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  1. He's been placed on the NFL's "exempt list".
  2. It kinda mostly just confirms what people have already theorized and thought would happen anyway, tbf.
  3. It's by the guy who co-wrote Chronicle (and created Wrestling Isn't Wrestling) and being co-executive produced by one of the producers who did a lot of work on the Stargate franchise. Joint thing with BBC America and Netflix. The other BBCA originals (Copper, Almost Royal) are fairly good so I'm hoping this will be as well.
  4. Fox has a new comedy in the works, working alongside Brian Gewirtz and The Rock, based in part on Rocky's early wrestling career. Per Variety: That synopsis is a groaner.
  5. Reports are that the Playstation VR's already outsold the PS4 in Japan.
  6. HERE BE SPOILERS FOR THE NEXT SEASON, TURN BACK NOW IF YOU WANT TO STAY UNSULLIED: Still no solid word on a premiere date for season 7, just "sometime later in mid 2017". Given that every other season has started in late March or sometime in April, I'm guessing season 7 will be in July. Maybe August, at a push.
  7. Jordan Parsons becomes the first diagnosed case of CTE in MMA fighters:
  8. I think he's been mostly fine, but yeah, that 9th inning was kind of troubling.
  9. I hope it's not too serious. Hoping it's a tweak or something, day's rest or so will help. I hope. Hope hope hope. I love these games getting blown open but can we blow them open earlier, I'm struggling to stay awake EDIT: Josh Reddick is THE GAME-UH
  10. God, Javier Baez is so good.
  11. BaerTaffy's doing / did a series on it on his channel.
  12. Did Addison FUCKING Russell assuage your fears any?
  13. I think you mean Matt Szczur's bat in his hands
  14. Whole interview's worth reading. Yes please.
  15. Very dusty, I'd imagine.