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  1. Boo.
  2. Bernie Ecclestone is reportedly gone
  3. March 11th, new season of Samurai Jack.
  4. I'm a Falcons fan now that they're up against the Pats.
  5. How would you feel if someone was like "I hope the Cubs lose, I'm not invested at all in baseball though"
  6. The Patriots are the 90s Yankees of the NFL. I hope they lose. I hope they lose bad. I hope they bleed.
  7. Fuck the Pats. Go Falcons. And the NFL wonders why their ratings are on the decline.
  8. At least Kofi finally won a world title.
  9. Interesting / creepy / whatever: Ventura was the starting pitcher in Marte's final MLB game.
  10. I really liked that one. The Buddhafield cult, right? So crazy.
  11. I think it was one of those Not Really A Secret Secret ordeals.
  12. Zachary Orr retires at 24
  13. iLoveMakonnen, probably best known for "Club Goin' Up On A Tuesday", the song that got him noticed by Drake and signed to Drake's OVO Sound label, has come out as gay.
  14. Also, io9's Katharine Trendacosta attended a Fox event that showed the first act of the movie. According to her, "if the first 40 minutes are any indication, Logan is both depressing and fantastic".
  15. I used to get up at like 7AM on Saturday mornings, watch cartoons, and then when the cartoons went off (around 10AM) it was the S Club 7 TV series and SBTB. By that time (we're talking mid-90s) SBTB was already in reruns and I was still young enough that I had no fucking idea what it was about or what their problems were, I just knew they were cool older kids. (And that Kelly and Lisa made me feel some kind of way.)