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  1. Crap, I had forgotten all about that. 2020 really didn't give us a chance from the start didn't it? 😪 I'm about due for some success, I'd be happy with a B-League ship even if it's in a gas leak year.
  2. In late July even. The Darkest Timeline: Orioles world series edition.
  3. Those first two innings were really something.
  4. Absolutely. With any luck this will have a run on effect, Takedown the more glaringly offensive one first and go from there.
  5. Especially considering the very real potential that we play HSV in the playoff for a relegation Nordderby. *Just to clarify, the GD was only for if Dusseldorf drew their game - A win by Werder and a loss by any score by Fortuna was enough to send them down. Thank you Union Berlin 😍
  6. Surprised they didn't induct him the microsecond he retired. No one would ever argue, It's Junior.
  7. Nah man you're bang on the money, Checked Bulbapedia. Dumb kid that I was somehow found a way to miss it. So many wasted hours 😪
  8. SON OF A BITCH! 10 year old Slogger, Adult Slogger wants to have a word with you.
  9. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Probably the most influential shooter of my teen years, I distinctly remember it being the one big beta that everyone wanted to get into at the time when I think there wasn't many public betas going around and playing the full game non stop for what felt like eons but was probably only until Rainbow Six: Vegas came out (Almost made it onto my list in its own right) Vacant and Backlot were so ingrained into my memory I was able to pick up where I left off when isolation afforded me the opportunity to get into the new MW and not be completely shit from the off Fallout 3 - Ah yes, My one true love. Might be slightly biased as im currently in the process of replaying this now but it definitely deserves to be here on it's own merits, Despite the obvious played it a whole bunch it sparked a long running obsession with the series for me that obviously continues to this day, Anyone that visits my home now is quick to notice my Fallout shrine, Mini-Nuke, Pipboy and all. Also lead to a lifelong friendship, Which as I get older I realize holds a lot more weight then it probably sounds written here. NASCAR Racing 2003 Season - A weird one to be sure but during my depressive teen years I logged literally thousands of hours on this sim, Practicing for and competing in league races every week just to make it through every week, In addition to that it also changed my life dramatically, I honestly don't know where i'd be had I not met my first housemate through this. Another lifelong friend met through games. goddamn. But despite me getting rid of my wheel years ago this is still one I wish I could hop on to this day, Especially considering all these pro drivers running in these iRacing leagues (the spiritual successor to NR) during the sports downtime. Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain/EWR - I can't pick between the two and this is a wrestling board, Shut up 😒 Pokemon Gold - I'd gamed plenty as a kid sure but nothing caught my imagination like Gold did, I vividly remember getting it prior to a camping trip so I wouldn't bother the adults and falling prey to the classic "play it via street lamp light as they fly by". The actual grind of all grinds to level up my Feraligatr to 100 before the days of exp share was a early highlight of mine, Basically being able to slap down anything I fought in one hit.
  10. The Australian Football League is back June 11th Behind closed doors like everyone else and with multiple teams temporarily moving states to avoid travel lockdown laws.
  11. Look, Fair and I see your point. I guess the rarity makes it cooler for some? I'd personally rather have the greatest prize in the sport named after me but there are no wrong answers here. Expect for that Titans guys facial hair... good lord.
  12. I mean, Lombardi does have the trophy named after him.
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