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  1. We dated like raps about Bin Laden.

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    2. Broken Cloyd

      Broken Cloyd

      In between that, I wish we never fucked and I mean that.

    3. The Evil Overlord

      The Evil Overlord

      But not really, because you say the dirtiest shit in bed and it's fucking awesome.

    4. TCO

    1. Ace


      Ned a Fake Claim?


    2. Mick



  3. The EWB Discord chat! Join the conversation!

  4. ... but you judged Night Vale on only one episode...
  5. GameFAQs. I mean I know a bunch of it was trolling the 'a game can't be great unless it's at least twenty years old' crowd but the way the fandom united behind it was pretty impressive.
  6. Well Undertale was released in the 21st century and it already won a greatest game of all time poll so.
  7. That reminds me, I really need to run it in the Mafia Cube again.
  8. Just to warn you in advance since while I loved Life Is Strange, the bit that marred it the most for me is that while a lot of the decisions do affect things in a genuine way as you play through, they still fall back on the bullshit "right forget everything that came before here's the only decision that's actually important" thing right at the end.
  9. To The Moon is genuinely one of the greatest games I've ever played. Would also back up a lot of the suggestions made here. I'd also argue that Undertale qualifies due to its surprisingly deep and complex story. I probably have a ton of others since it's basically all I play these days other than simulators, but I can't think of any immediately. Go play The Path, nowhere near enough people have. Oh yeah and Analogue. Play that too.
  10. I'm safe, despite my character.

    1. Ace



  11. Unlike the singer Rihanna, this woman knows how to take a punch

  12. Anyone notice in the 2004 Royal Rumble that the first and last eliminations are the same?

    1. OctoberRavenO


      Hey, Stevie Richards was in there for an hour, can't blame him for that.

  13. Confirmed: 20th April 2014 was the last good day.

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    2. DennisStamp


      I'd say January 19, 2017 is the last good day.

    3. Ruki


      May 31st....2010. I peaked a long time ago.

    4. Benji


      For you, the 20th April 2014 was the last good day on EWB. But for me, it was a Sunday.

  14. In fairness, I've never seen one before. No one has.