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  1. Please. I would very much appreciate that.
  2. Hey iAmRockyFeller - I know this is a bit old now, but can I please ask how you get the default red and blue bits of EWR to not be, well, red and blue - more grey like you have on your screenshots? Im trying to make a skin - albeit a pretty terrible one as Imnot the best at graphics - and I want rid of the blue in particular. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys. Just starting a new game and Im growing a little meh with the look of the game. I have tried a couple of skins, but none fit as well as Id like. Now Im terrible at graphics - Iv tried, but I was hoping someone would be kind enough to help me out with creating a skin for me. Im looking for an Attitude era 2001 skin for a WWF game WWF Attitude skin Colours - black/white/red Scratchy attitude font for EWR logo with the WWF belt as the main graphic - happy to have some main event level guys on there too as you see fit. Loading screens: - Austin and McMahon from Mania X7 - The Rock and Triple H - American Bad Ass Undertaker and Kane - The Hardyz w/ ladder - Edge and Christian w/ chair - The Dudleys w/ table - Angle and Benoit and Jericho - Trish and Lita - Shane O' Mac and the WCW logo - Wrestlemania X7 stage/arena shot if possible, if not then something else that fits the time (pre April 2001 as Im starting the night after Mania X7) Thank you so much in advance.
  4. @lukkearthur you legend, much appreciation!
  5. If anyone could KyKy the Toni Storm from the pic in Kurenai post above Id appreciate that. Its much better than the pic I already have of her!
  6. Cheers buddy. Thats not the one I was thinking of, but I cant find a pic anywhere as it stands so that will certainly do in the meantime. Thanks.
  7. Is there a KyKy of the WWE unknown pic - the one that looks like The Miz from a few years ago silhouette, if you know who I mean?
  8. This was legit my first thought on seeing that pic!
  9. Hey everyone. I was wondering if anybody has any specific year pic packs - such as 2009 or 2012? Although any year would do as I can keep them on my external HD for when I need them. I have started to build my own 2012 pack by going through the request thread from mid 2012 through mid 2013 but there are still a lot missing. I did look back through all of the old monthly updates on all games too, but those links are all dead. Any help would be appreciated, and if not I will use what I have for now. Cheers.
  10. You know there IS a link already in this post right? Following the link in HarshMilleniums post, then the link into Rockys post on there that has been quoted and then revealing the spoiler that you are told to... you get the link. If, as I suspect based on your post here asking for a link you have already been given, you are far too lazy to do that, I already did it - http://www.mediafire.com/file/91z5797rdo5ervo/ewr_split_04_18(post_shakeup).rar
  11. So Im looking at making the jump from EWR to TEW 16 - via the demo of course to make sure I do like it. Im assuming that the links with workers/graphics etc on the first page is a full pic pack for everything Id need to start a post-Mania WWE game on TEW? (I cant download them at work and my laptop is fudged - got a new one arriving tomorrow, hence me asking). Thanks all.
  12. Never knew there was a promotion editor - what is that, or is it just as basic as it sounds? (Im at work so cant download it on my laptop here)
  13. Why would you admit something like that? Aren't you just supposed to fake your own death if you won't have a full update?
  14. Ah man, I just put a load in storage. I have, of the top of my head: A minimum one festival shirt a year - either Download, Leeds or both from 2009-2016 and then a Slam Dunk one for 2017. New Found Glory 20 years Enter Shikari 10 years of TTTS Enter Shikari black hole tour top Don Broco SPRLV Steel Panther Lower The Bar tour from when I visited Vegas Slipknot Prepare for hell tour Slipknot Euro tour Panic UK tour BMTH UK tour BMTH long sleeved top with singles logos down the sleeve Royal Republic tour top Royal Republic Malmo top Theory of a Deadman tour top (from the night they "helped" me propose to my now wife) Madina Lake FTTUTY 10 year anniversary top Royal Republic Kung Fu Lovin signed top And I have little doubt I will be grabbing a Don Broco top next week followed by a 30STM, Evanescence and Theroy of a Deadman tops over the next few weeks when I see them.

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