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  1. I was slacking too, yesterday was the first nice day I've had off in a couple months so I took full advantage instead of burning myself out on Supercard.
  2. What cards do you have that put you into Ult tier @BuddyAwesome ? I'm hoping three EL Pro, two Ult and one EL will be enough but I have my doubts
  3. I'll have Ult Miz before the game closes so that'll be a nice boost to my various decks, I'm still holding out hope I'll be able to hit Ult tier in ranked so I can start pulling some of those cards
  4. I always buy them 100 credits at a time and depending on luck I can usually get by with only spending 200 credits but I can play most of the day. Even if you buy them 100 credits at a time though you're only missing out on 3 (72 for 600 credits that way as opposed to 75 for 600)
  5. Finn will be a pro for me and Miz will be my fourth card to go with 3 EL Pro, 1 EL and 1 UL (Charlotte from MITB). I'm hoping that'll push me to UL tier
  6. That sucks man. In other news I hit Elite for RingDom so I'll be getting another ultimate card this weekend. I'm really hoping I can hit ultimate tier in ranked before long
  7. I'm just glad I didn't blow my MITB contracts on Orton when I can save them and try and rise to Ultimate after I get everything leveled up and Pro'd
  8. I'll have 2 EL Pro's in Goldust and Cena out of this plus a few other elites and two more HD Pro's. This will get us close to UL tier hopefully if enough of us were able to take advantage
  9. Go drop your cards down so we can keep trying, it'll be good karma 😂😂😂
  10. Can we drop to the next so those of us still using the glitch can keep going?
  11. Got an EL Goldust that will make a pro so that's nice, I'm gonna try for a couple more just to boost my rtg deck
  12. I'm about to give this a shot, wish me luck on getting something good!
  13. I should be good for hopefully like 30 shards if I had to put a number on it, I have to work some extra hours at work so that might cost me a few shards.
  14. Realized I had a better support to throw in as of a couple hours ago and sure enough that boosted us into Elite tier. Congratulations on such a fast climb up the ranks guys, if you guys want we can try and push for two cards this RD this week
  15. I'll be replacing my EL USB with an HD Pro Reigns once I get him leveled, that'll help a little.