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  1. Did anyone ever tell Casey Jones that it's probably a bad idea to drive that train while high on cocaine? Of course there's trouble ahead, you're high on cocaine, Casey Jones. DUH.

    1. OctoberRaven


      They did warn him to watch his speed at least.

  2. See, I loved the open world aspect. I loved dropping in on crimes-in-progress and being all I'M BATMAN *smash* >_> Also, the challenge maps. I wasted so, so many hours in Asylum and City doing challenge maps. I'll never get tired of stringing a guy up by his feet from a gargoyle statue, then waiting until his buddy's under him to cut the line and drop him on top of his buddy, knocking them both out.
  3. I really liked City. Even if it was worse than Asylum (probably, yeah) it was still a great game.
  4. I don't remember the fight as much as I remember Croc following you in the sewers and randomly popping out of the water to kill your ass if you misstep.
  5. Speaking of King adaptations, Cat's Eye is the bomb dot com.
  6. It's my fault because I roll with War Mode turned on all the time (FIGHT ME YOU COWAAAAAAAAAAAARD!), but it's annoying when you're trying to gear your fresh 120 Paladin and you get ganked by people who have twice the HP you do. Congrats, you can kill a fresh 120!
  7. He was a boy of soft demeanor, and he loved his carburetor cleaner.

  8. Finished the episode. Dang ol'... dang, man.
  9. Is the episode over? What was the run time? Is it.. is it safe to come out of hiding and watch it on HBOGo now?
  10. So, who else isn't watching tonight because they don't have HBO?
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