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  2. I really enjoyed the S2 finale of iZombie.
  3. I think my favorite gag was running from Buzzbucks to Buzzbucks. That or the oPhone gag. LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  4. Yes, please.
  5. He looks like someone I'd shag. Don't anybody ever say I've got taste. >_>
  6. It isn't, really. Secret Empire topped sales in April and May, and I imagine it'll be a top seller for June and July too..
  7. Guess Arkansas State dodged a bullet with Hugh Freeze, then. Since Freeze, Malzahn and other guy who only stuck around for a season left they've been doing pretty good in terms of both play (24-15 under Anderson) and avoiding scandals >_> Hoping the new class at Arkansas does well this year. At least one analyst has predicted a last place finish for the team in the SEC West, which I hope they prove him wrong about.
  8. Today would have also been Chris Cornell's birthday. Leaving things on a light note, when he and Mike Shinoda seemed to be having a lot of fun recently:
  9. I'm up to episode 10 of season 2 of iZombie. Things are starting to come into focus. If I was a donator again I'd change my name to Cloud Babineaux.
  10. iZombie S2E.. 6, I think? There's a particular fight scored to "Friday I'm In Love" and I loved it.
  11. His family confirms. Fuck.
  12. Welcome to the right side of town Jose
  13. Colleen was my favorite part of the show I think. I also really liked Harold but that was more David Wenham (Faramir!!) than Harold.
  14. Finished season 1 of iZombie. Der Komissar, oh oh.
  15. The Walking Dead halted production yesterday due to an injury sustained by one of their stuntmen. He passed away from that injury today, having fallen from a balcony to a concrete floor from a height of 20 feet.