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  1. That would be correct. My team defense is atrocious though so I might try and package the Magic pick I have which should be top 5 and either Clarkson or Fournier for a legit number 2 option behind DeMar.
  2. I'll have Roadblock Charlotte also though I'll only be getting one so she won't ever be any higher than pro. Between her and the HD Carmella we are about to have though my divas should be set for my ranked deck. Hopefully I can get to elite tier before to long.
  3. Nice. I'm 2000 out from UL Charlotte so that's been my focus lately.
  4. My deck isn't going to be strong enough to get Kofi sadly but I should have Ultimate Charlotte for the next team event and then I'll pick up Orton for my second HD pro so hopefully after that plus whatever I can get in the next solo event I'll have enough to grind longer in RTG
  5. I see that too, I'm really hoping my team is strong enough this go around to nab him but I don't think I even got the SS card last go around.
  6. I'm about 6000 away from the Roadblock Charlotte myself so hopefully I can manage to get it before to long to help out with our divas, my best is also a SS Charlotte. It's so nice to be on a team that actually communicates and most people are active, carrying teams solo sucked.
  7. I think we hit the wall guys, I can only win +1's as of an hour ago or so
  8. I've lost a couple +5's but seem to be winning more than I'm losing, hopefully it stays that way.
  9. You guys know I'm always up for a good grind.
  10. Started a MYGM as GM of the St Louis Sound (and added the Supersonic back) and managed not only to sign Clarkson/DeRozan/Fournier (all rather pricey contracts but you gotta pay extra when you're bad it seems) but was lucky enough to have Ingram fall all the way to #4. Those four plus the white dude from the Celtics whose name I can't spell but is a big who can shoot threes has been a great starting 5. I love how much there is in this game, I just wish there was a way to Sim a season faster.
  11. Mine was Reigns so it wasn't to bad
  12. I wish that it didn't cost so many credits to refill them when it's empty. 125 credits for only 120 points just isn't a good enough payoff to justify using what ones I have left.
  13. I will definitely be going all out to make sure I get two Charlotte's out of this MITB, just a great chance to lock those two spots in for my ranked deck rating
  14. As good as those cards are going to look in my deck it sucks that not a single one of them is a Diva. Maybe next time
  15. Thought I was going to casually do RD after my 47 shards for the team event but after being able to sneak into the HD tier I'm gonna have to bust my ass for my first elite card. Hopefully I can get a diva in one of the SS/HD/Elite slots this go around