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  1. I think whoever said that Evafreak managing to fully level AJ Styles would probably get us to Ultimate tier is right so that's something to look forward too, maybe get lucky and hit it in the middle of this event and we can get both Elite and Ultimate cards this go around
  2. I've always had pretty good luck with woman cards, my last two ultimate pulls have even been Sasha and Becky
  3. Managed to get WM33 Cedric and sadly his stats aren't going to much better if at all from Ellsworth so that was a disappointment after grinding out both that cars and the majority of the ultimate Kendrick at +2's with title bouts
  4. I'm gonna be able to manage to pull out the Cedric card so that'll be a nice addition to all my decks and our team deck.
  5. HD Nakumura will be great for fusion fodder and Wyatt will be my 5th EL Pro to help get me to better places in RTG
  6. Back to back Ult pity pull divas to round out my RTG divas with an EL Pro and three Ult as my four. Love having that taken care of and being able to focus on the guys to boost my odds of racing to that new tier as soon as possible.
  7. Next week will be our first in Ult tier for TRD so I'll be shooting for 35-40 shards towards going after Ult and El cards to keep the rest of the team stocked on potential higher class Pro's for team purposes so this break is at least coming at a good time. Give everyone a chance to get ready to push towards the team event next week
  8. So with Ace abandoning us (though if he can get us to Ult tier for the next event it'll be worth it as we can go for an Ult and El in TRD) and the event being a bit of a surprise is anyone grinding hard on this one? I'll be playing because I have tons of cards to level but I won't be crazy about it unless someone else needs something for a Pro and can save the credits for next TRD
  9. I've got about half the shards on Ellsworth and in the process have gotten both Elite Henry's from no matches to halfway ready to pro. Anyone know if they are having a team event this week? We are also getting close to hitting Ultimate tier Hitmen so that's something to look forward too
  10. He'll still be my 2nd best card after I get my Brock pro'd and will boost me closer to sneaking me towards Ult++ tier
  11. Henry will give me a 5th Elite Pro and hopefully Ellsworth isn't completely trash as he is going to be WM33 tier
  12. You really only need like, +20 to each state and you can manage to do the uncommon trick, you go against other uncommon usually for the most part
  13. I'm gonna try and grind out the Ult Brock for my first Ult Pro with +2's
  14. So if you hit the wall you can put in all uncommon and use your supports to grind out +1's right? Lesnar would be a pro for me (as would Jericho) but my deck is only maybe barely ultimate once I get my cards leveled
  15. I was so close to maxing out, ugh. On the bright side more motivation to grind!