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  1. Baseball players are weird. I think too many of them have had that "baseball is SUPER SERIOUS" mentality pounded into them from a young age that having fun or trying new things is automatically BAD FOR BASEBALL, which is stupid.
  2. iZombie season 5 will be its last.
  3. Physical presales only too. Kind of a neat idea.
  4. -------------------- I'm the opposite, @Forever Forky, I much prefer melee classes to ranged. I've leveled one of every class and the ones I always had the biggest pain in the ass with were ranged - mages and warlocks - because I felt so squishy and like I died way more than I do when I play my warrior or my paladin. After a while I developed the "strategy" ( ) of leveling with my brother, where one of us would level as melee and the other as ranged. So the last time I leveled a warlock, he was leveling a melee class, so he'd get up in the enemy's face and draw all the aggro while I'd just stand back and cast Chaos Bolts and stuff.
  5. I was prepared to be disappointed in it after reading some of the responses in this thread but I actually kind of like it. I don't think I like it as much as, say, Redbone or even anything off the Camp album (Heartbeat, Backpackers and Bonfire mostly) but it's still a good song. Better video though, gotta agree to that.
  6. I say "wow, this is insane. And I told myself no it isn't, you're saying that, and it makes it not insane."

  7. It's interesting to hear a newer player's perspective on Suramar, because I really liked it. I liked the whole overarching story of redeeming the Nightfallen and trying to overthrow a massive, sprawling city like Suramar.
  8. I'm nerding out a little bit because I got to raid with Bajheera, a fairly well known WoW streamer who has an NPC named after him in-game and, personally, is a big reason that I picked up and started playing warrior in this game. All we did was one LFR boss (Aggramar, in Antorus) but I'm still having some nerd euphoria over getting to raid with him.
  9. I feel like reducing it to "people crying over something trivial" is a huge disservice. I'd implore you guys to watch the documentary first; like I said, Kondabolu grew up watching The Simpsons and his mother's words are that if you love something, you can criticize it because you expect more out of it. Kondabolu still loves the show, it's just that he doesn't love the Indian/South Asian representation in it. http://www.vulture.com/2017/11/hari-kondabolu-problem-with-apu-interview.html
  10. Has anyone followed the Apu controversy? Comedian Hari Kondabolu put out a really good documentary about the problem with Apu and Indian representation being done by a white guy (and to his credit, Hank Azaria - Apu - has even said that he'd step aside for more Indian representation). It's a critical examination of Apu as a character, and I'd recommend everyone check it out because, as Kondabolu's mother says, "if you love it you can criticize it because you expect more of it" (paraphrasing). Anyway, Matt Groening gave an interview to USA Today and touched on it.. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/tv/2018/04/27/thesimpsons-matt-groening-new-record-fox-animated-series/524581002/ Reducing "The Problem With Apu" to "wah wah PC culture" is disappointing.
  11. I have a hard time reconciling my fandom of Kanye with his outspoken support of Trump, much the same way I have a hard time reconciling my fandom of Killer Mike with his gun advocacy bullshit. It's just a bit much for me at this point.
  12. It's apparently been an "open secret" for years now. There was a Blind Item posted about it on some gossip website back in like, 2011 I want to say?