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  1. Deadline says it's based on King's short stories It's being written by Sam Shaw and Dusty Thomason, who worked on (and in Shaw's case, created) the WGN show Manhattan. EDIT: Oh, and yeah, anthology series.
  2. Raul Julia was a treasure.
  3. Soooo many great lines in those movies. "This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac - they look just like everyone else." And I love when Gomez calls in to Sally Jesse Raphael's show. "Mr. Addams, please stop calling! We do not know where they meet!" And possibly my favorite one:
  4. Ah, okay. Cheers. I brought entirely the wrong team to the "Divine Dragon Princess" part of chapter 5. Holy shit. I spent like 4 orbs reviving my team because I didn't want to give up and have this team lose all their EXP. I was trying to net Shareena and Anna some EXP and maybe a level up, but I really should have taken my heavy hitter team (Alfonse, Bartre, Arthur and the blue-haired Pegasus Knight whose name escapes me). Bartre and Arthur are unstoppable juggernauts who regularly mow down the competition.
  5. Ventura's tox results won't be made public, and the Royals have stated that it will "take months" to figure out his contract. If he was legally drunk, there's a clause in it saying that his family won't get any of his remaining contract money. However, if the toxicology reports indicate that he was under the legal limit, his family is entitled to the money.
  6. Definitely disagree. There was waaaaaaaay worse TV last year.
  7. Did you see 11.22.63? It was a Hulu original based on a King work, produced by JJ Abrams. It was pretty good I thought. And the list of King works is relevant because they all take place in or nearby the fictional Castle Rock, Maine.
  8. My interest is piqued.
  9. Negotiations between Matt Reeves and WB to direct the upcoming Batfleck film have broken down, so the film's looking for another director now.
  10. I'm on chapter.. 4, I think, now? I just finished fighting in Roy's world. I dig the game but how do I use items in my inventory? I have something called Light's Blessing that I wanna use, and like 10,000 Hero Feathers. Can I even use them at all? I can't figure out how.
  11. The canonical fate of Jar Jar
  12. I'm digging Charlie Hides and Farrah Moan.
  13. A high school coach who "banned" Nick Saban from recruiting on his campus was relieved of his coaching duties
  15. I hope the Teenage Emotions album is as good as Lil Boat was.