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  1. I second the keep going motion, it does get a little grindy and slow but when I look back on it I excuse it as a story telling method to show you the distance and non-relationship between the two in the slog of everyday life and setting up for things to come but that could be rose tinted glasses on my part as I really enjoyed most of the game.
  2. Once you get a little ways in you get a nice little synopsis scene that helps explain what's going on.
  3. If you can afford it I'd recommend the Pro. The difference isn't massive but it is significant enough that when the wife and I play she wants to use the Pro because of the graphics and the fact it loads a little bit faster.
  4. I didn't do any of those either. How do you activate them? Sounds like I might need to start over as well
  5. Spiderman took me probably about 35 hours or so to beat the game and do quite a bit of the side stuff.
  6. Trey

    NBA 2K18

    If you're a fan of MyLeague or if you didn't hate MyGM this year's versions are like last year's on steroids. I'm loving it so far, let alone once the fictional rosters are ready at Operation Sports so I can start importing the draft classes they have from 76-now and see how history unfolds this go around.
  7. Recommended games for 30 year old who enjoys RPG, strategy style, action rpg, regular action, and just general fun to play on 3DS? Haven't had a handheld in years so other than Mario, Pokémon, and Fire Emblem I'm lost on what to look into picking up.
  8. Trey


    She wants to know your name on there @kliq so she remembers to send you gifts first if she's limited in what she has.
  9. Anyone else pick up Madden yet?
  10. Trey


    Well if you're ChrisVDW by chance my wife loved the location of the Water Turbine so much she went out of her way to show it to me. I still can't get over all the minor improvements that made major strides for this game in the time I spent not playing.
  11. Trey


    I have to work both time slots for the event so that sucks. I also added a few of you (finalfinally here) and my wife added you guys as well (bemobee) since I sent her the codes to copy over. She quite enjoys the out of the USA gift locations you guys have sent and wanted to let you guys know 😂
  12. Trey


    The wife and I just started playing it again last night after over a year of not and the amount of Pokestops has probably doubled in my town which is nice. Any tips for someone who is so far behind he didn't know what a raid was until this thread?
  13. Trey

    NBA 2K19

    All I really, really want is a regular functioning online franchise.
  14. Trey

    WWE 2K19

    All I want is a two player universe mode, having to keep track of everything in a Google Doc is tiresome
  15. Trey

    Far Cry 5

    What missions? I'm not all that good but if no one else wants to help I'll probably be on the next few nights. Finalfinally is my PSN
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