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  1. If we have anyone not on the Hitmen that's looking to move up soon I'll be leaving once there is a replacement that can keep the team in the top tier after my two WM33 Pro and one WM33 Diva are out of the deck
  2. We have officially hit WM33 tier so congrats to everyone on that
  3. I had 62 charges last night and woke up late this morning so I missed charging them by 20 minutes, ugh. Sorry guys
  4. My first two pity pull WM33 cards were both supports and as nice as they are to have I'd much prefer a card I could use
  5. Anyone else got two charge cards when you pull a charge card?
  6. I think we should just all try and contribute during the attack phase and charge our cards whenever we have the chance and then we can coordinate for big pushes. Attack phase only takes a few minutes since it's just 15 wild games and I feel like a lot of teams aren't going to have people fully charged to often.
  7. I say the Hitmen should start another one up so we can still be earning charge cards for some of the event
  8. My WM33 pity pull was a ridiculous looking AJ Styles clinging to the briefcase support card so I feel that pain
  9. Team deck hit Ult++ so hopefully we can drag it into WM33 tier before to long. As far as generals I'm game to help if needed and can usually at least hope on long enough to start one at work if no one else volunteers
  10. I'm just happy to get a second WM33 Corbin for my games played reward to have a second WM33 Pro to go with Crazy Matt Hardy
  11. Right? After releasing a new tier to just wipe it would be awful considering all the grinding people have done for it
  12. I managed to get to WM33 tier and was very happy to see Carmella pop up as she'll be my best diva and second best once the event is over but has anyone else seen how awful she looks on her card? I'll put it on our team for everyone to see but I think it's the funniest looking one I've seen yet
  13. I also just pulled Matt in under the 10 minute mark or so, pumped to have a WM33 Pro just in time to boost my ranked deck into WM33 before a games played freebie.
  14. 100 points out from my 2nd Matt Hardy with over 8 hours to go so with some doublers and a few ads I should be able to clear it and have my first WM33 Pro before to terribly long
  15. Are you using the trick to watch as many videos as you want for extra matches? If not you might be able to get AA and still get drunk