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  1. Just two more weeks!
  2. Except the fans in Oakland.
  3. Deiondre' Hall and Makinton Dorleant were arrested in connection with a bar fight in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Also:
  4. Yes.
  5. Holy shit, Samurai Jack.
  6. USF defensive back Hassan Childs shot after allegedly pulling a gun on a man in a parking lot.
  7. I'm not surprised, from stuff I'd read and what little I'd seen he was pretty good on Extra Gear. Well deserved promotion to the main show seems like.
  8. Well, that's me fucked now. I had Kansas winning it and now I don't even have half my Final Four.
  9. Hey, look! Cyborg! And Wonder Woman! And those other guys!
  10. I will see this.
  11. Heh, Trump's been talking shit about how teams won't sign Kaepernick because they're scared of Trump's twitter rants. In unrelated news ( ), Kaepernick turned around and donated $50k to Meals on Wheels.
  12. Episode 8: More Lewis Tan, please. Probably has my favorite fight of the series involving Danny, so far.
  13. 37/52 so far. That's not too bad for a first time I guess.