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  1. @livid, you're not the sort of boy who rubs fronts with the world's saddest girl and leaves right after, are you? Also, Shame Wizard? I think you mean Shane Lizard.
  2. 3-star recruit and Arkansas Razorbacks linebacker Demetrius Walker arrested on weapon, drug charges
  3. Practically every one of the top 40 records being played on every radio station in the United States is a communication to the children to take a trip, to cop out, to groove. The psychedelic jackets on the record albums have their own hidden symbols and messages as well as the lyrics to all the top rock songs and they all sing the same refrain - it's fun to take a trip, put acid in your veins.

  4. Hell Or High Water is coming to Netflix on January 1st. Excellent heist film/western film/crime drama about two brothers who set out on a string of bank robberies to save their family ranch. Written by Taylor Sheridan (wrote Sicario, starred in Sons of Anarchy as David Hale) and starring the likes of Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine. Highly recommend.
  5. https://io9.gizmodo.com/marvel-just-revealed-one-of-its-most-intriguing-spider-1831053284 This could be really cool.
  6. So Cannibal Corpse's Pat O'Brien was arrested. The story keeps getting crazier. At first it was charges of burglary of an occupied dwelling w/ assault & aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, and reports that O'Brien's home was on fire with exploding ammunition inside. He's got a bail set at $50k and has to pass a drug test to get bailed out, and appeared in court in an anti-suicide vest. Now reports are that he had two military-grade flamethrowers in his home and upon breaking into his neighbor's house, he was talking about the rapture and claiming that someone was "after him". I'm going to go out on a limb and say he doesn't get bailed out. Sounds like he's having some major problems and hopefully things can be sorted out.
  7. Oh, I totally spaced and forgot High On Fire's Electric Messiah was this year too. Also a great album.
  8. I think the only live music I saw this year was small local bands. As far as albums go, Sleep's The Sciences and YOB's Our Raw Heart were phenomenal. I'm late on both of them - Sleep's album came out on 4/20, and Our Raw Heart was out in June - but they're both absolutely fantastic metal albums. Especially if stoner metal/doom is your thing (like it is mine).
  9. http://collider.com/birds-of-prey-title-explained/#images So it basically started out as a joke and stuck. I love that.
  10. I love Geezer Butler but I don't think I like this song. This is Geezer's new supergroup featuring him, Franky Perez (Apocalyptica), Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses), and Steve Stevens (Billy Idol).
  11. Scottish MMA writer Iain Kidd outed as a pedophile. He's a freelancer who primarily wrote stuff for Bloody Elbow.
  12. 4 is with the kids, right? That was probably my favorite season.

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