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  1. WWE Supercard

    Yeah that's fine, the team name is Presidental and we've got Andre as our picture. We have two spots open and I have it as private so whoever wants in just let me know your username.
  2. WWE Supercard

    I'm on a fairly casual team that mostly does tbg but once we hit WM33 we are going to do ring Dom also. I'd say we are about 80% of the way through ultimate++ so we'll be hitting it shortly if anyone is in need. We should have a couple spots opening up in a day or two.
  3. Diablo III

    My wife and I play this for an hour or two most evenings if you guys are on PS4
  4. WWE Supercard

    Edited because I read that wrong. If I had to guess I'd say next week will be all female also and then after that it'll go back to normal
  5. WWE Supercard

    I'm hoping I can manage to grind out Mae Young on RTG next week with my deck being halfway up WM33 tier finally and get that pro
  6. WWE Supercard

    If we have anyone not on the Hitmen that's looking to move up soon I'll be leaving once there is a replacement that can keep the team in the top tier after my two WM33 Pro and one WM33 Diva are out of the deck
  7. WWE Supercard

    We have officially hit WM33 tier so congrats to everyone on that
  8. WWE Supercard

    I had 62 charges last night and woke up late this morning so I missed charging them by 20 minutes, ugh. Sorry guys
  9. WWE Supercard

    My first two pity pull WM33 cards were both supports and as nice as they are to have I'd much prefer a card I could use
  10. WWE Supercard

    Anyone else got two charge cards when you pull a charge card?
  11. WWE Supercard

    I think we should just all try and contribute during the attack phase and charge our cards whenever we have the chance and then we can coordinate for big pushes. Attack phase only takes a few minutes since it's just 15 wild games and I feel like a lot of teams aren't going to have people fully charged to often.
  12. WWE Supercard

    I say the Hitmen should start another one up so we can still be earning charge cards for some of the event
  13. WWE Supercard

    My WM33 pity pull was a ridiculous looking AJ Styles clinging to the briefcase support card so I feel that pain
  14. WWE Supercard

    Team deck hit Ult++ so hopefully we can drag it into WM33 tier before to long. As far as generals I'm game to help if needed and can usually at least hope on long enough to start one at work if no one else volunteers
  15. WWE Supercard

    I'm just happy to get a second WM33 Corbin for my games played reward to have a second WM33 Pro to go with Crazy Matt Hardy