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  2. It's funny you mention Dr. Hook because that was going to be the next one I posted. My dad had Dr. Hook Revisited on CD, and this was practically the only song that he listened to on it. Sometimes it'd be "Sylvia's Mother" and "Queen of the Silver Dollar", but for the most part, it was just "Cover of the Rolling Stone" and not much else. This was another one of those early childhood "just waking up and dad's listening to his music super loud" songs. I've been on a Dr. Hook kick lately, that's all I've listened to on Pandora and YouTube. Great stuff. Shel Silverstein wrote some pretty good songs, and Dr. Hook did some pretty good covers of them. FUN FACT: I didn't listen to the full "Revisited" album until I was in my late teens, and that's when I discovered how raunchy a lot of the songs on it were. "Penicillin Penny", "Acapulco Goldie", "Makin' It Natural", etc. If they aren't songs about drugs, they're songs about SEX. Like in "Makin' It Natural", the main character is throwing away all of his drugs because he only needs lovin' from his girl. Or how "Penicillin Penny" is about a girl who gets around and has STDs. I mean, jeez. I feel like literally all of my "fun facts" are "did you know this song is about drugs and or sex?! SCANDALOUS!" Wow, Cloudy, you think a lot of rock and roll from the 70s and 80s was about drugs and sex? Quite the revelation! You've cracked the code, you old nut!
  3. Comic Book Films & TV

    io9 has a pretty good breakdown of the trailer
  4. I kind of love the beat on this. Also, woo, Jadakiss!
  5. I owe a lot of my taste in music to my childhood, and to my dad in particular. He always had a very eclectic mix of music going - the earlier years of my life are marked most by being woken up to go to school or to the babysitter's by my dad, who would typically be blaring something on my parents' massive 80s sound system/stereo. For as much as I dislike him for making my childhood  memories mostly misearble (thanks, drugs!), I do have to admit that a lot of my taste in music is because of him. I'd have never really ventured into funk or soul or heavy metal were it not for his influence in those regards. This is probably the earliest memory of any music I have. My dad was raised on country music by his dad, and at that time, country music was stuff like Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Hank Sr., etc. I remember being a wee child, not school age yet, and being woken up to go to the babysitter's house at 7AM. On days where my dad took me, the stereo was always blaring in the living room and 9 times out of 10 it was this song. He had this album, and if it wasn't "A Boy Named Sue", it was "Ring Of Fire". Or "Orange Blossom Special". Or "Folsom Prison Blues". Or "Don't Take Your Guns To Town". All choice songs, but I always got a kick out of the story of a boy who was named Sue. I mean, could you believe it?! He was a boy! And his dad named him Sue! Yo, dawg, that's insane! FUN FACT: When I got to the age where I could read and had textbooks, my textbooks listed birth/death dates as yyyy-yyyy (1800-1865, for example). Naturally, I took this to mean that "1958-1986" on this album was Johnny Cash's birth and death date. It wasn't until the mid-to-late 90s that I found out he was still alive, courtesy of my grandma and her boyfriend, who saw him in concert and informed me that he was very much still alive. And this seemed to be the choice of song after my brother was born. Released as a single in 1992, it's about not going near the water. Nah, I'm kidding, it's a metaphor for young love. Of course, as a kid, I had no idea and just remembered "Don't go near the waaaaah-turrrrrr". Listening to it now, oh my god the water is her vagina isn't it. They fell right in (right over their heads), but they didn't go near the water, just as the girl's parent's warned. I'm assuming this means they got to third base, but they never rounded home, right? Anyway, for a couple of years after my brother was born, this seemed to be the song of choice in the mornings while we got ready. Other choice cuts were "She Don't Know She's Beautiful" and "Cadillac Style". FUN FACT: Wait, is the muddy river her butt? Wait, is this song about butt sex? Nah, I'm kidding. But seriously, this song is about sex, right? (Black Sabbath's "Iron Man") And now for something completely different! This wasn't until later on in our childhood (probably around the time I was 10/my brother was 6) - I never quite figured out why, but I assume it was something to do with the delicate sensibilities of tiny children listening to hard rock. At any rate, this was another top morning jam. Being from a pretty conservative small town in Arkansas, if I ever sang this out loud or mentioned that my dad let me listen to Sabbath - or Queen - or Deep Purple - or Rush - or [HARD ROCK BAND HERE] - I'd get pulled aside and get a lecture from an adult about whatever song I was listening to was secretly about satanism and Freddie Mercury worshipped the devil and "this song's really about drugs!" I always dismissed those claims, but holy shit, as it turns out, practically a lot of the rock songs my parents listened to or let me listen to were in fact definitely about drugs. That's a different tangent, though.  Iron Man is a dope song though. FUN FACT: My dad was born and raised in Los Angeles, and was a teenager right around the time Ozzy-era Sabbath was winding down. He got to see them live in one of the last few gigs they did with Ozzy before Dio took over as vocalist. Pretty neat I think.  So anyway, I have more that I want to post, but I didn't want to do more than three per post. Let's open up the floor: what music did your parents listen to as you grew up? What did you listen to as a kid? Did you find it yourself, or was it something your parents introduced you to? Let's talk about this.
  6. Tea or Coffee?

    Coffee, black, with or without (preferably, with) sugar.  I'm from the souf so we took tea and bastardized it, threw some ice and sometimes a squeeze of lemon in. It's a great summer drink.
  7. Music continues to be stellar. And oh my god, Ash's car has nitrous.
  8. World of Warcraft

    Yo hey let's not diss blood elves. I'll bladestorm you and look good doing it!
  9. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    It's not your run of the mill RPG, that's for sure. That's probably the biggest draw going for it - yeah, it has the elements of most traditional RPGs, but then there's stuff - decisions you can make - that make it a very, very different game.
  10. World of Warcraft

    Legion Alpha is live. Only the demon hunter starting experience is available to play. And bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH major story spoilers below y'all
  11. The MST3K Thread

    Yay Felicia! She's easily one of my favorite internet personalities (for lack of a better term) and she'll fit right in with MST3K.
  12. The Pet Thread

    Ah, man, that sucks. I was hoping for better news for you guys. 
  13. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    "My jetpack blowjob robot is just a blowjob robot now. :("
  14. Christmas Traditions

    Oh, yeah, we also have Christmas at my grandpa's house on either the 23rd or the 24th (depending on when people can fit it in their schedule). That's something we've done ever since I can remember.