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  1. It does not sound like Tre Mason is doing well.
  2. I think worse than Trump hosting was that all the segments were soft bullshit. They've gone in on Trump before and they've certainly gone at guest host before, but with the Trump episode it was a lot of garbage.
  4. Terriers could have been something great.
  5. That's the one with Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges that people were calling a "modern Western", right?
  6. xHamster's helping Brendan Dassey go to next year's WrestleMania.
  7. Sons of Anarchy was one of those shows that by season 4 the writing was on the wall, but it still stayed around for another 3 seasons. I stuck with it because I wanted to see if it ended what I felt was going to be the 'right' way, and even then the ending wound up being a copout. Weeds and TWD are good choices too. I haven't been able to bring myself to give a shit about TWD since like season 3.
  8. Pre-release gameplay of the next DLC, Reaper's Due.
  9. It kind of astounds me that in over a decade of wrestling games, the commentary's still at that level. At this rate I wouldn't be surprised at all if they just recycled commentary and only had King/Cole/JBL/whoever go into a booth and say superstar names and then just edited it all together. "Paige [awkward pause] with the SUBMISSION!" I wish they'd do what they do with the UFC games. IIRC, they get Rogan & his co-commentator to sit down and watch fights (in-game, I wanna say?) and commentate as if it's a real bout, which brings emotion and some banter into play and makes their commentary sound far, far less mechanical.
  10. Keep in mind that it hasn't been confirmed though, right now it's just "two people with knowledge of the film" who claim a draft of the script leaves a "lot of clues" that that's her role. I wouldn't doubt it, though. Also, the poster:
  11. Jon Stewart's going to be on tonight's last-ever episode of The Nightly Show.