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  1. Also, Timothy Simon did an interview with the AVClub about Veep, Donald Trump's success, and failing upwards.
  2. Silicon Valley: of course Russ Hanneman blares Papa Roach's "Last Resort" from his flashy sports car. EDIT: Also, I had no idea that apparently the Nas/DJ Shadow track at the end was made just for the show.
  3. Watching Felicia Day's livestream. She talked about how the only reason she ever talked to Joel is because her brother (Ryon) loves him, and she wanted to get a picture with Joel just to rub it in his face while she was at a comic-con that he wasn't at.
  4. Anthony Rizzo putting in fucking work the past few days.
  5. Episode 6: Bummer that there's only 2 more episodes left.
  6. Speaking of Marvel, I was just reading about the Secret Empire book and the whole Captain America ordeal, and I had no idea that they explained it away with
  7. I had no idea that Cuba Gooding Sr. was a soul singer, until learning about his passing today.
  8. Aaron Hernandez's lawyer alleges that the medical examiner in Boston is illegally holding Hernandez's brain. His family has decided to donate it to Boston University's ongoing CTE research project.
  9. Uproxx chatted with Mike Judge about changes coming to Silicon Valley this season. In the trailers and previews Richard talks about creating a "new internet", so I wonder if that's what this new big thing they're going to be working on is.
  11. Josh Reddick does WWE trivia.
  12. Veep and Atlanta both won Peabody awards.
  13. Speaking of Hearthstone, Yesterday: first Un'Goro card pack I opened and I get Swamp King Dred. Today: first Un'Goro pack I opened and I get Elise the Trailblazer, one of the better new legendaries. Not bad for someone who almost never pays cash for card packs. I usually do my daily quests to get up to 100 gold, then immediately spend my 100g on a card pack.
  14. I've had this song stuck in my head for like 3 days now.
  15. Great band too. Very straight up, traditional doom metal. Got a great jam called "Cromwell". Here's one: