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  1. Slogger

    NFL 2019

    Offense bailed us out in the first few weeks but now the vaunted Baltimore defence is coming back to its powers. It's all just coming together at the right time.
  2. Slogger

    NFL 2019

    Surely has to win both the air and ground player for the week right? Can't believe what I am witnessing, Just gonna enjoy the ride 😍
  3. Sorry guys, Rough night at work Nikola Jokic @Twist
  4. Slogger

    NFL 2019

    Hopefully this comment ages well for Week 13.
  5. That was a rough go man, I thought for sure I was dead and buried. So apparently should have started Danny Dimes?
  6. Sorry, Donno how I missed this. I'll play.
  7. Slogger

    NFL 2019

    That's got to be about the 5th scorigami game this year. Unsustainable, but exciting!
  8. Aaron Jones - That one friend we all have to constantly bails us out of trouble and we never even have to ask. Bless than man. 😍
  9. Slogger

    NFL 2019

    Isn't it what!?
  10. Slogger

    NFL 2019

    I believe the pick that's part of the deal is the one we got for sending that UDFA Kicker to the Vikes who immediately started bringing shame on the brand. Huge fan of this deal.
  11. Jones vs CMC was a fair fight.... But Philly's DST putting up 47 is just a kick square in the dick.
  12. Slogger

    NFL 2019

    I find that somehow more impressive that Colt McCoy won a game against the Pats WITH THE BROWNS. Was it the year Brady got Pollarded?
  13. We'll I was gonna but didn't want to burn a wavier pick on him. Will that decsion come to haunt Slogger!? Find out next week on the Yoob Jackson League.
  14. Because Ace will be mad if I don't
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