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  1. @C-MIL I wish there was a "love" react because I love both of them! They're so good! Thank you so much dude.
  2. Hi! So as some of you have probably seen, I recently started streaming over at Twitch.tv/aleindria (cheap plug). I've done my own graphics so far, and it shows. I have no idea what I'm doing! So, I figured before I paid to have a logo and some image panels and other graphics made, I'd ask EWB. Also I can't afford to buy anything "professional" but that's beside the point. Some deets: - I plan to focus mainly on older games right now, or in some cases remakes of older games - my favorite color is green - I love the Chicago Cubs - my username is Aleindria So, I was thinking, could I possibly get something that's similar to the Cubs logo Except in the colors green, black, and white, and with the text reading "Aleindria"? Thank you to anyone who attempts this! I know it's a big ask, but I've fiddled with trying to do it myself and my attempts come out looking like hot garbage.
  3. Twitch.tv/aleindria

    I stream! Sometimes! Come look once in a while, right?

    1. High Overlord Cloudfang

      High Overlord Cloudfang

      Still got to work on my audio settings. 😕 

    2. The Banshee Fork

      The Banshee Fork

      I just put you on follow so I'll check it out. I plan to do this eventually with WoW once I get to a spot where my Internet is much better and I get a headset (which will be around Christmas time).....I may not be that great a player yet but hell, neither are a lot of others that stream <_< 

    3. High Overlord Cloudfang

      High Overlord Cloudfang

      Thank you, based @The Banshee Fork! I'll give you a follow back and look forward to seeing you stream. :D

  4. https://streamlabs.com/streamlabs-obs I was using this while I was goofing around with streaming last night. It's OBS and Streamlabs integrated into one package, and it's worth it (it's free). It's also really easy to use.
  5. I see 7-8 sometimes when I'm in there lurking.
  6. You oughta do the original Town That Dreaded Sundown sometime. Or The Legend of Boggy Creek.
  7. Ooooooh new Bun B has a song with RTJ on it. Three of my favorite MCs on one track? Yes, please.
  8. Scott Wilson (Hershel) passed away at 76.
  9. Speaking of rolling over cupcake teams...
  10. Next year I guess. We've played terribly this last month or so anyway.

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