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  1. Reviews for Spider-Man: Homecoming won't start coming out until next week, but the social media embargo's been lifted for those who have seen it.
  3. Schwarber's been demoted from the Cubs to AAA. Only hitting .171 so far this season.
  4. And io9 has a spoiler-filled breakdown of the trailer. Also, BERIC
  5. The new Veep is mostly great. One character's return, specifically, is great.
  6. Last music video he made. Released yesterday.
  7. It's apparently 2000 yen, which is something like $17 USD. So I'd imagine it'll probably wind up at 19.99 or something close to that.
  8. A bunch of props & costumes from Community are gonna be auctioned off. Someone buy that. Please.
  9. From AVClub's article about it:
  10. I don't disagree about The Simpsons falling off, but I do have to say that recent seasons have seen their share of better and some even downright good episodes. I don't think it's ever going to re-capture the magic it had and that the reputation's been too tarnished by some real shit shows, but episodes like Brick Like Me, MoHo House, There Will Be Buds, etc. show that not all hope is lost. It's not the appointment television it may have been in the past, but it works better in a vacuum - typically if I hear or read good reviews of an episode, I'll check it out, and rarely am I ever let down. I imagine I'd feel differently if I was watching every episode as it aired, though.
  11. My ding-a-ling is ready.
  12. Former UFC and King of the Cage competitor Tim Hague died of a brain hemorrhage. He was knocked out and suffered the hemorrhage during a boxing match against Adam Braidwood on June 16th, died two days later.
  13. Sons of Anarchy is a good shout too. I didn't even turn against it as early as I think a lot of people did, but that last season was pretty dire and season 5 wasn't too good either. At least the show ended kind of the way it should have. The Walking Dead's graph is interesting. It never really gets as low as I think it should >_>, but it goes from high to low to high to staying nearly the same for two seasons, then a 2 season long decline.
  14. Reports are that he was being treated for his sickle cell anemia and aspirated during treatment.