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  1. Lie, cheat, steal, kill, win. Everybody's doin' it.

  2. Guy who designed the Dragonforce logo is accused of disemboweling his 80 year old father.
  3. Logan Williams, who played young Barry Allen in The Flash, died on April 2nd. No immediate cause of death given. Days away from his 17th birthday.
  4. Heeeeellllll yeah, let's get our Buffalo Springfield on. Was "For What It's Worth" their biggest single? I think it was. Also I guess maybe it doesn't mean as much given being a foreigner but the riots in question were the Sunset Strip riots. Those were a huge deal in 1966 California. Buffalo Springfield was, IIRC, a house band at some venue there and they were pretty much ground zero during those riots. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunset_Strip_curfew_riots
  5. Ah, fuck. Hadn't realized until now that Holly Conrad was involved in all that shit with ProJared last year. I didn't even know about the supposed arrangement between her, ProJared and his wife.
  6. Captain Beefheart is wild shit. I can't remember if it was someone on EWB or elsewhere but I feel like I remember someone in some community I'm apart of being really into Captain Beefheart.
  7. Huh. The "Rick is a shy pooper" plot from Rick & Morty was originally going to be a Community plot about Jeff Winger.
  8. Every Friday they have a raid called BoE that's explicitly casual. It's people who can't afford to invest the time into heroic or don't want to, or want to learn the ropes of raiding. I go to those raids because it's a lot more relaxed and low pressure. But yeah, as of right now, we're just rolling new characters on A52 to test it out and see how people like it before deciding whether to stay on Stormreaver or do a guild transfer.
  9. https://kotaku.com/sources-despite-huge-sales-borderlands-3-developers-a-1842617645
  10. Dunno, seems like the raid teams are in flux. We just had a lot of people who were in a heroic raid group transfer away, and at one point in Legion we had something like 2 or 3 mythic raid groups within the guild, a couple heroic groups, and a couple of casual groups. I'm only aware of a heroic and a casual/normal raid group right now. As far as classes, any class.
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