more then than I do now. ... I guess I'm watching Basketball and Soccer till July then? yay. Go on now and do something with it now Bills, Don't waste it.
  10. Wait, Really? That seems too lol, Jacksonville even for Jacksonville.
  11. We took a year off to give everyone else a chance to win
  12. I don't think your taking into account us dropping one to Indy/Cinci just to give us simultaneous heart attacks. Controlling our own destiny? With our injuries? Nah, witchcraft mate. Pharoah is a much cooler name than Tarik...That's all i've got. Same question could be asked of Alex Collins not catching on in Seattle, Don't know exactly why it didn't work out but sure as hell not complaining now.

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