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  1. Trey

    WWE 2K19

    All I want is a two player universe mode, having to keep track of everything in a Google Doc is tiresome
  2. Trey

    Far Cry 5

    What missions? I'm not all that good but if no one else wants to help I'll probably be on the next few nights. Finalfinally is my PSN
  3. Trey

    Far Cry 5

    Do you know anyone else who has the game? You can have them join your game and do the mission for you while you ride shotgun to get past it if nothing else.
  4. Trey

    Far Cry 5

    If you have someone else that would play it with you I'd highly recommend it. I haven't played it much by myself but you can play the entire game with someone and my buddy and me have had a blast. Best multi-player experience I've had in a while.
  5. Trey

    Far Cry 5

    I picked this up on a whim because a friend has it and I'm loving the multi-player aspect but the idea of there not being a new game+ and missing out on story stuff is a real bummer. I don't usually do more than one playthrough on any games that don't have the new game +
  6. Trey

    Far Cry 5

    Thoughts on the multi-player part of the game? My buddy really wants me to pick this up for that purpose but if the multi-player is trash I'm gonna try and talk him into monster hunter.
  7. Trey

    WWE Supercard

    I could use a titan team if anyone knows one that has an opening. I don't mind doing tons of tbg but I like to get the event cards and will charge for tbg whenever it's started.
  8. Trey

    WWE Supercard

    You can get a good jump and really there's a lot to do so if you play it and enjoy it you can do plenty until you start topping out on tiers. I'd say it's worth the download and giving a couple days worth of playing it.
  9. Trey

    WWE 2K18

    Do you have a YouTube channel or anything you post your universe on? My kid loves YouTube video stuff like that
  10. Trey

    NBA 2K18

    Any recommendations for sliders for All-star difficulty? Pro is a little to easy and all-star can either be about right or just a little above my playing level unless I'm playing with a stacked team.
  11. I really enjoyed the premise of the game but Benji is right, I'd call it an okay game from start to finish with some neat stuff towards the end. I really thought it was a good setup for a trilogy personally.
  12. I forgot to list that as one of the few games we've already ran through but you're right, it was a great buy and tons of fun
  13. So I'm looking for recommendations as I don't play a wide variety of games. A buddy and myself generally just play online with each other so I'm looking for good two player multi-player games and a big bonus if it's got a co-op campaign mode. Call of Duty and Diablo are the ones we have played the most but it's time for something new. Elder Scrolls is something else that we both have already so that's up next but looking for other options also. Any suggestions would be fantastic
  14. Trey

    WWE Supercard

    You might not be able to join because of a tbg or maybe because the event?
  15. Trey

    WWE Supercard

    I got mine right on schedule but I'm one of the lucky ones who hasn't has any issues.

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