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  1. My emotions are conflicted. Erlich is a highlight of Silicon Valley, and who do they bring in then to fund Pied Piper / give them a space to live? It'll be interesting to see how the end of season 4 plays out, then.
  2. Gob was surrounded by unconditional love from a family, for the first time in his life.
  3. Netflix canceled The Get Down.
  4. Animated one was, yeah. This one is the long-talked about live action adaptation that Benicio Del Toro was attached to at one point.
  5. SO HYPE
  6. Doug Liman's out of Justice League Dark, reportedly because he wasn't "feeling the script".
  7. 18 episodes. They made 3 & 4 available on Showtime's digital platforms right after episodes 1 & 2 premiered.
  8. They released some new screenshots though. None of them seem to really be anything substantial, but hey, it's something I guess.
  9. Kind of a quieter episode that served to move pieces around (again), but I liked it.
  10. Continuation. Also, watched the Elementary finale last night. It's been a middling season with some good episodes, a bunch of "alright, this is ok" episodes, and a few really bad ones (the eSports episode, ugh). I have to say, Elementary finales almost always deliver, though. And this was no exception.
  11. Samurai Jack finale:
  12. I can't believe I missed this, but Black-ish is getting a spinoff called College-ish, that follows Dre and Bow's daughter Zoey to college. It's been ordered to series by Freeform, the former ABC Family.
  13. That's pretty much enough to run just about any modern game. My brother has a similar rig that cost him something like $1100 (he bought it piece by piece over the course of a few paychecks), the only difference being that he has 16GB of RAM.
  14. I don't remember, but I also binged all 6 episodes in one night like.. two years ago. Guess I'll have to go back to it before season 2 comes out!