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  1. I love you. Your commentary makes me wet.

  2. So this was a conversation I was having at work on Tuesday, and I wanted yous guys opinions on it... If they were to make a live action version of Wacky Races, who would you cast in it and why? The actors have to be alive and taken for the era they are currently in. Slightly bizarre and somewhat immature, but we had a laugh coming up with our list: Dick Dastardly... Alan Rickman Professor Pat Pending... Christopher Lloyd Red Max... Stephen Fry Penelope Pitstop... Heather Graham Sgt. Blast and Private Meekly... David Mitchell and Robert Webb Ant Hill Mob... a series of midget actors The Slag Brothers... those two fat zombie twins from Shaun Of The Dead Rufus Ruffcut... John Goodman Peter Perfect... Will Ferrell Lazy Luke... Patrick Cranshaw (Blue from Old School) Any thoughts? Throw 'em in!
  3. The great commentator himself!

    My, your commentary has even reached the Between The Ropes forums: http://www.betweentheropes.com/2007/12/26/between-the-ropes-tonight/#comments

    (It's the last comment, I believe.)

  4. I watched it tonight for the first time in ages. Absolutely brilliant! Jimmy Carr and Anne Widdecombe stole the show big time!
  5. I really like the album! It is very hit-and-miss, though. My current favourites are Kaiser Chief's "Flowers In The Rain", Foo Fighters "Band On The Run" and The Streets "Your Song". I thought The Pigeon Detectives slaughtered Power Of Love (in a baaad way), and I don't really like Girls Aloud's Teenage Dirtbag. Hit and miss, but worth the purchase/torrented acquisition.
  6. Campbell

    iPod Shuffle Game

    7 / 10 for Bowling for Soup and double Motley Crue...and of course Drake Bell!! 1. "East, West, North, South" by Captain 2. "High School Never Ends" Bowling For Soup 3. "How Far We've Come" Matchbox Twenty 4. "One Of Those Girls" Avril Lavigne 5. "I Wish I Had A Dollar" Uncle Kracker 6. "Sugar" System Of A Down 7. "You're Gonna Lose Us" The Cribs 8. "Tu Credi" Eiffel 65 9. "Pity For A Dime" Creed 10. "Time (She Wants Revenge)" Timbaland
  7. Erm, why does the banner for this revolutionary sim feature Donald Trump, Bobby Lashley looking sad and Steve Austin in a referee's shirt. Go to the graphics forum, there are talented people there
  8. Hey hey, Some of you may have seen my random threads about the radio show I host...some of you may have casually ignored them, for which I don't blame thee! Well, seeing as the Harry Potter book comes out at midnight tonight, I would like to chat to a Harry Potter fan on the air about the book. Basically, it's just a three minute interview where I'll ask about how you became a fan and the importance of this book. If you fancy it and you have some form of microphone/messenger combination drop me a line either on myspace (www.myspace.com/tontoenjoystheseaside) or email me at tonitifico@hotmail.com (add me on MSN Messenger if it's quicker). Cheers, guys!
  9. Campbell, he's better than JR and Monsoon combined on commentary!

  10. This has more of a plot than the Jackass Movie (in other words, this HAS a plot), so I'm interested. Was sceptical when I saw the thread title, but it could actually be quite interesting.. ...but didn't "Personal Injury TV" go out of fashion in 2001? I mean, we had this masssive surge of programmes that revolve around people hurting themselves, which lead to lots of stupid, stupid, STUPID little bastards copying it at home...is it making a comeback or something?
  11. Create-A-Belt is MUCH better! The belts are cheaper to make, and you can defend them in any kind of match as opposed to one-on-one. There's a whole new option in Exhibition called Title Match, where you can set up matches for both tag belts, both World titles, US, IC, Cruiser and Womens. You can also defend your home-made belts like that as well! A BIIIG improvement!
  12. It's cool...all critique and comments are good! And for the record, I used Paint Shop Pro - because I'm an outcast and don't have PotatoShop. I could've done a nice big collage of Kurt Angle pictures using lots of blurring effects and all that jazz, but I decided to go for something more simplistic. And Jason's right, it's not brilliant...but I'm quite pleased with it. I'm not gonna be entering any contests any time soon, but it was something I just did for fun that I wanted to share with you all
  13. Wicked!! Maybe the front cover could use a tagline, but it looks awesome!
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