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  1. So far I've only really played my warrior. It's nice having Victory Rush back for Fury warriors, and Arms and Fury both have some cool new talents like Siegebreaker and Skullsplitter. Also, upright orcs are a thing of beauty.
  2. Oh shit, I forgot about the 1000 free Wakening Essences. Basically a free legendary. Anyway, appears servers are up and somewhat stable now.
  3. Similarly, Ted Nugent: Banger of a song, terrible ass human being.
  4. Same. EDIT: If you wanna get into WoW but never have before, now's the time. $15 nets you a subscription to the game, as well as every expansion up to Battle For Azeroth, the upcoming expansion. So that's the base game + six expansions for the price of a subscription.
  5. Pre-patch is live. Went up like a full four hours before Blizzard's estimated time, but people are reporting problems logging in.
  6. I feel that. I have this album and I don't believe I know any other songs off it. Nor any other DBS songs.
  7. I would urge you to listen to that entire album that "Melancholy" is on, @Liam. Banger of an album.
  8. Wristcutters has some great music. Gogol Bordello, if I recall right. And it's got Tom Waits in it! Can't go wrong there.
  9. Season 3 confirmed, filming in Kansas City, Missouri and due out in 2019.
  10. I lost the second Mid-Boss fight in Disgaea PC and I'm glad I didn't save over my OG save data, because I didn't realize it considers losing that fight to be a "game clear" and sets you back on Episode 1. 😂 I guess I need to powerlevel some more before I fight Mid-Boss again.
  11. What about bands named Thursday?
  12. Meanwhile, I typically introduce people to the Mountain Goats with: Tallahassee is my favorite album of theirs, and I love the storytelling throughout the album - telling the story of a couple on the brink of divorce, and their dysfunctional relationship.
  13. I've been watching all the media blitz stuff they've been doing to promote season 2 and so far it's all great. This one is particularly good (and features some spoilers for Logan and some other movies, so watch out).
  14. They’re all good looking. I think Karamo and Tan are the best looking, though. EDIT: Finished both seasons. Now, to impatiently wait for season 3 (which is apparently going to be in Kansas City, Missouri and not Atlanta?)!

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