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  1. Hugh Laurie and Armando Iannucci? Count me in!
  2. Sam Pittman's the new Razorbacks head coach. Prior to this, he was assistant HC and offensive line coach for the UGA Bulldogs. He was also an assistant HC to Bret Bielema when he was the Hogs coach.
  3. I still need to finish BoJack. I think I'm like 5 episodes in to the new season.
  4. 1. The Good Place 2. I Think You Should Leave 3. The Punisher 4. Broad City 5. Santa Clarita Diet 6. Game of Thrones?
  5. I have a playlist that I listen to while I'm falling asleep that consists of System of a Down, Linkin Park, Korn, Slipknot, and Ghost. ... those are my top 5. No surprise.
  6. yeah wow bit.ly link that seems legit huh
  7. George Atkinson III has died, almost a year after his twin brother Josh's death by suicide. Atkinson went undrafted out of Notre Dame in 2014 and was signed by the Raiders.
  8. Somehow I feel like the plagiarism accusation matters more than the turban joke to the YouTube commentariat.
  9. Really? That’s... it? Her late night show sucks and now everyone on YouTube turned on her?
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