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  1. I also just pulled Matt in under the 10 minute mark or so, pumped to have a WM33 Pro just in time to boost my ranked deck into WM33 before a games played freebie.
  2. 100 points out from my 2nd Matt Hardy with over 8 hours to go so with some doublers and a few ads I should be able to clear it and have my first WM33 Pro before to terribly long
  3. Are you using the trick to watch as many videos as you want for extra matches? If not you might be able to get AA and still get drunk
  4. Just got AA (big props again on that ad thing) so I'm already getting started on the ultimate card and should have Matt as a pro when all is said and done.
  5. The trick posted for Android works for MITB matches so I'm hoping it'll work for events also. Thanks for the tip, huge boost!
  6. Managed to Pro Fandango Ult Fusion and it pushed our team into Ult+. I'm hoping I can grind out a Matt Hardy Pro next RTG
  7. I'm really hoping that if the first Hardy is Matt in RD he is also the first in RTG so I can attempt to grind out a WM33 event pro. With that I think it would push both my Ranked deck to WM33 but also my RD deck which would be huge for my grinding motivation.
  8. I've had a few issues myself with it, it's rather frustrating getting on to play only to not connect
  9. Any tips on dealing with the bigger machines? I'm guessing I need to upgrade my sling and trip wire weapons so maybe they can actually be slowed down to give myself a little chance to breathe? I just hate struggling on games and don't want to turn it down to easy so early in the game
  10. Managed to get a 2nd Ultimate Fusion Fandango so once I can get them levels and ready he'll be a nice addition to the Hitmen
  11. So how long would you say a play through takes now that you've gotten towards the end? Just wondering if I want to buy now or wait for a price drop.
  12. Congrats everyone on hitting Ultimate, it's a Raw card so I'm hoping it's Sasha as that's the only card I have that's a raw ultimate that isn't a pro or from a recent event already
  13. At least we are close, the next person to get a card that can go on our team should push us over the top
  14. I think whoever said that Evafreak managing to fully level AJ Styles would probably get us to Ultimate tier is right so that's something to look forward too, maybe get lucky and hit it in the middle of this event and we can get both Elite and Ultimate cards this go around
  15. I've always had pretty good luck with woman cards, my last two ultimate pulls have even been Sasha and Becky